Demo Candidate Dumps $250K More Into Race






Republican state Rep. George Moraitis isn’t on the ropes yet, but he has a tough race on his hands.

Democrat Scott Herman threw another $250,000 into the race against Moraitis and now leads the incumbent in campaign cash.



Democratic candidate Scott Herman


Yup. A Democrat leading a Republican in money.

It’s all because Herman married well. His spouse is a multi-millionaire, as I explained here.

Herman now has loaned his own campaign $340,760, plus raised another $4,498. He has spent $44,997 so far.

Moraitis has raised $169,955, but has received polling and campaign staff workers from the Republican Party of Florida worth another $25,394.

If money was the only gauge, Moraitis would be in trouble.

Is he?

Republicans still have an advantage of approximately 2,000 registered voters in House District 93, which runs along the beach through Northeast Broward.  GOP voters traditionally vote in higher numbers than Democrats, especially in an off-year election.

This race could be up to the 28,000 independents in the district.

Moraitis also should have an advantage in knowing how to spend his money. Florida Republican Party consultants are running his campaign.   The state Republican Party has a record of victory that no Democratic consultant can match.

There is no evidence that Herman knows how to spend his money or that he will spend his money wisely. Or even spend the money.

Here is an earlier post I wrote about Herman’s spending.

The loser in District 93 just may be the Broward AFL-CIO. They endorsed Moraitis in May. Now it looks like they may have jumped the gun.




16 Responses to “Demo Candidate Dumps $250K More Into Race”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Hey may have a lot of money, but with personal baggage like having a Chapter 7 bankruptcy on his hands, I don’t see how the voters are going to side with this guy.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    And I’ll just leave this here:

  3. Bernie Parness says:

    If you are afraid same sex marriages will ruin your marriage it isn.t worth saving. If it doesn.t hurt you why do you care who marries who ?

  4. John says:

    @ Concerned Citizen you have lost the facts I looked at the two links. You have two Army veterans with Mr Herman being a combat disabled veteran, and he was a Republican back then, I’m very sure there are times when his opponent Mr. Moraitis had to be around and speak with the formal congressman. That picture only proves that Mr. Herman knows politics and that picture would only do more harm to formal Congressman West considering Mr. Herman has always been honest about his sexual orientation.

    As for the Chapter 7 which was basically over a decade ago. Let’s looks at the facts since then. He has basically the same credit cards if you had actually seen him out. It happened when we all know how the Department of Veterans Affairs treated veterans and even as they still do by denying claims of care and allowing them to die. In looking at his papers Mr. Herman had to fight Government red tape and that takes years as we all know. Which would die up any savings. As the Department of Veterans Affairs are know for taking even decades before awarding justified damages.

    In 2012 and 2014 we see proof on Mr. Herman’s financials that Mr. Herman after being awarded his Service-Connected compensation that he stayed living well within his means. I bet Mr. Herman truly understands the average person because of this and it brings someone to the political table that understands finances, financial limits and wealth. Not counting the disabled, seniors income limits, taxes, health insurance, and many other things if you read his websites and actually had a real talk with this man.

    Mr. Herman is no fool and he has surprised us all while moving very much under everyone’s radar.

    Now for AFLCIO, what where they thinking? Mr. Moraitis voted only for what 2 bills in 4 years. So they support him over the son of retired Union member, so in 4 years the AFLCIO Union only needed 2 labor related bills??

    I live in District 93 and will be voting for him!

  5. John says:

    @ Buddy. You are so right about this race. Even with those of us that have meet Mr. Herman.

    We none have a clue what he is up too. Except he is real and very concerned over the District.

    I expect after what happened to him last year. He is hold one more wild card and not sharing his plan of action with anyone.

    I would hate to Mr. Moraitis. For once the RPOF and his advisors. They have someone with the money to attack back. Mr. Herman brings over 2 decades of knowing Republican tactics and I beat contacts.

    The Republican’s have seen as we all have that Mr. Herman doesn’t get pulled off topic. That translates to money in bank, and Mr. Moraitis can not jump and spend money. Since Mr. Herman holds the wild money and unknown cards.

    All we do know is like I said before. Mr. Herman has managed to reverse the roles between Republican’s and Democrats. In a very important county and district to even the DEC for the Congressional, Governor and Attorney General and State Senate races.

