Democratic Official Cashes In On Political Work



A Democratic Party official and her husband asked a judicial candidate last year for $1,000  to escort him through churches, give him “access” to the black community and send out an e-mail blast to 2,500 voters.

Robert Lynch and Ruth Lynch, who is the First Vice Chair of the Broward Democratic Party, also asked for $125 to post a campaign flyer on 17 bulletin boards in a Lauderhill condo complex.

What’s that cost?  Seventeen thumb tacks?

The Lynch’s got turned down by this candidate.  But they got plenty of work from other judicial candidates.

The Lynch’s do consulting through their company, R & R Business Solutions & Development in Lauderhill.  The company’s Chief Executive Office is Ruth Lynch and the Vice President is Robert Lynch.

Is this one more example of party officials using their position to cash in?

It happens in both the Democratic and Republican Party organization. Because Broward is largely Democratic, it is more prevalent in the local Democratic organization.

There is State Committeewoman Diane Glasser, who has managed campaigns in the past.  A handful of Young Democrats have been paid consultants.  And there is Ruth Lynch and her husband.

Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar had no comment.  Ruth Lynch could not be reached for comment.

A quick check of public records indicates the Lynch’s got paid by six judicial candidates in 2010. Judicial candidates are often politically unsophisticated and are targets for political consultants.

“As soon as I drew opposition, these people came looking for me. Remember that I didn’t know much about this stuff since I’m a judge, not a politician, said one incumbent judge who was facing his first election after being appointed to the bench.

Among those consultants who sought out the judge were Robert and Ruth Lynch.

They presented the judge with two proposals — one for early voting and a second for additional consulting.   I obscured the judge’s name from the copies of these proposals below.

Check them out.  The proposals are absurd.  Absurdly expensive.

“I remember meeting with them.  They wanted money for introductions and other things.  I thought it was a lot of money and I already had a political consultant, the judge said.

But other judges were not as judicious, according to elections records. Paying the Lynch’s company or one of them individually in 2010 were:

*County Court Judge Peter Skolnick, who paid $1,650 for “marketing and campaign services” and a “lunch.”

*County Court candidate Ken Gottlieb, who paid $150 for a “brunch/meet/greet.  The Gottlieb brunch was listed as the same date as the Skolnick lunch.

*Circuit Judge Carlos Rodriquez who paid $1,625 for “consulting.

*Circuit Judge Carlos Rebello, who paid $1,625 for “consulting.

*Judicial candidate Rochon Banks who paid $150 for “cards.

*Circuit Judge Matthew Destry, who paid $125 for “community paper.

Ceasar and his Democratic organization needs to crack down on officials using their positions to make money and, in my opinion, taking advantage of candidates.

The newest wrinkle is activists who run websites taking money to write stories favorable to the candidate.  If they aren’t paid, the candidate gets negative stories.

Sounds very much like Frank Nittistyle tactics to me.

But that’s politics and this is Broward.  Anything goes.




Two proposals given a judicial candidate in 2010.  The second one is particularly interesting because it asks for $1,000 for some introductions and $125 to put up flyers on bulletin boards. That’s my two-word note to myself– thumb tack — on the second proposal in cursive off to the side:





46 Responses to “Democratic Official Cashes In On Political Work”

  1. Violation of Her Oath says:

    Isn’t Ruth Lynch a VP of the DEC? I thought they had a specific rule that states that no officer of the DEC may be a paid consultant for ANY campaign? Is she resigning from her position with the DEC? If not, why not? If she isn’t forced to resign her position or removed from it, it just goes to show what a circus the DEC is under Mitch’s (lack of) leadership.

  2. Dems not alone says:

    At least Jack Furnari had the honesty to resign from the Palm Beach REC when he started his bizpac website. In Broward, REC members are still waiting for Javier Manjarres to do the same….since he gets paid to schill for candidates on his website….of course he’ll call it “advertising”.

    FROM BUDDY: This is an allegation from a person who didn’t sign their name. I want readers to take that into account.

  3. reality check says:

    Resigning? Almost all of the DEC Officers and Area Leaders make their living from politicians. That is the reason so many of them want the job. Ceasar is no angel either. He looks for lobbying cities because position. He can’t crack down when it is his entire Executive Committee and himself making that money.

  4. C'mon Buddy says:

    “Ceasar and his Democratic organization needs to crack down on officials using their positions to make money and, in my opinion, taking advantage of candidates.”

