Democrats Aim Scary Website At Ellyn Bogdanoff


The state Senate race between Democratic Kelly Skidmore and Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff is getting scary.

A Halloween-themed website from Skidmore slams Bogdanoff. 

The site is  The title comes from her nickname in the Florida House due to her reputation for killing bills, according to The Miami Herald.

Truthfully, many bills deserve killing.  Sidmore’s site has a lot of other criticism of Bogdanoff.

“Ellyn’s no angel, states the video ad on the website.  

The Halloween theme is also repeated in mailed advertising to voters.

Skidmore is fighting an uphill battle in the Northeast Broward and Palm Beach County Senate district, who’s current GOP Sen. Jeff Atwater, who is trying to move up to state Chief Financial Officer.

The district has slightly more Republicans than Democrats.  It also has over 60,000 independents who generally lean towards the GOP, especially in what is expected to be a Republican year.

8 Responses to “Democrats Aim Scary Website At Ellyn Bogdanoff”

  1. What is really scary says:

    Polls out there show Skidmore down by as much as 20 points. Now that is scary

  2. Where's the Full Disclosure Buddy says:

    Buddy – where’s the usual disclosure about your familial relationship with Rep. Bogdanoff?

    FROM BUDDY: My older son is Ellyn Bogdanoff’s legislative aide and he will be upset I wrote this item.

  3. loyal reader. says:


    I love your website, but you forgot your disclaimer that your son works for Ellyn.
    FROM BUDDY: My older son is Ellyn Bogdanoff’s legislative aide and he will be upset I wrote this item.

  4. Lawyer says:

    Bogdanoff is the best choice because she will no doubt be a leader in the Senate and bring home whatever goodies are available from Tallahassee.

  5. You are wrong says:

    Actually the polling is about 30 points. It’s going to be fun watching Nan Rich go down in flames.

  6. Tommy DuLaurant says:

    What is really really scarey is another four years of Ellyn Bogdanoff, who tells South Florida voters one thing and then votes the opposite when in Tallahassee with Northern Florida conservatives.

  7. Deeeelightful D says:

    Ellyn Bogdanoff is an anti-woman conservative who voted to require women to have an ultra sound test at their own expense before making a choice about terminating a pregnancy. She is anti-education and has voted to cut education money repeatedly. She is scary.

  8. Chiari's crew at it again says:

    The guys who designed this garbage are the same losers who got their asses kicked by Bogdanoff in 06 and 08.