Democratic Race For Sheriff Is A Big Bore



You could call the sheriff’s campaign the race nobody cares about.

“It looks like nobody cares,” said one leading Democrat about his party’s primary for sheriff.  “Everybody assumes (Al) Lamberti is going to win again.”

Another leading Democrat called the two candidates – Scott Israel and Louis Granteed – “underwhelming”.

Neither campaign has caught fire.  Neither campaign has been able to clearly and simply state why Sheriff Al Lamberti should be replaced.

I still can’t figure out what either Democratic would do differently to improve law enforcement.

Whoever wins the August primary will face Lamberti, who has six figures in the bank (We’ll know how much later this week.) and name ID through the roof.

The only negative Lamberti has: He’s a Republican in a Democratic county. He also has a slew of Democratic supporters.

It will be interesting to political junkies like me who wins this largely ignored primary.

But most voters couldn’t care less.


Scott Israel (in red shirt) and supporters at July 4th Event. Is anybody paying attention? (From FACEBOOK)

17 Responses to “Democratic Race For Sheriff Is A Big Bore”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh I know Buddy, this is a lack-luster year for race for Sherif. I will bet that Al Laberti will prevail-its not brain science here. However its because he doesn’t really have a significant challenger. I tried to persuade alot of people that I think would be extremely effective to no avail-crapped out. In Ft.lau we have a many a canidate that it would be no contest.Being Comm.Bruce Roberts,even Comm.Charlotte Rodstrom, yes I told her we will get you a nice stetson, some leather chaps(w/ pants-some of you), I mean can you see it(all kidding aside Bruce Roberts would have given him a big run for his (lamberti)money). Anyhow Sheriff be more considerate of your Guard staff, I mean from the requirement that they wear long sleave shirts, to hiding their tattos etc-( it ain’t the Waldorf-Al)I mean come on. Then the insurance -what its ok that you don’t pay a dime but the rank and file pay through there buts-come on. So you are right Buddy, looks like Sheriff lamberti will prevail- Shape up “Big Al”…

  2. Shitty activist Walsh says:

    Can’t you ban walsh’s moronic posts? I mean really? The homophobic gay mental case felon can’t even write a sentence. I’m getting tired of his ranting all over your website.


    If he writes a homophobic post for my website, I will not put it up. I am against any homophobia! But I may not notice it, so I would appreciate any of my readers to let me know about any homophobic writing that appear here.

  3. Shitty Activist Robby Walsh says:

    Hey! You stole my handle! No harm done though.

    It kind of hurts my delicate sensibilities to read Walsh’s posts because of the nonsensical ramblings, but he lends a bit of comic relief.


  4. Broward Voter says:

    Scott Israel wins this primary by a comfortable margin for two reasons.

    First, his name recognition is very powerful among Democrat voters unlike his opponent who remains a virtual unknown. Second, Louie Granteed has not made the case for why he would be a better sheriff than Al Lamberti.

    Israel offers a contrast to Lamberti while Granteed refuses to try. People have noticed that difference. Whether Israel beats Lamberti or not is a question for November. It will be an uphill battle but many things can happen between now and November. What happens in August is easier to predict and has less to do with Israel than the weak campaign message of Granteed.

    Scott Israel wins comfortably in August and then it’s a question of what motivates voters in November.

  5. Broward D says:

    The only negative Lamberti has is he is a Republican?
    Are you kidding me?
    There have been more scandals under Lamberti than any other Sheriff in the history of BSO.
    That is just an asinine statement.
    How can anyone look the other way while week after week we see BSO officers getting arrested and see the complicit reaction from their higher ups who have had shady relationships with the biggest fraudster of all time in our region.

    As an aside I have seen Granteed greeted warmly at many Democratic events, not so much Israel.

    If Granteed wins primary Dems will vote for him, but if Israel does than its Lamdirty again.


    More scandals. Really. How about Walter Clark, the sheriff who ran the slot machine business for the mob, removed from office in 1950? Or Allen Michell, who was removed from office in the 1960s for misconduct in office. Or Ken Jenne. All Democrats, by the way.

    The only scandals I’ve seen are in the media. Even if a dozen cops are indicted, it would have to be connected directly to Lamberti. Both Israel and Granteed have plenty in their backgrounds, too.

  6. Just Saying says:

    I’d suggest a “quiet” or “boring” Democratic primary for Sheriff is actually bad for Lamberti. It would not cause any kind of bad blood among supporters of the losing candidate in the primary, ensuring Democratic unity for November.