    Sometimes I wonder whether you are being purposely naive Buddy. Ceaser and members of the DEC management are structured to do this. They have been doing this long before Ruth came to town. The DEC no longer exists to create Dems and support activists. It exists as an income supplementation vehicle for the glassers/ceasers/moskowits of Broward through Lobbying and Campaign Management work. That is why they are no longer effective and are no longer relevent. Unfortunately candidates, especially Judicial ones, don’t know this and have no alternative.


    No, I am not naive. I can hope that things change.

    The sad fact judicial candidates should know is that the DEC management committee has no campaign skills and no extensive contacts in the community. If I was a judicial candidate, I would hunt for one of the wave of young people starting to management campaigns in this county.

  5. Mary J. Thompson says:

    Novice political candidates should never sign on with anyone who offers election assistance without researching the person offering, as it could do the Candidate more harm than good……..

  6. dems for dollars says:

    Several other CURRENT Democratic party “leaders” are also peddling themselves as consultants including Ron Mills, President of the Dolphin Democrats and a DEC area leader. He’s even whoring himself to Republicans! Talk about no campaign skills and no extensive network! Selling out the gay community, offering nothing to candidates who waste their money paying him.

  7. some more says:

    Olga G (as in hold the Gonzalez) Levine $650 to Robert Lynch.

  8. Rage Against The Machine says:

    A Clean City Hall
    With the recent election in Plantation, this will be the first time in nearly four decades that no Plantation elected official will be tied to the pension controversy of 1980’​s. The weeding out of Rae Carole Armstrong sets the city in the direction of no city ordered retirements, for being a public servant. The group which started the plan back in 1987 gave themselves such generous perks as medical and dental insurance for them and their spouses for rest of their life. Along with pensions and life annuities Steve Palmquist estimated the plan would cost as much as 4.5 millions dollars for six public servants. This clearly does not take away the sting, of what was levied on taxpayers but at least gives a fresh start with people who run for office because they want a better Plantation.
    The men and women who serve as our police have been force to pay over 9% of their salaries to cover a share of their pensions and received NO health and dental plan that was afforded to the politicians of the eighties who paid not one red cent for their plan. Now not only is that wrong to do to the taxpayers, It is my opinion this was NASTY. Best of luck to OUR new group of Honorable Elected Officials. GO TEAM PLANTATION!!
    read comments (0)
    On 12 Mar 2011 at 04:14 pm – Speak Out! – by Running With Sisscors
    This was a post on a Plantation site Buddy. We in Plantation look forward to a new start. As you can see other Democrats have cash in also! This is a subject you never have seem to have much of an interest in. Plantation is clean at last of self centered public servants. GO TEAM PLANTATION!!

  9. But Buddy says:

    The DEC has turned into a joke operation because of the antics of a few handful of their officers and “leaders” who operate as paid consultants.

    Ron Mills has his Robo-call company.

    Ruth/Robert Lynch get paid for what, being tour guides for whiteys in the black community?

    Mitch has his lobbying.

    Moskowitz has his lobbying.

    Glassers have their palm cards.

    Then there are the DEC members who are “paid volunteers” on election day.

    Worst of all is that there are really good folks in the DEC as well who don’t take money, who actually do their jobs by trying to GOTV for Dems and others leading up to election day.

    The problem is that they don’t stand up to Mitch and the paid activists to get the organization cleaned up.

    Instead, the good folks meet separately, sometimes in secret, to coordinate their real activiites.

    Hopefully, at some point in the future, the folks at DEC that are against these shenanigans will have enough of a bloc to oust the deadwood and political whores and get the organization back to what it was supposed to be doing — getting the message out and getting out the vote.

    It is a travesty that in the most democractic county in the State of Florida, the DEC did practically nothing to GOTV in a gubernatorial race and we had about a 40% turnout — when we could usually get close to 60% back in the 80s and early 90s (an amount that would have made the difference for Alex Sink in 2010). The efforts of the county party don’t need to rely on what the State or an individual campaign is doing — they should be undertaking their own efforts too.

    Sorry for the long rant, and sorry for using the name “But Buddy” on a story about judicial candidates getting screwed by some hack political consultants.

  10. RA says:

    She wants to run for School Board…she has already lost 10 elections and shaking down candidates…..THIS IS SHAMEFUL!

  11. Broward Politico says:

    Did Judge Jay Hurley rat out Ruth Lynch?

    FROM BUDDY: I don’t rat out my sources. I will say that Hurley had nothing to do with this post.

  12. Bottom Line says:

    It’s legal.

