New Demo Boss Would Be Foolish To Work Agt Fellow D — Rep. Katie Edwards






Speculation that Broward’s new Democratic boss is plotting to run a candidate against state Rep. Katie Edwards must be mistaken.

Democratic Chair Cynthia Busch can’t be that foolish.


katie edwards

State Rep. Katie Edwards


A piece today in mentioned the rumor that Busch wants to replace Edwards. Busch campaigned against Edwards in 2012.

By phone from Tallahassee, Edwards dismissed the report as “an old rumor.”

According to RedBroward, Busch wants a little-known Democratic volunteer named Travis Perron to challenge Edwards in next year’s primary.

Perron is slated to replace Michael Howson, who Busch laid off last week shortly after taking office.

Howson’s dismissal by Busch sparked an uproar in the black community. Howson is black, while Perron is white.

So Busch’s number one job should be to mollify the black community, one of the major Democrats voting bloc, instead of messing in a primary.

Several sources told that Busch indeed talks privately about dumping Edwards. Every source also said Busch is publicly denying it.

Here is something Busch and readers can take to the bank:

Edwards would be almost impossible to beat. Period.

She is a skillful campaigner and a fund raising machine.

Most of all, Edwards has an admirable record. Among other issues, she proposed and then passed medical marijuana.

Some progressive Democrats aligned with Busch have told that Edwards works too closely with Republicans.

The truth is that (1) nothing gets accomplished in the Republican Legislature unless you get support from GOP members, (2) you are naive to think otherwise and (3) repeat 1 and 2.

If progressives want a Broward Democratic Legislative Delegation solely reflective of their views, maybe they should also target folks like state Reps. Evan Jenne and Richard Stark. They also commit the progressives’ sin of sometime working the GOP. Why get rid of one effective lawmaker when you can get rid of three?

Bottom line: Democrats have enough on their plate next year struggling to hold on to the White House and win a U. S. Senate seat without igniting an inner-party fight against a sitting House member.



Busch already has trouble with black activists over her layoff of Michael Howson:


From: Corey Shearer <>
Date: August 15, 2015, 7:21:46 PM EDT
Subject: FYI – Essay to the DEC Management Committee on the events of this week

First of all let me say that there are moments when you are just proud to be an American. I say this because as I began writing this essay, I happened across an email just sent to me at midnight from a fellow American, his color not important but the content of his character very evident and highly important. It was from a brother of mine who happens to be white, but again color is not important. He also happens to be a Floridian but very much a New Yorker by experience and accent. This may be of more importance. And, he was writing me a heartfelt spur of the moment note to let me know that ‘Hey I am helping the Black Caucus. I am sweating and working on issues with you and helping to build the BLACK Caucus. But, yet I realize there are times where race and furthermore experiences as a certain race may truly matter. And if you ever need me to step aside on something or just listen rather than talk on and on or act rashly, let me know.’ And now I quote, ” I will never be upset at you for letting me know when I have to step aside, it is the Black Caucus”.

First of all, let me say there is no brother in America or the world that I would rather go into battle with on matters of the heart or race than Anthony Caggiano. That is my brother. I love that man. Yet, he is right. There are times that when you are delving into a racially charged issue and you are an outsider to that race, you need to listen first. So, I ask you to be like Anthony and just listen to me. Then, I will be available for dialogue or just to listen in turn. But, just listen right now.

Over these many years, 27 to be exact, as an All-American involved in politics but still a Black American in these United of States, I have tried to keep my nose clean but yet downwind to pick up all of the smells around me. This is of particular importance due to my experience of often times coming across bullshit masquerading as politics and also the converse politics masquerading as bullshit.

I wasn’t sure what this was we were dealing with this week. But I was sure that we were dealing with something. And we will deal with it, we ALL will deal with it because of the fact that we are an important Democratic team. The people of this County are counting on us. And, the thought of any player in this team picking up their ball and just going home, is quite frankly, NOT AN OPTION.

This week, the less expensive, large, Black, openly gay, outspoken but yet still quite service oriented young man of great experience but also of great youth, was replaced with the more expensive, tall, slender white guy who is more subdued and highly customer service oriented although seemingly slightly less experienced. This was primarily for budget reasons as The DEC was burning through a lot of money attempting to keep both. The one let go, “The Black Guy” was making considerably less than the one who was retained and will step up into both and all positions, “The White Guy”. And obviously this stinks for “The Black Guy”. But, it also smells funny to the Black community.

But, let’s step back and really give this one a good whiff. The first problem is that what really stinks and smells rotten is in fact JUST POLITICS. The outgoing chair put in “his guy” and the incoming acting chair is installing “her guy”. Truly, there is not enough money or desire in the local party to keep both. Each chair involved here has put in “their person”, as they reserve the right to do. POLITICS.
The second Vice Chair of the DEC, Christine Jones, who is an African-American lady, was left out of the discussion on this change in the DEC office. For a while, she didn’t even have a key to the office and has been routinely left out of the loop even though she is the direct liaison to the Area Leaders and thus the committee people (The actual DEC) as well. BAD POLITICS.