    Rick Scott won this district by only 3% in 2010. And Mr. Herman managed to cause this a toss up district. No body knows what to expect.

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Agree with #4. Scott Herman produced remarkable political progress for LGBT rights as an elected official in North Carolina, and that’s no easy task! Scott Herman’s no dummy – he clearly knows how to accomplish tough political tasks under very difficult circumstances.

  7. John says:

    @ concerned citizen. You spoke about Mr Herman’s baggage of a bankruptcy. However he ran in 2012 and it was never a story. Only you and Chaz bring it up and still no grip to it.

    Why – Here is a simple answer its over a decade ago, Mr. Herman proved that experience to be a plus. When we are still in recovery and many others including our neighbors and neighborhoods saw home after go vacant. Hard working people forced into bankruptcy and some able to hold on to there homes.

    We all learned some hard cold facts.

    Mr. Herman had in 2012 and 2014 a low or basically no debt. He proved he was worth our vote. Before we write someone off, we should look at the whole story and not just at a blog or a picture. We see all too often how those turn out to be half truths to get a story out.

    I even watched and heard others talking about Mr. Herman helping to get someone a job, another healthcare, another veteran VA care, fighting to get a VA Policy changed in months not years due to his experience, and yet another he talked into living another day, even a few couples into marriage, helped college students with expensives, even purchased school supplies for students and teachers without taking credit.

    Plus your talking about disabled combat veteran that many of us have watched his determination and service on community boards.

    I used to not say nothing however this man deserves our support and votes. Like I have said before I will be voting for Mr. Herman because he deserves it.

  8. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Mr. Herman is a liar… A person that inflates his resume, pads his experience, all done to seem more than he is.

    Look at his track record/

    1. Scott Herman, he’s for Obamacare (’13), except when he’s against it (’12).

    2. Factoid: If Herman left the Army after 20 years, he’ll immediately get 50% of his base pay for life. For a master sergeant, that starts out as a monthly pension of $2,400 (plus annual inflation adjustments). But if Herman served 30 years and gets promoted once more, that’s another $31,000 more per year for life (in today’s dollars) than if he were to duck out at 20 years.

    But wait, none of that makes sense.

    Herman is 42. Did he join the Army at age 12? Have things gotten that bad, we’ve told 7th graders, put down your GI Joes and become a GI Joe?

    Or, should we apply Occam’s Razor — the simplest explanation being the most likely — and understand that Herman didn’t retire from military service,but rather, his enlistment was up and he left.


    3.Oh, and did you know, Herman refers to himself as the “Hon. Scott Herman”.

    Honorable? WTF dude… What are you, a Judge? You served on a water and dirt Board, in a who-dunk North Carolina county. Get the f*** over your not-so-bad-self.

    4. A review of PACER shows three different bankruptcy filings, the first two with Herman and his wife, both of which were dismissed. The third filing, the one that stuck? That just had Herman’s name on it. He’s the one that absorbed the total hit.

    And who did this fiscal steward screw out of money? About 50 different creditors, including:

    Army and Air Force Exchange Service
    Cabarrus County Taxes
    Department of Veteran Affairs
    Public Service – Concord

    Everyone runs into tough times, I know I have… But I don’t cut the cheese and blame it on the dog. Or an ex-wife.

    5. Herman’s campaign bought him a bullet proof vest.

    6. Herman’s tight pallies with another political wannabe — William Rankin.


    Scottie Roscoe Herman
    Case type: bk Chapter: 7
    Date filed: 03/24/2003
    Date terminated: 09/03/2003

  9. john says:

    @ Chaz

    Seems you are calling someone a liar that you really don’t actually know or even took the time to obtain the real facts about. You also said nothing about him in the 2012 campaign. So it seems kind of strange that you have issues with him now.

    For the so-called points you made.

    No. 1 about Obama Care also called the ACA. If you went by more that email sent out that many candidates have campaign managers take care of to get the base alerted. If you actually did listen to the radio interview on the Justice Hour at 40min 53sec thru 42min 30sec. Mr. Herman had mixed fillings at a time when actually nobody really understood it. And he even said 41min 05sec into the talk that “it is more effective to go back and make the changes that need to be made”

    Date Oct 20, 2012

    So you are wrong in saying that Mr. Herman was against Obama Care in 2012 because he clearly was not and did not say he was.