    FROM BUDDY: Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right.

  13. willie says:

    She sells access to the black community. She really doesn’t have any special access, except she is black. There are a lot more legitimate black leaders.

  14. Oodles says:

    This Lynch flimflam sounds like a Jesse Jackson type shakedown, am I right?

    FROM BUDDY: I would never use the word “shakesdown”.

    She sold a service. Whether she delivered on her promises is up to the candidates. Whether she should be offering such services is up to the DEC.

  15. Yes for Term Limits says:

    No one in the black community really respects her. They think she is a joke! And many want her gone as DEC 1st Vice because she is a snake and looks to only promote her interests and not others

  16. Fake Sherlock Holmes says:

    Now that people are starting to gear-up for judicial campaigns, I suspect that there are some jealous competitors to the Lynches who would like campaign cash to flow their way and not to the Lynches.
    My theory as to the “rat” would be the person who wants to knock Ruth down a notch in the DEC or wants her campaign business.

  17. Brian Craig says:

    You would think with all the arrested Democrats in the news that Elected officials would not take money for anything, other than their paycheck.

  18. Bottom Line says:

    Securing the black vote this past August was on everybody’s mind because Kendrick Meek was at the top of the ticket. Candidates are entitled to make legal choices about how to run their campaigns. The test to be used here is the law not what some might consider “right.” Beyond mentioning that point I think the discussion becomes pointless.

  19. Local Republican says:

    FROM BUDDY: Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right.

    Just ask my former County Commissioner: KEN KEECHL

  20. The Lynch-Mob says:

    I’m sure there’s a fair amount of back-biting and squabbling within the DEC since so many of their officials are campaign whores (I mean consultants).

    I think the greater issue here is the fact that the DEC has rules that prevent certain officers from being paid consultants on campaigns.

    While her skills are dodgy (has she even won a race….ever??), I have no problem with Ruth Lynch being a consultant, if that is what she wants. She just can’t stay on the DEC as First VP if she wants to be a consultant.

    The other thing to think about is why is it that we have “professional blacks” who sell access to the “black community”. How condescending. And is it any wonder that people think that to get the “Black Vote” they just need to buy off the right people?

    Sad, and sad that Ruth Lynch and her husband play into that.

  21. Daniel Simpson Day says:

    So I suppose that if I were to “sell access” to the Jewish community to black candidates, I wouldn’t be called a racist or bigot and the community wouldn’t be up in arms?

  22. @Brian says:

    You mean like former Speaker Sansom? Or Tom Delay? That comment shouldn’t be aimed in any one direction.

  23. Tim Ross says:

    “But Buddy” makes some very good points. We need real activists to get involved with the Broward Democratic Party. Unfortunately we had a lot of place holders put in as precinct committee people to vote for or against Mitch in 2008 that have done absolutely nothing for the Broward Democratic Party in the last couple years. I have requested that the screening committee and the chair (Mitch Ceasar) review the attendance records and contact any precinct committee person who has NEVER attended a meeting to require them to attend a meeting or be removed from the committee. The bylaws allow for removal after three unexcused absences. That may be a bit draconian because some workers may miss more meetings but actually be doing things to get Democrats elected. That is why we should first look to remove people who have never attended first, then move to those who never attended all of 2010. In many cases there are folks who want to work who cannot be a precinct committee person because the seat is filled by someone who does nothing. They can still be appointed at large but they are limited in what they can do, and only ten percent of our precinct committee people can be at large members. Our bylaws require several committees, which have mostly been non functional. Ken Evans and other leadership have requested that Mitch push the committees to do their jobs. We need the bylaws committee to review our bylaws and put in force ethics reforms that disallow financial conflicts of interest for our leadership from the chair down to the area leaders. We also need to enforce the rules once they are put in place. The key is getting people who want to make a difference involved, and then allowing them to make the difference. To the end of getting our grassroots in the Broward Democratic Party active, I am running for Second Vice Chair in 2012. Our bylaws state that the Second Vice Chairs’ responsibility is to coordinate the area leaders to get out the vote. In the meantime, I am working with Democratic Club Presidents countywide to reach out to supervoters in their area to get them involved in our 37 Democratic clubs in Broward County. Then from those supervoters we identify as activists, we will recruit precinct committeepeople to be appointed to the (hopefully) open precinct committee positions to work the 2012 election. At some point in the process we will reach the point at which we can tip the Apple cart and make the necessary ethical reforms. I pledge to the Broward Democratic Party that I will personally not work candidates or campaigns for pay, and call on all of the members of the Broward Democratic Party Management Committee to make the same pledge.