The problem is what is JUST POLITICS is sitting in a larger political wasteland of histrionically decaying disenfranchisement, malodorous mistreatment and even worse putrid institutionalized neglect in this very Broward County, Florida. Since, it’s incorporation in 1915, race and inequality have been issues in Broward County. African-American schools were operated on a split term, with no classes during the winter harvest season so that children could work in the fields. This meant that black schools could not be accredited and that their graduates would have difficulty entering accredited colleges. (Also, obviously there was less time spent on learning).

As late as the 1950’s the NAACP was still fighting this issue. At least, with the opening of Blanche Ely High School in 1952, Pompano’s black high school students no longer had to go out of town to graduate. [Broward Legacy Vol. 32 – Broward County Schools: A Look Back]. Yet, Ester Rolle (Actress), a graduate of Blanche Ely High School, only went to school 3 months out of the year. In fact, some of the best Black students only went to school 3 months out of the year back then, so they could work the fields. Pompano’s school was originally known as “The Bean Pickers” over both the objections and disgust of the local residents. Ester Rolle did go on to study at The New School in New York and at Yale. This still does not take away from her experience or the experiences of many now older people in Pompano who pause when asked to fill out a petition or even sign their own name. You don’t have to wonder why anymore.

Similar issues have been dealt with by Blacks in Broward County as they were habitually arrested for minor or made up offenses so that they would have to work off time in the fields or through the years just to send a message. I remember being arrested in 1990 in Coral Square Mall while shopping with my mom for clothes to go teach for six weeks in Dangriga, Belize with other students from Georgetown University including Hunter Biden, Vice-president Biden’s son. My mom and I separated as she went to get coffee. The mall security and Coral Springs Police surrounded me because, they thought i looked suspicious as cops were cracking down on black teenagers in Coral Square Mall (again not the Black adults or professionals and voters but the easier to intimidate youth). Charges were dropped and I went on to just enjoy teaching some really great kids in Belize and then going back to school. Later graduating from Georgetown as “Senior of the Year” but I have never forgotten the torture of that experience. It did affect me.

Black teens are still faced with detainment and cars been tossed while just simply parking at a corner in Plantation filling out their canvassing packet cover sheets and checking their walk lists in places like Plantation. Black teens still face being arrested for traveling outside the bike lanes with their bikes in Coral Springs. It just is still sometimes dangerous working, parking, browsing, or driving while Black in America or Broward County.

Black people in America must always ride with their windows down and be vigilant with our olfactory sense. But, there are times when we smell something as ALL Americans we can simply roll up our windows, put the foot on the gas and run over everything and everybody as we continue to break down all obstacles in our path.

We are and always remain ALL AMERICANS committed to the American race to do more and be the best. However, what I do warn is do not make a habit of standing in our way, you will get run over eventually and do not make a habit of putting obstacles in our path because we do indeed have the memories of African Elephants.

We must assure nothing hampers any member from being a full active member, fully aware of all issues or pending actions around us.

As President of the Broward County Democratic Black Caucus, I do ask the management team to look at where mistakes have recently been made or things could have been handled differently. We demand the courage of corrective action.

Furthermore we urge that all elected or appointed members of the DEC or its committees/subcommittees be included on issues under their prevue and that they never be left out because they may have a passionate response or entrenched opinion on the subject matter. In addition, whenever there is an issue or discussion towards action the decision makers should draw from the diverse membership of our party, reflecting “The Big Tent” that The Democratic Party truly is.

I submit this essay on this Saturday, August 15th to this DEC Management Committee body. I refuse to read it out loud or into the record to underscore that although also an ELECTED Committeeman, I am here only due to a very special partnership between the Caucuses and the DEC. We are not subject to the rules of the DEC, do not have to answer to the DEC and thus, in codification at least, the DEC does not have to answer to us.

I respectfully submit this to all here in writing and ask all to read at their leisure. As always, I am available to listen or dialogue at any time. Thank you.

Corey Shearer, President
Broward County Democratic Black Caucus (BCDBC)

15 Responses to “New Demo Boss Would Be Foolish To Work Agt Fellow D — Rep. Katie Edwards”

  1. Sean Phillippi says:

    I can say, unequivocally, that Travis will not be running for any office in 2016 (much less against a popular incumbent).

    Also, an overwhelming majority of the DEC Management Committee was on board with letting Michael go from my understanding. The facts that he is black and openly gay had nothing to do with it.

  2. Andy Behrman says:

    Buddy, IF (capitals emphasized) this is true, then it must be caused by a disease of the brain sustained only by democratic leaders in Broward resulting in being this stupid

  3. Seth Platt says:

    it is amusing to see all these bloggers being used by some to spread misinformation in attempt to destabilize DEC leadership and then citing each others conjecture as if it were factual.
    That is not how you do it.


    I have written documentation for my post, plus numerous interviews with Democratic activists. I am just not a liberty to post the documentation.

  4. Maggie Macaulay says:

    This is an old rumor that was already laid to rest. There is a lot of momentum in the Broward Democratic Party under Cynthia’s leadership with renewed energy, organization, and focus.