    Fact 2 – Seems you forgot how to add since it has been clearly noted in prior interviews that Mr. Herman at age 17 with his parents signing him up. So basic math 17 + 20 is 37 and he is 43 so yes he has the age. Yet we all also know he was injured in combat and is a disabled combat veteran, we also know the Department of Veteran Affairs does not just had out that rating.

    As for his income we all would know his reporting would have been correct and showing that before the report and even after DOMA he must have had to fight the Department of Veteran Affairs to acknowledge his spouse. Which even his postings show his spouse was recently awarded, so it would not be on the financial disclosure.

    Fact 3 – You forget he was elected to that position and so he is entitled, just like any other elected person is to use Honorable or Hon. so it’s not a big deal since he was elected.

    Fact 4 – Big deal you forgot he had to eat the entire credit debt of his ex-wife legally due to the fact of Immigration Law since to prove marriage, couples add their spouses as authorized. Considering the fact in the PACER report he was not getting the VA pay he was entitled to as we all know how the Department of Veterans Affairs have been treating the Veterans to include even the news reports just this year. So to see Mr. Herman stuck his bills back on the VA when they should have taken care of him, KUDOS to Mr. Herman. As for the tax bill I bet that was due to fact he had a legal right because we all know that the local Government could get out of the ruling unless they did not have a foot to stand on. As for the Army and Air Force Exchange Services seems it was not a big deal because he has that account again as a number of us have seen that current card on him.

    I do not recall Mr. Herman blaming his ex-wife, dog or anyone for that fact. He took ownership and did not even blame the source of the problem which was the Department of Veteran Affairs for the delay of benefits, and we know even some of veterans from WWII to Vietnam are still waiting.

    Fact 5 – Yes you are right that Mr. Herman bought a bullet vest and if you did your homework you would have seen he had a valid reason with the hate crime death treat on file with 3 or 4 agencies. And he bought it with money he loaned his campaign. So he was totally correct to make that purchase and it was even in media report. So it seems you forgot to include the facts of that hate speech and threat that not only his race was used but his sexual orientation.

    Fact 6 – Mr. Herman and Mr. Rankin – Dude you totally lost all credibility with that one. Those two men have only been seen at political events and meetings with many others present and they are both campaigning. To try to tie them two as best buddies is far reaching.

    Mr. Herman was even able to get him out of the race against him just like he did with Mr. Bogen. Mr. Herman played a very smart political IT game and showed he was serious.

    Since that time, if you look at all the talk about Mr. Rankin being able to raise money and Mr. Herman when it comes to money. It has clearly shown that Mr. Herman is in debt to no special interest, unlike Mr. Moraitis is. And I am looking to see how Mr. Moraitis is Pro-Union with just two votes in 4 years, considering he voted against fair wages for even women.
    As for your lastly comment – Big deal over a decade ago, he was able to prove by his 2012 report that he kept debt low and even in his 2014 he was able to prove the same. And both where with and without being a multi-millionaire and Mr. Herman and his spouse still doesn’t act better than anyone else and lives very modest and Mr. Herman never changed how he interacts and treats others.

    Also you made fun of Mr. Herman’s elected position but you should read comment 6 above. That even shows is by far not dumb, not a theft, and very much above bar to include being able to do things done and obtain real results against all odds.

    You are grabbing at strings and nothing has come of it in basically a year.

    You should be going after others that are really unfit and stop the drama stories. Mr. Herman has managed to prove he is worth our support and he has our support.

    And it is also rumored that you are or were a registered Republican yourself.

    How about coming clean about your own conflicts since you said nothing about Mr. Herman in 2012 when he was a Republican.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> And it is also rumored that you are or were a registered

    For the record, I am a registered Rep …

    But I’m not one to vote party line. Obama got my vote, so did Ellyn Bogandoff. I’ll vote for Atwater, long before I’ll vote for Rankin.

    I voted for Clinton, Martinez for Governor. I have friends who are staunchly GOP, very liberal, and somewhere in between.

    You see twit, I fight corruption. I stand against politicians who will lie their way into office.

    I took down Poitier (D), going after Sachs (D), nailed Capellini (R) and Gonot (R).