    Tim Ross
    Recording Secretary, Broward Democratic Party, Director, Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus.

  24. Count My Vote says:

    Tim Ross, Great ideas! You are exactly what we need. When you have Plantation Dem Club picking some Dems over others and their pres passing out his preferred Dem picks at polling places….well you can understand why Dems feel their voice is not heard…only the pres.
    BTW…have you noticed how many Plantation super voters are nursing home residents ? What’s up with that?

  25. sunriseoversite says:

    Mr Ross there are a lot of young dems who want to get invovled but some of your groups are not so welcoming. Might be an age gap but no the less we are out here.

  26. Violation of Her Oath says:

    Tim – Good talking points, but since I believe the rules already state that the First Vice Chair, etc. cannot work as a paid political consultant for candidates, when does someone intend to make a Motion to REMOVE Ruth Lynch from her position.

    Fish stinks from the head, and until the leadership actually LEAD, no matter how many activists you have, you’ll never get them to CARE about the Broward Dem Party/DEC because they know the organization is a sham.

    Serious democratic candidates in Broward go around the DEC already because they know its worthless for GOTV and for financial assistance. It is merely a vehicle for a FEW in authority to make money off naive candidates and office-seekers.

  27. Tim Ross says:

    @Count My Vote, thanks for the support. I am unaware of the Plantation Democratic Club doing that. Would you call the Plantation Area Leader Cynthia Busch and fill her in on the details of that? If you don’t get satisfaction or feel like taking some action on it you can always file a grievance with the Plantation Democratic Club or the Broward Democratic Party. The super voter issue is simple. The Supervisor of Elections goes to each nursing home and brings equipment for the residents to vote. The office does this for every nursing home in the county. That is why you will see so many of the nursing home residents around the county are super voters because it is really easy for them to vote. I propose to level the playing field and have the legislature make all elections vote by mail. This will greatly increase voter participation in all elections when they get their ballot at home postage paid to return and we will save $$$Millions$$$. This has worked well in Oregon. There is practically no incidence of voter fraud there as well. @Sunriseoversite, which are the clubs that are not welcoming? Let me see what I can do to try to fix that. @Violation of Her Oath, actually the bylaws are silent on this issue. That is why we need to update the Broward Democratic Party bylaws. They have not been updated since 1996 and in some areas are out of line with the Florida Democratic Party bylaws. The loyalty oath requires that you will not support the opponent of the Democratic nominee or anyone who is not a Democrat over a Democrat running for a position. It is silent about supporting one Democrat over another. This is why we need to update the bylaws to cover more ethical issues. Some people are saying that Ruth supported an NPA (No Party Afilliation) in a commission race but they are wrong. The candidate was a Democrat. We need to call on all the members of the Broward Democratic Management Committee to voluntarily take the pledge to not work any campaign or candidate for pay.

  28. reality check says:

    Until there is a change in leadership, the DEC will remain a joke. New committee last night will be chaired by Percy Johnson…..change in leadership?

  29. Randy Fleischer says:

    The DEC Leadership is obviously tainted and has been for at least the past 14 years. Certainly more and more DEC officials and some club officers have had their hands out and have expected money for holding brunches and events all across the county. I have never taken any money from any candidate or campaign and donate money to many campaigns, my days at the polls, my office for phone banking and have never asked for anything except good government. There are many DEC members who cannot say that. Historically there are many DEC members who have been signed up by Ceasar and Glasser since 1996 who appear only to vote for Ceasar and Glasser and are hardly seen again.
    However there are more and more members on DEC management that are not synchophant pack horses that do whatever Ceasar says and shoves their nose up the ass of the horse’s ass in front of them. Hopefully they are a disappearing breed!
    As newly elected Area Leader for Davie, Weston, Cooper City and SW Ranches, I am working to get good Dem’s who want to work involved in leading their precincts so we can defend the Democratic officials who need to be re-elected, from President Obama, Senator Nelson and the beloved Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the state house and senate seats and local town halls. I invite anyone who wants to work to GOTV to contact me.

  30. Rage Against The Machine says:

    Plantation Dem club and it’s president are a joke. I would run them all out and start with a new bunch. Anybody have the time? Wonder if Kling was paid to hand out and promote his candidates????

  31. Sorry says:

    Buddy, sorry to tout a competitor, but the story on Bob Norman’s Pulp today about Ron Mills epitomizes the problem.