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    SERIOUSLY! A White Christian woman who lives off a salary from a LOBBYING JOB with no specific hours or responsibilities is running around insulting Blacks and Gays in Broward County as the head of the County Committee and now is plotting to undermine a Democratic ELECTED PUBLIC OFICIAL! I can”t wait until she starts her GUNS FOR HEZZBOLLAH FUNDRAISER in CENTURY VILLAGE!

  6. Elroy John says:

    “Busch already has trouble with black activists…” Really? How many? I’ve known Cynthia for years and I’ve never known her to treat anyone as less than equal because of the color of their skin. I have known her to be an activist committed to getting good people elected who will help to improve quality of life for all.

    I’ve met Michael several times and always thought well of him. It is always hard to hear about someone losing their job, but conversations about eliminating or transforming the “Executive Director” position had been brewing well before Michael got the job. Mostly because there was nothing to “executive direct.” No coherent GOTV. No implemented operational plan. The idea that that salary could be used in other, more productive, ways is hardly new.

    I know Corey as well and while I’m glad he’s been able to revive the black caucus, it is absurd and beyond comical that the first major action (I’ve seen) that the previously dormant and utterly useless caucus would take would be to start an internal fight as the DEC tries to transition.


    Elroy John is a former leader of the Young Democrats. John is black, something I normally would not point out but is relevant in this case.

  7. Lourdes Diaz says:

    I am sadden by the negative comments that are being written about Cynthia Busch. In the years I’ve known her, she has always advocated for uniting the party and working to get DEMS elected.

    We’ve met several times to discuss initiatives on how we can grow the membership and making it more inclusive by attracting more minorities… African Americans, Haitians, Asians, Americans, Hispanics and so on.

    She worked her butt off for Obama because like many of us, she was inspired by his words…”There is no black America or White America. There is the United Stared of America”.

    PLEASE! Let’s not forget his message. WE ARE ALL DEMOCRACTS!WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! These hateful comments have no credence and sound more like they were written by Republicans looking to cause inner conflicts among us.

    DEMS, we have a lot of work to do to turn Florida Blue. It’ll never happen if we continue to waste time and energy on propagating negative political propaganda against our new party chair. It’s exactly what the Republicans would want us to do!

  8. Maybe! says:

    Working to get Dems elected? The whole freakin county are dems. The dem party has become a bunch of infighting power hungry popularity contest running politicans.

  9. Give credit where credit is due says:

    Bush sure knows how to get people to write positive blog posts about her.

  10. Rick Hoye says:


    With regard to the “black activists” situation, I, like Elroy, have known and worked with Cynthia Busch for several years now going back to our days at BYD. In fact, we work together on a number of initiatives that are centered on increasing GOTV in our community, particularly in the Black community.

    In our years of working together, I’ve only known her to treat people with the highest degree of respect, irrespective of race. However, I agree with my friend, Corey Shearer, in that the Broward DEC should continue forging relationships with people of color, as well as other demographics that Democrats need to win elections. Cynthia is a lot of things”: hard working, competent, loyal and courteous among other them. But the notion that she is a racist is ridiculous. She deserves a chance to address our weaknesses as an organization while building on our strengths that ultimately will move the party forward. I have no doubt that the Black Caucus, DEC and other stakeholders will hammer out our differences and do great things in the months to come. Good luck to Cynthia, Travis, and all other DEC officers, members, and activists that care about doing good in our community!

  11. Alice McGill says:

    @ #7

    I quote from your writing:
    She worked her butt off for Obama because like many of us, she was inspired by his words…”There is no black America or White America. There is the United Stared of America”.

    I do not know what you mean by “the United Stared of America” but I have lived in a integrated United States of America for a long time. Racial divides and tensions are horrendous now. Obama did not deliver on his “no black America or white America”. It is time for people of all races and political affiliations to build a productive America. Artificial boundaries based on race and politics are tearing this country into shreds.

  12. Get The Facts says:

    Lourdes Diaz says:
    Busch was paid a lot of money to work on the Obama campaign, which she did a terrible job of and she even made money of the children s issue this last election, she is no activist, without being paid any way, we like to use another word but we wont in polite company

  13. Kevin Hill says:

    This situation, even of only part of it is true, reminds me (at a local level) of Rule #1 of Florida political party politics I initially published in a book about 11 years ago:

    “The Republican Party of Florida is the stupidest, most dysfunctional group in the entire state…. except for one: the Democratic Party of Florida.”


    PS: Rule #2 is “The two parties in Florida represent the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of very, very Dark Gray.”

  14. Busch and Charlie says:

    Busch is no volunteer organizer. She was a paid consultant to the Childrens Services Board during the last election. That diverted her attention from the governor’s race, where the turnout in Broward was not enough to win for Charlie Crist Maybe if she had done her job in the party, Crist would have won.

  15. John Ziegler says:

    It is my experience over many years of volunteering with her that Cynthia Busch has been & will continue to be a fine leader of the Broward Democratic Party.

    Addressing “Busch and Charlie” above: Charlie Crist was a flawed candidate from the get-go & the party should have picked another nominee. This was not Cynthia’s fault. If anything the CSB brought more like-minded voters to the polls in 2014.