Democrats, Allen West Set To Clash in Palm Aire


Hey Democrats:  Next week you’ll have a chanced to confront Tea Party darling Allen West.


 Allen West

The fiery congressman from Plantation – he recently equated the Democratic message to Nazi propaganda — is due to speak to a Republican club at the Palm Aire condominium complex in Pompano Beach.

The Democratic club has a meeting at the same Herb Skolnick center at the same time.

Now, the Ds are calling on party members from across the county to attend their meeting.

“We would like the Democrats to be well represented…We want to show there are different points of view from Allen West…We would hate for the media to say the Republicans had 100 attending and we had 15,” said Ashley Protheroe, the Democratic club vice president.

Is the chance to tell reporters how you hate West not enough to get you to the meeting?  How about the opportunity to hear opinionated and colorful Public Defender Howard “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein speak?

Primo-liberal Finkelstein and über-conservative West in the same building at the same time!  Boy, Pompano Beach is getting to sound like Washington.

Here is an e-mail received:


We need your help.The next Palm Aire Democratic Club meeting will be held on Monday, January 9, 2012, at the Herb Skolnick Center at 7:00PM. Our guest speaker will be Howard Finkelstein(see below).At the same time – 7:00PM and place – Herb Skolnick Center, in another room of course, the Republican Club will be meeting. Their guest speaker will be Republican Congressman Allen West.Our meeting will be held in the large auditorium. The Republican Club had requested to the Skolnick Center staff to ask our Palm Aire Democratic Club if we would move our meeting to a smaller room as they anticipated to have a “larger group of people and many news media” attending their Republican meeting vs our Democratic meeting. Needless to say we declined.We are asking the Democrats of Broward County for your support and to attend this meeting!!! We need to show our support with an out-pour of attendance to the news media and the Republicans.Please communicate this information to our DEMOCRATS as we need their support and need to come together now – 2012.Respectively Yours,
D. Ashley Protheroe, Vice PresidentPalm Aire Democratic Club George Brummer , PresidentNews Release: The following is the information regarding the January 9, 2012 Meeting with the famed Howard Finkelstein as guest speaker.
The Dynamic and Accomplished Broward County
Chief Public Defender and you also know him as “Help Me Howard: on Chanel 7
Will be the guest speaker at the Monday, January 9, 2012 Palm Aire Democratic Club meeting
He will speak on “Politics, Crime, and Other Current Issues.”
Howard Finkelstein is the elected Public Defender. He also serves as the on-air legal analyst for, WSVN Channel 7 News. He has provided gavel to gavel legal commentary in the case of the State of California vs. O.J. Simpson and has provided ongoing commentary during the USA vs Timothy McVeigh and Nichols Oklahoma bombing trials, the Marv Albert Sodomy trial, the President Clinton impeachment proceedings, the Terry Schiavo right to die case and the Michael Jackson child molestation case. He presently has his own regular news spot on Channel 7 that airs twice weekly called “Help Me Howard”.Our meetings are open to the public. No Charge.The meeting will be held at the Herb Skolnick Center in Palm Aire,
800 SW 36th Avenue
Pompano Beach 33069
If you have any questions,please call Al Abram at 954 – 975-3772 or Ashley Protheroe at 786-877-1644.

4 Responses to “Democrats, Allen West Set To Clash in Palm Aire”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I was very cautioiusly optimistic about Mr.West when he first started. W/ all hi sranting against this one and that one etc. I think its time to send him packing. Mr.West you talk about needed a bucket when you see Mrs.Waserman Shulz etc, totally on called for. besides I’d rather kiss her than you any day. I mean tone it down wil you. AND that comment about the propaganda bs about the democrats and the Nazis I mean really. No rush to see him, that is for sure….

  2. Ed Foley says:

    We endorsed this guy both times he ran for Congress. Then he betrayed hundreds of thousands of US troops trying to get Obama to release Jonathan Pollard, the spy who sold out his country for a few dollars.
    Never again. The GOP better select a real patriot not a phony like West.

  3. George Brummer says:

    Your headline is excessive, to say the least. We, the Palm Aire Democratic Club, changed our meeting date because the regular date, January 2, is a holiday. Subsequently, the Republican Club changed their meeting date for, I was told, a similar, although not the same, reason. So, our mutual choice of January 9 is purely coincidental. And it stands to reason that we, and they, would want a good turnout.

    But a “Clash”?? That’s really overdoing it.

    FROM BUDDY: Clash, as in to disagree, to conflict.

    Are you telling me that you are seeking more members at the club meeting that agree with West?

  4. pompano watcher says:

    Don’t worry about George Brummer, Buddy. You should attend a Pompano Beach City Commission meeting. Then you would realize he is an idiot.