Democrat Parrish Endorses Two Republicans For School Board



Property Appraiser Lori Parrish has been a consistent success story for Democrats.

A School Board member and a county commissioner before winning the property appraiser’s office eight years ago, Parrish has been a Democratic office holder since the 1980s

Not a blind partisan, Parrish has always had an independent streak. She supports candidates she believes will do the best job, regardless of the party.

She endorsed Sen. Jim Scott, one-time Republican state Senate president and then a county commissioner, throughout his career.

Now she has endorsed Katie Leach and Donna Korn for School Board.  Both Republicans were appointed by GOP-Gov. Rick Scott last year and are running in their first election.


Donna Korn Campaigning


She made the announcement at a celebration for Marty Kiar’s and her election unopposed to the county commission.  It was at Sunrise Commissioner Joey Scuotto’s Sunrise restaurant earlier this week.

The location was an interesting choice. Kiar’s campaign literature featured angry attacks on Republicans.

Leach was in the audience when Parrish made her announcement.

“I expected boos,” one person said.

Instead, there was applause from the crowd containing a lot of Democrats.

Another Democrat told Browardbeat: “She’s a hypocrite.  She’s very happy to be a Democrat when she’s running”.

The endorsement of Korn is a rebuff to Democratic Party darling, state Rep. Franklin Sands of Weston. The party lemmings are falling in line behind Sands.

Sands is term limited out this year. He looked for a place to remain in office.  He hit upon the School Board.

Sources tell Browardbeat that he is interested in education.

He is also interested beefing up his state pension, continuing medical coverage and pushing his step-son-in-law, assistant principal Angel Gomez, into a principal’s job, according to numerous sources. Sands camp vehemently denies the reports, which are widespread in political circles.

Parrish explained her endorsement in an e-mail to Browardbeat:

“No one has said anything to me.  First of all it is a non partisan race. 

 Second of all I knew them both before they were School Board Members.

Katie Leach’s children go to school and camp with my granddaughter.   Her daughter Lizzie and my granddaughter Kaylee are friends  and in the same grade.  Her son Colin and Kaylee go to camp together now.   She is terrific.  Nice, smart and hard working.  Katie was a teacher of special education kids….  I was one of the people who urged her to apply for the opening.  She is doing a great job.

Donna Korn is my neighbor.  She has three children in public school.  Runs a real estate management company and is married to a Hollywood Firefighter.  She is smart, hard working, and a great mom.  She ran before but lost to Beverly Gallagher.  I am just one of the people that urged her to apply too.  She is the only board member who has come in to my office to ask about assessments and what they could expect.  She is a whiz at budgets.

 I am a product of Broward’s public schools elementary thru high school.  I believe in public education and want the best for my granddaughter and all of our children.  If believing Katie and Donna are doing a great job and have earned my support no matter what party they are registered in…  count me in!




Katie Leach and Lori Parrish


I like Parrish.  She has always says what she believes in and doesn’t let silly partisan labels stand in the way.

One can have no better friend.

She is unique, a politician who accomplished what she promised.  In 2004, Parrish pledged to modernize the Property Appraiser’s Office and make it consumer friendly.

She carried out her promises and more – cracking down on fraud and making the office more efficient.

Parrish believes Leach and Korn are doing a good job at the School Board.   If they are doing half the job Parrish is doing, they deserve our votes.


28 Responses to “Democrat Parrish Endorses Two Republicans For School Board”

  1. intheandes says:

    Complements to Lori for her candor and honesty … rare in a public official today. I hope that everyone who reads this will take her advice.

  2. Stan says:

    These are non-partisan races…move on.

    It’s bad enough that the Sheriff, Property Appraiser and Supervisor of Elections are still partisan races.


    All three should be nonpartisan.

  3. Norm Price says:

    I applaude what Lori did. She has the same feelings I do and that is to vote for someone who is best qualified NOT just vote for someone who is a Democrat even though they are not qualified and I can name quite a few that shoud NOT be in office so Lori you did the right thing

  4. Heavy D says:

    Outrageous and will not be soon forgotten.

  5. Local Dem says:

    With Governor Scott the but of jokes across the Country for his executive decisions, confirming his appointments with endorsements is absurd.

  6. Lori Parrish says:

    Also, it was a joint celebration for both Marty and me. We each paid half.

  7. Scott Appointments says:

    I’m the biggest lib-D and think that Rick Scott is a horror show for so many things, but he’s actually not been an abomination regarding his appointed folks in Broward.

    So far his judicial appointments have been well-qualified experienced people without and not hacks.

    Similarly, his School Board appointments have been middle of the road qualified people as well.

    He could have picked Tea Party Hacks like Bob Sutton or others that put in for the seats, but instead, both Korn and Leach have turned out to be what I think most people want in a school board member — people who care about giving our kids the best education that we can with the resources that we have.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and in this case, Scott’s appointments have been quality.

    Lori’s endorsements are 100% right!

  8. Lori Fan says:

    Lori Parrish is the best politician we have in Broward. She looks out for the people, rather than look down at them. Under that old Markham, the property appraiser’s office was horrible and didn’t even have a good websitge. Shechanged that.

    I’m just one vote. I will be voting for Katie Leach and Donna Korn.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I would have more respect etc. for both Leach and Korn if they were elected as opposed to be appointed by the Gov. Lets see if their constituents wll elect them If it is what it is -fine. I want to see what poeople in their districts want. Not want Gov.Goober does. I would take like a grain of salt who this Gov. appoints. I mean to challenge the Us Justice Dept. You are totally over your head(Goober). Will see. Besides I don’t think Memeber Dineen cares to much for either one of these gals-jus sayin from my observations.

