Demo Candidate Sharief Gives $$$ To GOP


Two former Republicans are the front runners for the Democratic primary in southwest Broward.

But only one Barbara Sharief gave $5,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Sharief’s gift at the height of the George W. Bush era could come back to bite her in the Democratic primary.

The Miramar commissioner gave $1,250 to the committee in four installments in 2003 May 7, June 6, July 7 and August 6.

That was during the same period that Republican-led Congress gave George W. Bush the money he wanted to further involve our country in Iraq. 

It is also the same period when Congress revamped Medicare against strong Democratic opposition, voting for some prescription drug benefits and a larger role for private insurance companies.

Democrats failed against the GOP-led Congress to reign in price increases by pharma companies, allow drug imports from Canada or lessen the role of insurance companies in Medicare.

Ted Kennedy filibustered the bill, calling it the privatization of Medicare.

New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize for economic winner Paul Krugman explained his view on the 2003 bill:

“The Bush administration rammed the Medicare Modernization Act through Congress, literally in the dead of night. That bill established large de facto subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans — plans in which Medicare funds are funneled through private insurance companies, rather than directly paying for care.

Since then, enrollment in these plans has been growing rapidly. This has had a destructive effect on Medicare’s finances: the fastest-growing type of Medicare Advantage plan, private fee-for-service, costs taxpayers 17 percent more per beneficiary than Medicare without the middleman.

Sharief says this about her donation at this vital time for health care:

As the owner of a home health care business, I was invited by the Republican National Committee to attend a three-day business seminar, in Washington, D.C., focused on federal health care issues.  The cost to attend the seminar, including meals, was $5,000 for two people. 
I was a registered Republican at the time, as was my opponent Angelo Castillo.  I changed my party affiliation shortly thereafter because my political beliefs were much more aligned with the Democratic Party.
To answer your question, I don’t think it will adversely affect my campaign.

For the record, Castillo switched from the GOP to the Democrats in September 2003.  Sharief changed parties to the Democrats in October 2005.

The third candidate in the Democratic primary is Shevrin Jones.  Because Jones is a very credible candidate,  he has the potential of splitting the large black vote.

13 Responses to “Demo Candidate Sharief Gives $$$ To GOP”

  1. who cares says:

    Like Angelo could bring up the issue of changing parties. Besides himself his campaign/media/ i know her today but not tomorrow galpal Judy Stern makes a living off party swtichers.

    her daughter Barbara Stern
    Judge Rodriquez(R to I)

  2. Broward's most prominent Muslim candidate says:

    gives money to the GOP?
    This is just weird.

  3. Frank Aboudit says:

    Could this really come back to bite her? It should. I think it screams of where her true loyalty and ideals rest, including her and Angelo’s party switch. I was unaware that both have switched parties. I’m in awe. Although, it did seem to me that Angelo’s thought process is remarkably on point with some Republican ideology.

    It seems that people switch parties in Broward only for the sake of trying to win an elected seat. I know it happens all over America but that doesn’t make it right. It sucks because true Democrats and Republicans can’t really gauge a party switcher’s real value and commitment to either party or even to the values and concerns of the citizens – taxpayers and all – of Broward.

    I look back at the exodus of Black people from the Republican party in the 60’s. That decision was made largely because Blacks (and other minorities) were not being represented by the Republican party, as pretty much is the case today. The Republican party’s principles changed and they decided that supporting issues for Black people wasn’t a part of their platform. Nowadays, people are switching parties to win political races. It’s tasteless and overtly ambitious. If voters could only understand the magnitude of electing people who change their mind like the wind only for the greater good of themselves, we would have a better commission now. If we could learn to discern better the real motives of people running for office, we wouldn’t have to worry about ethics reform and watchdogging (if that’s a word) our elected officials.

    With this news, I’ve lost respect for both Sharief and Castillo (and, not to forget, Al Jones – the current District 9 commissioner, Jeff Greene & Gov. Charlie Christ).

