Democrats: Elections Boss Snipes Hurt Us In Campaign


The finger pointing is already starting among Democratsand many are pointing at Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes.


Snipes: Being blamed

Snipes is under attack for cancelling the early voting on Sunday, making it harder to get blacks to the polls.

Democrats have used Sunday morning to campaign when many blacks are in one place –church.  The Ds encourage blacks to go right from worship to the voting booth.

In the past, pastors have led the parade to the polls. Buses have picked up parishioners at the church door and drove them to vote.

Not this year.  Snipes killed Sunday early voting in an effort to cut her budget.

One Democratic leader pleaded with Snipes, also a Democrat, before early voting began. This leader begged Snipes to cancel Monday rather than Sunday voting.

She refused.

How many votes were lost will never be known, said a Democratic organizer.     

“This hit us right in our base, said another.

10 Responses to “Democrats: Elections Boss Snipes Hurt Us In Campaign”

  1. Excuses, excuses says:

    Democrats can make all the excuses they want. Voters are rejecting them because they have attempted to force bigger and bigger government down on us, making us pay for it.
    It is typical of Democrats that on a day when they will be rejected across the nation, two Democrats in Davie are talking about a new pension for themselves.

  2. Roy L. Fuchs says:

    These so called Democratic leaders should stop portraying their black constituents as lazy and unable to vote unless physically paraded from a church to a polling place. Its demeaning and insulting. Start taking responsibility for your actions. Further, Snipes didn’t cut her budget, Nine Democrat County Commissioners did. Blame them if you must blame someone.

  3. BrowardVoter says:

    Cut the Supervisor of Elections budget even more by eliminating “early voting” altogether and going back to ONE “Election Day.” Registered voters who cannot vote at their designated poll location on “Election Day,” due to whatever their circumstances may be, are entitled to receive an absentee ballot and vote via mail.

  4. Politico says:

    I’m so happy that I voted early. I voted at BCC North Campus and the poll workers couldn’t have been nicer. There was a steady stream of voters that came that afternoon.

    I would hate to go back to a 1 day election. It was pleasurable to relax and take the time to read through the ballot fill in the blocks.

    After voting early, I completely shut out all forms of advertising. Haven’t read the flyers, don’t watch the ads on TV, and tired of the pundits.

    Glad the local stuff is over too. Too much nastiness.

  5. Thunder says:

    Dump early voting. For those who don’t want to vote in person on election day, vote absentee or don’t vote at all. Life is not a bowl of cherries.

  6. Floridan says:

    Just got back from voting . . . and I’m glad there was early voting. Line was out the door. I would hate to see how crowded it might have been if everyone had to vote today.

  7. Resident says:

    Actually considering how few people even voted in the first week of early voting, we should only have early voting for one week. Extend the hours from 8 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday, and you probably could afford to even add the Sunday for the afternoon (so long as it doesn’t interfere with football).

  8. Brutus says:

    “The fault lies not in our stars, dear Brutus, but in ourselves” Cassius (Julius Ceasar Act 1 scene 2).

    When will the members of the Broward Democratic Party learn. The voter base of the 1980’s is aging and dying. It is time for Mitch Ceasar, Dianne Glasser to step aside for real leadership. It appears as usual that Mitch only supports candidates that will hire him as a lobbyist once elected, and that Glasser and Percy Johnson will whore themselves to any candidate that will pay them. This is GREED and not leadership

    The Broward Democratic Party has two years to develop real viable candidates.

  9. Resident says:

    Better yet, become a Republican.

  10. Bob Adams says:

    Dr. Snipes did not have the option to cancel Monday early voting in favor of Sunday. State law required eight hours each weekday and a total of eight hours on the weekend. So, there was a total of 96 hours of early voting, 12 hours of voting on election day – read a total of 108 hours to cast your ballot… add to that the opportunity to vote absentee. Don’t blame the Supervisor of Elections if people didn’t care enough to take fifteen minutes out of all that time to vote.