    He’s President of Dolphin Dems, a DEC official, etc. etc. etc. and not only is he taking money from candidates for robo-calls and acting as a “consultant”, he is doing it for REGISTERED REPUBLICANS.

    With Dem officials like him, is it any wonder that rank and file Democrats are disenchanged with the Broward political machine?

  32. Keep your panties on says:

    i am not a supporter of Mills, but your facts are a little weak. Ron Mills has supported/assisted registered Republicans only in NON-PARTISAN races. I believe that under state DEC (and REC too) rules an executive member may support opposing party candidates in non-partisan races.

  33. Tim Ross says:

    @reality check, you are talking about a chicken and egg issue. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I propose that we try to get people involved who want to make a difference, and then make that difference. Percy Johnson is chairing the Education Committee, which is a committee from our bylaws (which haven’t been updated since 1996) that is supposed to educate precinct committee people on what their jobs entail and how to perform their jobs. @Randy, you have been a great activist for the party. You are in a good position to affect change in the Broward Democratic Party. However, I think that personal attacks on our chair and others are ineffective and counterproductive. We need to stand up for what the Broward Democratic Party needs to be and not against who is responsible for why it isn’t. That just breeds hatred, and I know you are a lot better than that. You are doing a great job as the Cooper City, Davie, and Weston Area Leader at engaging your precinct committee people and giving them the tools to work and get out the vote in 2012. Keep up the good work, and knock it down a couple levels on your negative criticism of others. What we need is constructive criticism. @Rage, have you talked to the Plantation Area Leader Cynthia Busch about this? @Sorry, Ron Mills has made a pledge not to work for candidates for pay while he is an Area Leader, which is in Bob’s column. So far that makes myself, Randy Flesicher, and Ron Mills who have pledged not to work for political campaigns for pay. @keep your panties on, that is incorrect. The loyalty oath only allows us to support judicial candidates who are not Democrats. It still does not allow us to support non-Democrats in municipal elections. However, the Florida Democratic Party is in the process of changing that. I am not sure I want that to happen, because it allows some ethical issues to occur.

  34. Sorry says:

    Rules of the DEC/FDP say that only judicial races are deemed non-partisan for those rules.

    While city commission, school board, etc. races are technically non-partisan, a DEC official can’t be working for, supporting, or getting money from republican candidates.

    And what’s more, WTF — hey, if your position is that you’ll support GLBT candidates regardless of party affiliation, I’m all for that.

    But resign your Democratic Party position if you’re going to do that.

    It’s wrong – he knew it was wrong – and like Ruth Lynch — they did it because they didn’t think they’d get caught.

    How many BREC members are out there doing consulting work for democratic candidates — I’d think NONE —

    Lynch, Mills, and the rest of the DEC whores who follow the green ahead of supporting the Blue all prove the old saying, “I belong to no organized political party….I’m a Democrat.” — Will Rogers.

  35. reality check says:

    …and how about all the good Democrats who support Republican Al Lamberti and bring him to Democratic functions. How much money do they make for that PR job? He is always with the Dolphins.

  36. I have been there says:

    @Randy. I commend you on your post. But, in the end, I think we need resolve all these issues quickly and get back to work in our communities to get things done, register voters, and help people to vote on Election Day. Funny that Ruth Lynch would be the one “outted” but I don’t doubt everyone is on the take. I hope this helps her to stay away from the “players” and just get back to working her tail off as she used to do.

    Yet, we do need to make sure people are allowed to participate who don’t have money. These workers need to be reimbursed for their gas and time when possible. The money is out there and can be better used to canvass as opposed to paying people consulting fees that do nothing in each of these communities.

    We need to work hard. I personally have walked all of Broward. However, some of the people I work with are not as well off as you and I and they do need gas money to drive all over the county. In some cases they do receive gas or an hourly wage.

    I hope you all can distinguish between an official using their position to get money for doing little of nothing and a mother of three getting paid for her time and/or gas.

    I think you do but cannot be sure based solely on reading your post.

  37. I have been there says:

    @The Lynch-Mob SHAME ON YOU! Don’t be so proud of yourself for associating a black person and the word Lynch or lynching and even a whimsical secondary association to mob groups or gansta activities. But, not real funny when conjures up images of the lynchings of blacks such as Dr. Lynch that took place right here (some just forty years ago). NOT FUNNY. I don’t know who you are, but every time I drive through Davie and see a horse’s ass peaking out of a trailer or field; I will associate that horse’s ass with you! How’s that for sickening associations?