    You also incorrectly wrote that “The only negative Lamberti has: He’s a Republican in a Democratic county.” Wrong! As Bob Norman has reported several times, Lamberti himself is the target of an FDLE corruption probe purportedly related to bid rigging in multi-million dollar BSO contracts and other matters.

    Plus Lamberti has to deal with his own extensive ties to Scott Rothstein’s ponzi scheme (and to Rothstein personally). Lamberti’s 2008 campaign benefited from $150,000+ of Rothstein’s ponzi cash in ECO spending attacking Israel. Lamberti’s own executive officer used his badge to carry through airport security Rothstein’s duffel bag stuffed with $16 million cash when Rothstein fled the country (and that officer is STILL working for BSO).

    Then there was Lamberti’s misuse of BSO resources in his heavy-handed and failed effort in 2010 to try to torpedo Commissioner Gunzburger’s reelection because she questioned his bloated budget’s.

    And then there were the free baseball and superbowl tickets. And it goes on.

    If some of Lamberti’s top guys get arrested in a month or two on Rothstein related charges, the Democratic nominee will win (Israel or Granteed … it won’t matter which one).

  7. Israel's Ego says:

    Sorry, I don’t see Scotty Boy winning by a big margin in August.

    The Dem. primary has been a snoozer and while there is still a real possibility that Israel wins in August, it will be solely on name recognition and nothing else. And by name recognition, I mean that the name ISRAEL will be familiar to people, not Scott Israel.

    Scotty’s squeaker of a win in 2008 was based solely on his name and nothing else (well, maybe the Israeli flags handed out by his supporters at the condos on election day helped too).

    But if Israel does manage to sneak through to the general, he gets clobbered in November by Lamberti.

    Scott lost by about a point to Lamberti in 2008 in a year when Obama-mania swept Broward County.

    In 2012, it will be different.

    First, while Obama wins Broward in November, it won’t be by 35+ points like it was in 2008 unless there is some dramatic change in the national race. That loses Scott some down-ticket votes.

    Second, any attacks that Scott had on Lamberti in 2008 don’t really hold water in 2012. Lamberti has, for better or worse, acted like a boring public official for 4 years. Scott can’t use Rothstein against Lamberti since Rothstein and his comrades gave dirty money to Scott in 2008 also. Nobody will give a crap about Lamberti’s son getting into the Superbowl, and if Scott really brings it up, the focus gets turned back to Scott’s checkered family and professional past.

    Third, Scott is already viewed as a LOSER. He couldn’t win an election as a Democrat in Broward County in an Obama landslide year where D’s were overperforming all over the ticket. He has the stink of LOSER on him already, and it’s less likely that a LOSER can come back and be a winner 2nd time around.

    Predictions —

    Dem Primary —
    Israel 54
    Granteed 46

    General Election
    Lamberti 56
    Israel 44

  8. Watching the race says:

    Anybody who thinks that he’s going to win “comfortably” when his opponent has out raised him at least 2-1 and has 100k more in the bank is delusional. Who knows who will win the primary. But taking an opponent lightly will likely result in a loss.

  9. Buddy Don't Know says:

    Buddy, you really don’t know what goes on in our agency. This sheriff is the most incompetent and vindictive man I’ve ever worked for. He’s wrecked the morale. He’s wrecking our livelihood. He’s wrecking our reputation as an agency. You have been pandering to Lamberti for so long. Why? Are you looking for a job with us? Israel or Granteed will be considered a huge upgrade for leadership over Lamberti.


    I look at the politics of the sheriff’s race, not who should or shouldn’t win. I have not pandered to Lamberti. I have written that Lamberti is the front runner and that the Democratic candidates are colorless ciphers whose campaigns can’t catch fire.

    What goes on in the agency and the morale of the employees is of little concern to the public.

    Your comment that he is “wrecking our livelihood” could be viewed by the public as positive, since many believe that police agencies pay too much in salaries and benefits. (I am not saying I believe that, but it is a common belief among elements of the public.)

    The only thing the public cares about is that BSO keeps the bad guys away from them. Lamberti is seen as doing that job, thus he will probably be reelected. Unless there is a wave of partisan straight-ticket Democratic voting that sweeps Republican Lamberti away.

  10. Plain Language says:

    The only reason Al Lamberti beat Scott Israel in 2010 is because Scott Rothstein paid Roger Stone to run the most misleading and negative election campaign in Broward County history. Stone won that election for Lamberti because of false and last minute negative ads. Lies won that campaign.

    Whether that can happen again remains to be seen. Many do not forget what took place in 2010.

    Granteed is not a factor in this race at all. Once Israel wins his primary the real campaign begins and lots of cash will flow his way.