    I’m hammering Rankin (Unknown) and some broad in Coral Springs (Tea Party).

    Finally, I count as one of my long-time clients Koch Industries (you know, the Koch boys).

    So please don’t use your stupid 3rd grade formula to pigeon hole me into something I’m not.

    Eat me.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Oh wait….

    I believe in taxing the shit out of the rich, clean water, affordable health care for all, free blowjobs, legalized drugs (you could use some).

    I believe in women’s rights, protecting our kids, outlawing religion, more fucking education, less fucking war.

    I’m a card carrying member of the ACLU and Amnesty International.

    I’m a life long contributor to the NAACP, Women in Distress, and Daily Bread Food Bank.

    Does that sound like a typical registered Republican for you.


    Finally, I’ve spent a year after Herman cause he’s a fucking shill. Like you, a fucking shill…

    Herman did nothing in NC…

  12. John says:

    @ Chaz,

    Let’s also point out a few things since you say: “Mr. Herman is a liar… A person that inflates his resume, pads his experience, all done to seem more than he is. Look at his track record”

    Lets do —

    He has not inflated his resume as this is not his first time around. There are comments like Mr. Herman “may have” or such being made as to his elected county seat. With the direct comments from Mr. Herman were honest and not a play on words. He has been elected and appointed to a number of Boards and Committees, even here in Broward.

    No one has cared about what you or media trackers which was started by the GOP staffer have said. Wonder why?

    Now for even more facts about Mr. Herman that you and others failed to report due to other motives. It’s because of Mr. Herman the POW and Military flags in Wilton Manors where he lived. It was by his motion and getting a local business to donate funds to cover a few years of expenses to replace the flags. So not one tax dollar penny has gone to the cost of the military flags and POW flag to the veterans’ memorial park on Wilton Drive at the City Hall, because of Mr. Herman. This was only 1 of 7 governments south of Orlando which at the time began to honor the military branches, all of which was done with Mr. Herman taking action and he did not take the credit.

    Now let’s look at another item just like made in comment number 6 above.

    Mr. Herman took on the Secretary of Department of Veterans Affairs, Under Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, others in the Department of Veterans Affairs and even the US Attorney General. With formal action to demand the agencies treat the LGBT married community as the US Supreme Court ordered back in June 2013.

    What happened with Mr. Herman working with others a few us expect. The Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Under Secretary of the Department of Veterans with other in the Department of Veteran Affairs resigned. Mr. Herman was involved and busted them hard on what is called the ICARE policy and we found veterans were also not getting care and even died at some Veteran Hospitals.

    We all know what the US Attorney General did within 45 days of Mr. Herman action also that included him almost 8 months after the US Court ruling. The US Attorney General issued this directive and Mr. Herman again remained in the back ground taking no credit for what he worked hard on.

    It has been talked about even down at the Miami Harold about Mr. Herman filing legal action against those above back as a news years gift on January 1, 2014. That was Mr. Herman’s doing and no one around here came to bat for him. As a number of us just watched and were amazed what this man is very capable of.

    Now here is the good about you Chaz and to go more into your actions and stories about Mr. Herman that did not take grip. Maybe you would like to explain some of this to us all and tell us your sources since we all believe it was not all you, because you did not mention him in the 2012 election cycle.

    So how about your action tamarac talks website. Opps I think part of your past might come back on you here Chaz…

    Did you think this would go not noticed and forgotten?

    “Chaz, maker PBR Festivus Pole • February 25, 2014 2:31am
    Are you suggesting Rankin’s campaign needs some Viagra to help with its limpness? Time to send in a fluffer! Someone get Scott Herman on the blower”

    Then you got called out by a reader:

    “”Fluffer !” Chaz S is a bully with lewd talk and homophobic comments.”… “You are good at that trying to dodge the seriousness. You picked on the lewd behavior but not the liable behavior that included your hate speech and homophobic comment against Scott Herman.”…”I am only looking at your motives here and it’s a shame that you go to hate speech and homophobic comments.”

    “Chaz S. D • 6 months ago “April 7, 2014 3:47am ”Sorry, a fart joke just didn’t work.”

    Chaz you are messing with someone that has helped the community not only here but across the county to include countless veterans and the families.

    Enough is enough just like you said with your “fart joke” and “sorry”.