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! If after all of this you can only manage to go after Dr. Lynch for offering a service (albeit a questionable one). REAL PROUD OF YOU for going after low lying fruit. BIG F’IN DEAL! Bet you won’t go after the pro and anti Mitch intimidators. Yes! – there are a-holes on both sides.

  38. thanks for the laugh says:

    “How many BREC members are out there doing consulting work for democratic candidates — I’d think NONE — ”

    Damn right NONE, not because of some moral high ground but because there is not anyone in BREC would could bring meaningful value to a campaign.

  39. Tim Ross says:

    I agree with @Sorry about resigning from any Democratic Party leadership position if you are supporting a non-Democrat LGBT candidate. Equality Florida and the Victory Fund are setup to be non-partisan, and if anyone feels that strongly about a particular candidate, they should work through those organizations instead of the Democratic Party. No member of the BREC would be allowed a free pass on that. As the Regional Directors for the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus, myself and Julie Carson will not allow any non-Democratic candidate to be promoted by any official of the Dolphin Democrats or the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus. @I am there, the problem with any work for pay is it sends us down a slippery slope. You could use that argument to justify anyone working campaigns for pay because they need to pay the rent. What we need is a strong volunteer grassroots organization. One person told me we needed to allow the pay because it allows people with fewer resources to affect an election as opposed to the influence the super-operatives have over our elected officials. I propose that we need to take the profit out of the party, and stop the graft from the bottom all the way to the top. Only then will we be truly able to hold our elected officials accountable.

  40. Lynch Apologist says:

    To “I have been there” a/k/a one of the Lynchfolk.

    Boo hoo. Sorry you don’t like criticism of “Dr.” Lynch.

    She and her ilk are the worst of the worst in the DEC and should be run out on a rail.

    And the phrase you meant to use is “low hanging fruit” which has its own connotations.


    Aside, Buddy – isn’t it interesting that your article on this topic has garnered such passionate/angry posts all over the board.

    It just shows how much of a circus the DEC/Broward Dem. Party really has become.

    You’ve got officers on the take from candidates, other officials taking money from Republicans, the Party Secretary speaking out and crticizing the Chair, Area Leaders planning coups and talking about the illegitimacy of the upper leadership.

    It’s like the damned Keystone Cops.

    Does anyone really wonder why so many democratic candidates, both at the local/county level and above, just work around the Broward DEC instead of trying to work with them? They don’t raise you money, they don’t have a GOTV to put volunteers on the Street for you, etc. etc. etc. Oh wait, you might get some “volunteers” if you grease the right palms.

    The DEC and FDP have turned into a joke — full of has-beens, never-weres, and washouts. Democratic candidates that win in this area win IN SPITE of the Party Apparatus, rather than because of it.

  41. Rage Against The Machine says:

    Do any of you realized that this talk about whom is correct, I sit on DEC, I sit on BREC blah blah blah. Everyone one of you are mindless Idiots, that pledge to support only YOUR party candidates. America is changing folks, YOU and YOUR type are in danger. People want the best choices and fuck your my party nonsense! PEOPLE are fed up and tired of the TWO party failure.

    There is some evidence to back up what this comment alleges. In 2000, 17.48 percent of Florida voters called themselves independent or not a member of the two major parties. In 2010, that figure had increased to 22.89 percent.

  42. Belong vs. Member says:

    I don’t like when people say they belong to a party. It’s only words but words are important. I say I am a member of a party. I don’t belong to them at all. I am my own property and when I don’t like something I vote with my feet. I will not swear loyalty to anything but my country and my spouse. It’s tough enough keeping those vows in check.

  43. reality check says:

    @Tim Ross…so what is your explanation for Michael Albetta and Al Lamberti always together at Democratic functions?

  44. the Real Truth says:

    “personal escort on church tours”?? Do the congregants of these churches realized Lynch is pimping them? They should be outraged.

  45. Tomas says:

    Didn’t Mitch Ceasar appoint Lynch? He should be held accountable.

  46. Alex Johnson, Broward Democratic Party Corresponding Secretary says:

    At the last Broward Democratic party executive meeting I introduced a written field plan detailing how we could activate the precinct committee people to more effectively get out the vote, but Chairman Mitch Ceasar ruled the motion to form a committee to develop a field plan for 2012 “out of order.” Since then I have contacted him twice about getting input from the rest of “management” on developing a field plan for 2012, but he has refused to respond.