Democratic Candidate Seeks Appt. From Gov. Scott…Really?



A spy spotted Northeast Broward Democratic House candidate Barbra Stern going into the governor’s office in Tallahassee this week.


Barbra Stern


Stern was there for a 10-minute interview with Gov. Rick Scott.  She applied for an appointment to the Florida Elections Commission and Scott wanted to talk to her.

Was this Democratic candidate really seeking an appointment from the Republican governor?  Or was Stern just jumping at the chance for face time with Scott?

Here is the sequence of events:

Stern filed her application for one of the six openings on the commission before deciding to run against incumbent Republican George Moraitis.  Once she started running, she never bothered to withdraw her application.

Now that she is running, she really can’t serve, according to the commission website. State law forbids a candidate for “any public office” from being appointed to the commission.

She seemed to indicate she used it as an opportunity to meet the governor, although she wouldn’t say that flatly.

“He was very polite,” Stern says. “He was very kind.  He has a real interest in younger people getting involved in politics.”

When asked if  some might call her hypocritical for running a campaign filled with anti-Republican rhetoric while seeking an appointment from one of the state’s GOP leaders, she said: “It’s a bi-partisan board.”

The nine-member board is appointed to four-year terms by the governor from three applicants each from the Speaker of the House, President of the Senate and leaders of the minority party in the Legislature.

17 Responses to “Democratic Candidate Seeks Appt. From Gov. Scott…Really?”

  1. Git R Done says:

    Is this so “Mommy” (Judy Stern) can have her hands on the duties of what is happening in Tallahassee???
    What do you all think?

  2. Kevin Tynan says:

    Some people just don’t understand conflicts and ethics.

  3. What is sad says:

    Stern got more face time with Gov Scott than Chip LaMarca did.

  4. Yo Kev says:


    I have that title “Stern on Conflicts and Ethics”. It has a great Forward by Joe Eggelletion.

    Odd though, it’s the size of a business card, the Forward is on the front and the rest is blank.

  5. Frank White says:

    The Governor is required to pick a certain number of democrats to keep the board bi-partisan.

  6. Alan says:

    Kevin, talk about ethics.? I was going to vote Mitt and Max. But the attack mail on the now Vice Mayor, It will now be Mitt and Iris.

  7. Karnack says:

    Karnack says that it was George Moritias himself that got the appointment with Gov Scott for Stern. Rumor has it that Moritias was so afraid of Stern that he agreed to help her to get the appointment knowing that Stern then could not run against him, thereby getting rid of his strongest opponent.

  8. Steve Gonot says:

    Kevin Tynan says:
    Some people just don’t understand conflicts and ethics.

    Ain’t that the truth.



  9. Shitty Activist Robby Walsh says:

    Steve! I see they allow internet access in jail. Cool!

  10. Karnack aka Judy Stern says:

    Oh Judy, how desperate are you and your not so little Babsy. I hear you are trying to convice George that if he helps gets Babs the appointment, no one will run against him. Of course no one will run against him, all those unions that put him on the top of thier hit list will save their $ because you got what you wanted, yeah right. What about Team Broward, Judy? Can you guarantee that Miller and her crew that demonstrated outside George’s office wont run a union funded candidate, not on your best day.

    Of course how much local money is Babsy going to lose because you are running Mancini the Democrat against Satz? Such a good Dem you are. Going after Satz because he wouldnt give your pal Joe Eggs time in a half way house. You are loyal Judy, but anyone would be since he fell on the sword and didnt name names (like yours?).

    I have to give you credit for arrogance Judy, I mean you and Babsy get your collective fat asses handed to you and you still think muscle George from a position of strength. George is smart as are those around him, they will tell you to bring it on.

  11. close but no cigar says:

    Rumor has it that Commissioner LaMarca set up the meeting with the Gov. It is well known that after the failed campaign of Chip’s pal David Maymon that the relationship of Chip and Moraitis is chilly at best. Chip is going to need Judy Stern’s help (again) with his new District which includes more Pompano, where Judy is pals with Mayor Fisher. Everyone knows LaMarca and Barbra Stern have been friends since they were in BREC together. If they doublecross Moraitis along the way why would Chip would not care since he has been against George since day one.

  12. Harold says:

    George is smart, but he is not as politically sophisticated as Stern.

  13. D. Lyin Saunders says:

    Does anyone know if Barbara and Judy support Earl Rynerson in Ft Laud?

  14. Think says:

    Please…. Judy ain’t going to help Chip. He can’t win with the reidistricting and Judy will only back a winner. Chip is a fool if he is trusting the wicked witch Judy

  15. not really says:

    With Judy Stern’s help against Keechl via the entry of a third candidate (sound familiar stern fans) he became Commissioner. She has the Mayor of Pompano as a former candidate she has run, Chip needs Pompano, nuf said.

  16. Not Judy says:

    I know personally that it was not Stern who put Chiari in the race.
    It was someone else.

    Chip constantly lies about his relationship with Judy but when he says that she , in particular, did not out Chiari in – he is telling the truth.

  17. thank you says:

    “Not Judy” = Michael George DG, honeybadger and former head of the CHIPS (Cool Hip Important People)

    Good Boy Michael, Judy got some rugala for you, extra large portion of course, go sit with her other blogging lackey Robert Walsh in the corner and enjoy