    Mr. Herman is great for the area and the proof that a few of us were able to get up to defend him, since we all know Mr. Herman is more interested in doing what his campaign logos have said. “Principles over Politics, because you deserve better” and “Effect Voice…Stronger Action…Real Representation For Our District!”


  13. FTL Voter says:

    Why would anyone bother attacking Herman in 2012? He was a hapless inept Republican candidate running in a race he had zero chance of winning (it was a black Democraic house seat). Now he is a hapless, inept Democrat in a Republican district, but with lots of money. If he wins, he’d be harmless in Tallahassee.

  14. Paul says:

    Lets just get down to the basics of who should represent District 93 and Broward County…

    Has anyone had a conversation with Scottie? Unfortunately, for us dems, he is a know-nothing that the GOP gave up for scraps and never supported. He says it was because he is a gay man, but something tells me he never had financial backing because of his poor fiscal past and could not be trusted with a simple campaign budget, let alone a $77 billion state budget.

    How does Scottie feel about the education system? Because on his website and on multiple other pages he talks about the importance of high school students obtaining their GRE?? I believe what you mean, Scottie, is that you want students to obtain their GED!!

    The GRE is the Graduate Records Exam for college students wanting to gain their masters degree. Yet, Scottie has peppered the internet with this being a “high priority issue” for him when he gets to Tallahassee for our education system. Looks like someone needs to go back to school. Good luck, I would love to see this debate on the House floor.

    Here is the typo-infested info from Scottie’s website:

    Education: When elected I will work to implement a series of changes I am dubbing, “L.I.G.H.T.”, which will stand for Loans, Interdisciplinary, GRE, Hiring, and Technology, but not necessarily in that order…
    …G: GRE’s are important not just because they allow non-traditional students to pursue higher education. I wish to encourage ever citizen in the State of Florida to at least reach their GRE. If our education level rises, we become a better state as a whole.

    I saw him speak once, at a forum for children, and all he was able to talk about was veteran affairs… great, we get it, and we truly appreciate the service. But there is more to the state gov then vet affairs in Tally. Does he know condo association law? Moraitis does. Does he understand title, homeowner, and flood insurance law? Moraitis does. These are things that matter. Is Scottie a vet? Yes.. but so is Moraitis!

    The one time I heard Scottie speak, I could only think back to the movie Billy Madison and the puppy story: At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    And as much as I hate to say this, Moraitis is a solid individual, whom is also a highly decorated veteran and served as a Navy submarine commander! He also is the breadwinner of the county for state funding for important projects here.

    Moraitis kills it in beach renourishment funding (has been awarded the legislator of the year for his hard work) and he helps Port Everglades every chance he gets. He also helps people in the community. He personally helped my family member in a dire situation and stopped at nothing until justice was served. This is why I am a D, but will be voting R-Moraitis in nov.

    Is Scottie really who you want representing you in Tallahassee? You may disagree with him on one or two issues, but Moraitis knows what needs to be done, and he knows how to do it.

  15. john says:

    A small correction to my posting number 12. I forgot to say that someone else is also resigning from his position – US Attorney General.

    Mr. Herman is known for being very detailed, and determined when it comes to getting things done for others, considering he got the AG and the Department of Veterans Affairs “CHAMPVA” to acknowledge all married couples including (same-sex) not just here in Florida but across the USA. And the fact his spouse was the first here in South Florida at Key West Naval Base to obtain a spouse military ID card from there marriage.

    As for the Shill comment since it included Chaz using profanity on a site that can also be viewed by children doing research for history lessons and the such.

    Anyone that really knows Mr. Herman and even me. They would know that Mr. Herman is far from a shill and that I do not work for nor have any role with Mr. Herman’s campaign.

    As for comment number 13. Are you saying Mr. Herman had no chance just like the person that won against the house leader Cantor in the primary just this year?

    Or are you saying Mr. Herman had no chance to win and was discriminated against because of his race – “… he had zero chance of winning (it was a black Democraic house seat).”?

  16. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> As for the Shill comment since it included Chaz using profanity on a site that can also be viewed by children doing research for history lessons and the such.

    We can officially shutdown the Internet, as we’ve now heard it all.

    To those youngsters reading this comment, let me say this.

    **** you.