    Conformity for the sake of personal ambition is reckless, for themselves and for Broward.

  4. Angelo Was A Republican Too says:

    The only real Democrat in the race is Shevrin Jones. SHEVRIN JONES.

  5. Wally S says:

    Barbara Sharief has been a Miramar commissioners for just over a year and is running for county commission. She hasn’t even had time to accomplish anything. This makes me think she is running for the $90,000 salary of the county commission.

  6. G.B. says:

    So what? Slow news day?

  7. C.C. says:

    First, I want to say Frank Aboudit’s post was well written. I also agree with Wally S assessment of Sharief.

    Honestly, I believe people can change parties (it’s called the Bush effect). Don’t think it’s a slow news day, I didn’t know she was a republican until I read this article. I knew about Castillo from reading other posts, but this is news to me.

    Okay let me get this straight; Barbara Sharief was a Republican until 2005. In 2006, she ran as a democrat for the county commission after giving $5000 to a republican committee for a so called “seminar”. She then ran for Miramar city commission in 08’ (unsuccessful) and again during a special election in 09’ leading to victory. Now in 2010, she is running for county commission again. She calls herself a “Commissioner On A Mission,” I wonder for what exactly? There are traffic problems on Miramar Pkwy, Increasing Crime in East Miramar, Increasing Taxes and fees and she wants to run additional cities at the county level….hahahahahaha! Maybe it’s just me, but this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.
    Please vote Castillo or Jones, we need her to spend another $90k in the March elections to help the economy.

  8. Switch says:

    Muslims like Sharief used to be GOPers until Bush. The mystery is why a Muslim politician was still a member of the GOP in 2005. If they decided to switch you’d think 2003 would have done it.

  9. Not Buying It says:

    I don’t buy the seminar story. The RNC does not sell seminar tickets on lay away.

  10. Timmy says:

    It doesn’t matter that she gave the money, since she is going to win anyway. Angelo has gone from one misstep to another in this campaign. She is a fresh face with solid business experience.

  11. It Doesn't Matter? says:

    I think it does matter. You put your money where your heart is.

  12. One-sided Phone Survey says:

    At 6:22pm, I was contacted to participate in a phone survey. Here are the questions:

    If the election were to be held today who would you vote for Barbara Sharief, Angelo Castillo, or Shevrin Jones?

    Are you planning to support Kendrick Meek for US Senate?

    Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for Barbara Sharief if you knew her campaign was self-funded and she does not accept contributions from special interest.

    Did you know that Diana Wasserman-Rubin who was charged with federal corruption and supports Angelo Castillo?

    Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for Angelo Castillo if you knew Diana Wasserman-Rubin who was charged with federal corruption supports him?

    What is your race and age?

    – 22 minutes later the phone rings again –

    “Sir I apologize, I missed your answer to one of the questions.” “Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for Angelo Castillo if you knew Diana Wasserman-Rubin who was charged with federal corruption supports his candidacy?”

    I replied, that question isn’t fair it doesn’t matter they are different people, she could support all the candidates in the race.

    “Really? That’s surprising, thank you sir; have a nice day!”

    FROM BUDDY: This sounds like a push poll to me. Push poll are attempts to influence voters, usually by smearing an opponent, under the guise of taking a survey.
    I boldfaced this comment because I believe it is important.

  13. Miramar Protector says:

    LOL! I told you this would happen. Barbara Sharief lies and slimes every opponent she faces. Just watch her try to create some connection to the former commissioner that doesn’t exist. What kind of poll company calls back because they forgot to ask questions or record answer? Even the question is wrong on the facts. Talk about an unreliable poll.

    The fact is Sharief has very little to offer this area. Her huge ego explains $300,000 spent to run 4 campaigns over the last 4 years? She’s only been in office 15 months but applied months ago for the Gallagher vacancy on the school board and was rejected. What job will she want next?

    Buddy should ask tougher questions about Barbara Sharief. The lay away comment above says it all. Nobody believes that story.