Demo Candidate’s Hubby And The Pro-Trump Posts


My wife has her own logins and Internet accounts. I have no idea what she does on her phone or her computer. 

My wife has her own salary, bank accounts and credit cards. Again, I have no idea how she spends some of this money.

My wife has her own political views, which sometimes differ from mine. 

So it would be no surprise if Sarahnell Murphy, a candidate for Broward State Attorney, never realized what her husband was allegedly doing on Facebook. 

Sarahnell Murphy

Democratic Party activists received copies of Facebook pro-Trump and anti-Democratic posts that Murphy’s husband Richard Merlino was said to be responsible for.

Murphy and Merlino didn’t return calls and e-mails sent to discuss the posts. He has sealed off his Facebook page.

That makes me wonder. 

Murphy and Merlino could have denied the posts were Merlino’s. Maybe even talked me out of writing this. 

Perhaps they realize that if the posts are his, or even if they are not, any attention to them could be a problem for Murphy. She is now running as a Democratic candidate in the Democratic primary to replace veteran Broward State Attorney Mike Satz. 

Some Democrats might be miffed that candidate Murphy’s husband is alleged to be a dedicated supporter of Donald J. Trump. 

Here are some of the Facebook posts attributed to Richard Merlino:

Merlino already has a controversial past. A Broward prosecutor for four years, he got in trouble while working for Satz for ignoring illegal actions by a judge. 

He resigned after his actions were uncovered, according to the Sun-Sentinel on January 31, 1997: 

Two assistant Broward State Attorneys were suspended and three others have resigned for doing or saying nothing while Broward County Judge June Johnson allegedly gave illegal sentences to drunken drivers….

All of the prosecutors worked in Johnson’s misdemeanor county court division during the 18-month period in 1994 and 1995 in which Johnson allegedly altered court documents to give convicted drunken drivers shortened license suspensions. 

“This is not a subtle thing,” said Ralph Ray, chief assistant state attorney. “This is a judge imposing an illegal sentence. These attorneys should have known this was wrong and they should have objected.

Merlino now has a successful Broward criminal defense practice. His website states he has tried over 200 jury trials ranging from DUI to murder. 

His wife, candidate Sarahnell Murphy, has a deep resume to run on. A former Florida felony parole officer, she went to law school, ending up as a prosecutor and one of Satz’s top lieutenants. 

Murphy has received a lot of attention over the years as a prosecutor of major cases. But the posts, sent to activists, are the kind of attention that Sarahnell Murphy doesn’t need.  

One other point: 

If the posts are not real, they are the first dirty trick in a race for State Attorney that promises to be an expensive and scorched earth battle. 

Expect more nastiness. A lot more between now and the August 2020 primary. Unfortunately that’s what happens when are a powerful job becomes an open seat for the first time in more than four decades is at stake.

24 Responses to “Demo Candidate’s Hubby And The Pro-Trump Posts”

  1. Debbie Mcclosky-Moss says:

    Leave them alone. They are both very fine people and what does this have to do with her or her election? Nothing. This publication hates Republicans, hates Satz and it has always been clear. This article is petty at best…and I have no connection with either of them.


    I do not hate Republicans. I have known your husband, Jack Moss, for years and was always friendly with him.

    Nor do I hate Mike Satz, who I have also known since the 1970s. Regardless, Republicans won’t be able to vote in this primary.

  2. Amateur hour says:

    Scrub your social media (and your husband’s) before you file. She must have the same political consultant as former school board candidate Ryan Petty.

  3. Vote WIlliams says:

    Great article! There is only one choice for the next Broward State Attorney, Teresa Williams.

  4. DnC mole` says:

    Is this your subliminal message endorsing the unemployable to also enter the Broward State Attorney race, Mitch “Unlicensed French masseur” Ceasar?

  5. Davie Blvd Lawyer says:

    Agree with #1. Both of them are excellent attorneys, and her husband’s political leanings have nothing to do with her abilities. Not anymore than your wife decides what your political views or professional decisions will be.

  6. Send Murphy Packing says:

    It doesn’t matter what party you’re affiliated with as long as you’re truthful with the voters. The next State Attorney needs to be honest, have integrity, and be able to stand up for truth and justice for all regardless if you’re white, black, rich, or poor. And, Murphy doesn’t have what it takes! She failed the test when asked by (a) reporter if she condones Satz circumventing the Florida Retirement System by bringing back his top brass after they have retired. She was all in for the corruption. Even more, she blames the poor victims of MSD. Truth will be told that Satz authorized this double dipping corruption way before the mass shooting at MSD. Truth will also tell that his department heads had every intention of coming back and milking taxpayers long before this tragedy—costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

    Weak, no leadership, protects the corrupt establishment, no integrity—vote NO on Murphy. Send her and all the other cronies packing 2020.

  7. Truth Squad says:

    Commissioner Rydell of Coconut Creek will win this race hands down. Why are we even talking about this woman and her ties to the past failures of Satz?

  8. Anonymous says:

    My friends say that she is a closet Trump supporter regardless of her registration. Buddy needs to find out.

  9. Is she a Dem? says:

    Murphy and her husband (who as you noted left law enforcement in disgrace 20 years ago) claim the law enforcement exception so their party affiliation and when they chose that party are hidden from public view. With the views of her husband, it is hard to take Murphy’s word about being a life long democrat without further proof. I can’t imagine she couldnt get a document
    From SOE confirming her “long time” democrat status.

  10. Hidden Truths says:

    Someone should ask Sarahnell Murphy why in violation of every rule she let her husband into the MSD crime scene in the 1200 building a day or two after the attack so he could walk around and view it all. He was not an SAO or police or crime scene employee. Check the police crime scene logs. He’s on the list. Sarahnell has got some ‘splaining to do!!!!