  11. Patti Lynn says:


    I think that that was Alan Michel, not Mitchell.


    Thanks for this. Actually we are both wrong. It is Allen Michell. I corrected my comment above.

  12. Thanks for the Laugh says:

    I see that a lot of Israel and Granteed know how to post on this blog. It’s all quite funny. Lamberti is a target of a probe, he is corrupt, he was financed by Israel, Roger Stone did this and that.
    Blah freak’n blah.
    The Feds aren’t afraid to indict a sitting sheriff (eg. Ken Jenne).If Lamberti was corrupt, he would have been indicted by the Feds by now (see Rothstein singing like a canary).
    Lamberti in a cake walk: he wins by 16 point and not one less.
    Take that to the bank.
    One more thing: if you post that Israel or Granteed is going to win in November at least be funny lest we will think that you are serious or on bath salts.

  13. Truth Be Told! says:

    Wow! israel and his friends love posting their usual bullshit on here. Israel doesn’t stand a chance in the Primary and Granteed is tjhe only one that can beat Lamberti. Everyone know it that why Lamberti is in panic mode. Israel has a terrible background, has proven to be a loser and can’t raise money. He took 190,000.00 from Rothstien and and Lamberti took more plus some pictures. Israel might have name recognition, but it’s bad recognition. Granteed is very popular and I like the fact that his campaign is running their race and not being influenced by articles and false postings. Good for him. That’s the difference!! Granteed knows how to play the game and stay focused. I hear alot of people all over Broward County are supporting Granteed and there is virtually no talk about Israel. No matter how you slice it, Israel can’t win…. Granteed from Hollywood is a much better candidate than Israel and a problem for Lamberti. he has teh best chance of beating Lamberti and Dems are behind him!!! There is no doubt Granteed has a PAC. For a newcomer to politics, he is a money raising machine…. Problem for Israel and threat to Lamberti…

  14. Off Base says:

    Buddy, you are sure a Lamberti supporter. You are seriously one sided. Lamberti is a Republican, Israel is a Republican and not Jewish. Both are liars. Israel will not even come close to beating the Hollywood Lou Granteed. Lou Granteed is a Democrat and Lamberti is a Republican. Israel was horrible in 2008 and nothign has changed in 2012 that’s why 60,000 Dems didn’t even vote in the race. As soo nas Granteed wins the primary, you will see peopel coming out of the woodwork to support him. If Israel were to win, people will care less about the race. Also, there will no be anything big on the ticket to help Lamberti. Dems are going to come out big time in Novemner and will vote party line for Obama and it will give Granteed the win over Lamberti. In 2008, when there was the biggest Dem turnout ever, Israel could NOT win.. That’s pretty sad since Obama won Broward by more than 250,000,00 votes. Israel has no friends, has no money and has no support.

  15. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Prediction: Who ever wins the Dem primary will be the next Sheriff. You figure it out.

    Lamberti is the most despicable, dishonest, unethical, inept coward BSO has ever known.

    Keep laughing.

  16. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Bring it on Bitches. Homophopic? Me? Are you serious?

  17. No sugar coating says:

    Response to post #9, and applied to Granteed in Hollywood. I had to use your post because it was already well written and i actually thought you were talking about Granteed.

    Poster #9, really doesn’t know what goes on in OUR agency either! Granteed is the most despicable and vindictive man I’ve ever worked for. Many say corrupt. He’s wrecked the morale. He’s wrecked our livelihood. For 30 years, he’s wrecked our reputation as an agency. Do you know the connection he had with the ring leader arrested in the FBI scandal? Best pals. Sure, he didnt know anything…right? His pal Kevin obsessed with the Sopranos and mob life. What about the hiring scandal in the mid to late 90’s.? And the latest guy?! All “friends” of LG. there are so many more cover ups all thanks to him. Do you know what an A.P.E. case is? Well he was a leader of those and they certainly spiked in his last chance year to campaign while at HPD. Funny, doesn’t seem to be as many since he’s gone. This man will IN NO WAY be a huge upgrade for leadership over Lamberti, it’s a major mistake! Few wanted to go to his retirement party! The money collectors kept asking, and asking, and asking. Some were afraid to say no (why would they be afraid). We all just took huge paycuts, pension gutting and loss in benefits. Yet, this was one of THE most expensive parties to date! C’mon dude, could you have not been so selfish for once? We’d rather go to our own party anyway, celebrating that he was gone!

    No one knows about a person unless they’ve worked from them. That being said, seems we’re all screwed with what’s being written in these posts. Lesser of evils?