  10. West Davie Resident says:

    I applaud Lori for endorsing the best candidates for the non-partisan School Board races. More of our elected officials should follow her lead and put partisanship aside.

  11. Politics Aside says:

    Endorsing the best person for te job regardless of political affiliation!?! Absurd. At least that the feeling of some political hacks. It astounds me when people judge blindly only because there is a D or R after someone’s name. If we concentrated on electing the best individual instead of just the candidate from our party we would be in much better shape. Idiots who say “I’ll remember this at election day” are just that, idiots. If anyone judges Parrish strictly because of her party blind endorsement they deserve the scum they elect. Be part of a party, advance causes, but always vote for the best individual.

  12. Proud Republican says:

    I have new respect for Lori Parrish. What a shame that more politicians, on both sides, don’t follow her example.

  13. hollywood beach says:

    Lori, as always…stright forward and on point. no BS!

  14. John Fusaro says:

    Heavy D says:
    June 13th, 2012 at 1:35 p.m.
    Outrageous and will not be soon forgotten

    Must have because the article said that she has done this in the past!

  15. Sands term limited says:

    Franklin Sands is a career politician, term limited, and looking for a job. We don’t need these type.
    Kudos to Lori Parrish for her integrity!!!

  16. Loxahatchee said says:

    You are right on “P. A.” This country would not be in the position it is today if people were not so concerned with the 2 party system. Instead of party affiliation we elect the best person for the job. But we are more concerned about betraying their party. You’ll elect a candidate just because of his/her affiliation. The 2 party system is as out dated as the electoral college.

  17. Dem for Life says:

    I applaud Leach and Korn for what they’ve done for the School Board since being appointed. They will receive votes from me and my friends. I’m a very involved Democrat across Broward County and I can tell you that party affiliations should not be involved at all when it comes to our children’s education. CHARACTER DETERMINES ALL!!!! It seems that Lori Parish feels the same. Best of Luck to Leach and Korn!!!!!

  18. donotgetit says:

    lori parrish-integrity
    that’s an oxymoron

  19. NPA Resident says:

    Wonder what the toothless DEC has to say about this?

  20. Plain Language says:

    If Lori Parrish endorsed these two then they share her views which should impress Democrats and anger Republicans. Not the other way around.

  21. Watcher says:

    If only Republicans could have a “Nixon goes to China” moment again

  22. Used To Be's Don't Count Anymore says:

    Plain Language and Watcher raise an excellent point that Former Governor Jeb Bush recently underscored on the Charlie Rose TV show. Bush’s comments should have received more publicity but then again there’s no news in real news anymore.

    Bush said that Republican icons like his father, George Bush, and even the great Ronald Reagan would feel like liberal outcasts in today’s Republican party.

    That’s because both conservatives were able to put country over ideology and compromise with Democrats when needed in order to move the country forward. Both borrowed huge sums that added to the deficit. Both supported social programs that were needed to help the poor. Both supported tax increases necessary to pay federal bills. They didn’t like doing those things but they put country first and did what was needed.

    Today’s Republicans are unlike Reagan and Bush said Jeb.

    They are no longer the standard bearers of traditional conservative principles. They have become obstructionists to the efforts of others irrespective of the impact to the country.

    That is not conservatism, or patriotism, and certainly not statesmanship or leadership.

    I consider it a form of political terrorism and so I found it refreshing to hear Jeb Bush, who is a Republican icon in his own right, acknowledge the obvious. It probably won’t make him more popular among Republicans. But that’s what makes him an icon. He can afford to tell the truth.

    The intelligence, insight and candor of his words transported me back in time to when Democrats and Republicans debated issues and had disagreements. But always found ways to govern the nation together and move it forward.

    This country is stuck in gridlock and the blame for that lies with the Republicans who absolutely and arrogantly refuse to compromise with any viewpoint that is not their own no matter what pain that causes the nation.

    I would hope that whenever a Democrat supports a Republican it is because that person share’s Jeb’s philosophy. At least to the extent that he expressed it on the Charlie Rose show.

  23. AMWakeUpCall says:

    It is a non-partisan race. Enough said.

  24. John Fusaro says:

    I wonder why so many are afraid to use their real names when posting comments?

  25. Local D says:

    Democrats MUST oppose Republicans on Education

  26. Franklin Sands is an Idiot says:

    Franklin Sands put signs up around Lori Parrish’s political thank you party although he was told not to several times. When told to take them down, he defiantly put his literature around the room. He was asked to leave the party, he was heard saying, “I don’t need any of them.” What an arrogant idiot.

    FROM BUDDY: I actually heard a variation of this story from several sources. However, they say it was Sands’ campaign manager David Brown who put up the signs.

    They also said nothing about Brown or Sands being asked to leave the party.

    Here is Brown’s comment:

    “I put up two signs on the perimeter of the center. I got there at 3:30 (p.m.).

    Lori drove up around 4:05 and told me she took my Franklin Sands signs down because it’s her event. I know Lori. We aren’t enemies. She said she put them in her truck and I didn’t even ask for them back.

    I left before she even made the endorsements…

    Franklin might have had literature and gave it out if asked.

    It is absolute bullshit that either of us was asked to leave that event. It never happened.”

  27. Lori Parrish says:

    Marty and I arrived with our families at about 3:25PM. I saw the Sands sign and took it down and put it in my trunk. I walked inside the restaurant and David was already there. The event didn’t start until 4PM. I told David I took the sign down because it was our party and I was not supporting his candidate. I also said he could have it back. Later I was told there was another sign up. I went and took that one down too. I never asked David or anyone else to leave.

  28. chow hound says:

    the way Dave Brown sucked down the free eats at the buffet it was clear he learned well from his time with Steve Geller