  11. Rise above, People says:

    I agree with #1 above: this is simply juvenile and pathetic defamation. A desperate ambush by pretenders who fed you garbage. As you said, you probably shouldn’t have written it. When you resort to toxicity and misrepresentations of facts for political gain, you’ve already lost. Buddy, both exemplify excellence and class in the profession. You’re perpetuating the nastiness you say is coming. Hands down. Always have. Your points are petty, plain wrong, way out of context/spun, and irrelevant. Broward is better than this. Shame on you.


    Why are the reproduction of posts “defamation”? Weren’t they posted on Facebook for the world to see? Is the poster now ashamed of them?

  12. I call BS! says:

    Double standards. I don’t care if Rich is a Republican. What does that mean about Sarahnell. Look at George Conway. Also if you are going to speculate at who is a real Republican- look at all those newly appointed judges. I call BS! Natasha DiPrimo and Vegina Hawkins- how long were they Republicans? He’ll Natasha didn’t even identify as Asian until she put in for Judge. Do an article on the crooked JNC and list the party of every single Judge who was newly appointed. Also tell me all about the other SAO candidate’s spouses!

  13. Go Teresa says:

    Merlino announced on social media that Judy Stern is running their campaign. Sorry having Stern sitting
    at the right hand of the next State Attorney is something no one wants, unless you are corrupt like Joe Eggs (RIP). The people didn’t want her that close with Bruce Roberts when he ran for Mayor of Fort Lauderdale and any of those she ran for Sheriff. If you want change, a Satz crony and Stern are not for you. Vote Williams

  14. Broward voter says:

    While I agree that usually it shouldn’t matter who a spouse supports-these aren’t regular times and this isn’t a regular president. If any of the other spouses of those running for office are supporting this President that many consider racist, sexist and just the worst I want to know. I feel the voters have a right to know who they are voting for. If she can be married to a person that can post some of the vile things above, I question her judgment. Same would go for a male candidate if his wife was posting some of those hateful things Sorry. This, and the fact she supports Satz circumventing the law and overpaying people that should be retiring at the expense of the rest of the office is why I will look at all the other candidates and make a decision. Not sure who it will be. But it wont be the Satz/Murphy ticket. To the poster above- it is only defamation if he didn’t post these things.

  15. Martin Roth says:

    I know Richard and Sarahnell for 15 years. The rude and pathetic lies on this blog about them infuriate me. They are high character people and I believe Sarahnell is an extremely well qualified candidate. Anyone that would stoop so low as to slander them and not even identify themselves are the people with actual character issues.

  16. Broward voter says:

    How is it slander Martin Roth? Did he not post those things? Who is slandering them? The voters deserve to know.

  17. Alvin E Entin says:

    I am a Republican Never Trumper and remain proudly so. I have been a Criminal Defense lawyer for 49 years and know Sarahnell Murphy and Richard Merlino and consider them both professional friends. I strongly support Sarahnell for State Attorney because in my contacts with her over the years I have found her exceptionally bright, a forceful committed advocate but always fair and always ethical. Tough but compassionate, in my opinion the perfect combination in a prosecutor. While I disagree with Richard’s politics, he is a decent guy and a grade A defense attorney. His politics and her candidacy are a bogus issue. They are separate people and while I think Richards support of Trump shows a lack of judgment, her refusal to even think about such support is refreshing.

  18. Expose it all says:

    Good job Buddy….

    After the shootings this weekend and white supremacy issues coming out of the shadows from people who post things like Murphy’s husband, we need to know the types of people these candidates associate themselves with.

  19. To Number 7 - “Truth Squad” .. Here’s your truth! says:

    Josh is a “politico” gummie bear and is double-dipping with Satz. Directly from the horse’s mouth — Josh had a conversation directly with Satz before this ignorant slanted puff piece, indicating that he (Rydell) would keep Satz and his team, including Jeff Marcus and Carolyn McCann, on SD Case if he wins. Contrary to the BS he’s toting around the courthouse handing out money promises like lollipops like a typical politician. Experienced only in the budget of a one-man law firm. The cronies on the commissions and the mayors don’t run the accounting of any municipality, they just try to spend it. He certainly is not a prosecutor. He’s never prosecuted even a misdemeanor case in his entire short legal existence. Notice he took down his website. Experience? Nope. Qualifications? Nope. Joshy, I thought you were running for PD? Lol. Anything to try to go to Tallahassee, right? “Passion” my butt.

  20. Inside scoop says:

    I can tell you that many Assistant State Attorneys want change and will not be voting for Sarahnell. Not because her husband is a Trump guy- but because she blindly supports Satz no matter what. Many of them will be nice to her, but we aren’t voting for her. They don’t want to get screwed right now. So they are pretending. But most of them are unhappy.

  21. Be Aware says:

    All ASAs will be “reviewed” by Sarahnell if she wins and the results of that “review” will decide whether they are retained. In plain language it means that Sarahnell has a list of who will be fired.


    ASAs are Assistant State Attorneys, lawyers who work for the State Attorney.

  22. Number 20 & 21 says:

    I’d love to know where you get your information from.. people are making this campaign about speculation, lies, slander, defamation and toxicity. It’s sad, Broward… wake up!! Stop believing the rumor mills and the toxic people in your ear. Clearly, none of you know anything about Sarahnell. It’s sad because she’s not going to stoop to your level to defend herself… she has way too much class! Shame on all of you!

  23. Number 22 says:

    How is it slander or defamation? Did he not post those things? Is that a lie? Because if he did post them- they are pretty bad.

  24. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    – signed Sarahnell’s Mom