Demo Boss Expecting Heat From Judicial Endorsements


Broward’s Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar has endorsed five black and Hispanic judges, but has ignored the other incumbents running.

“I anticipate some criticism.  I could care less, Ceasar says.

Ceasar explains that he reached out unsolicited to help the black and Hispanic judges because they are being targeted solely for “the color of their skinthey did nothing wrong.

The Democratic leader noted that he was also disturbed that three of the judges were opposed by candidates who had “ethnic names, i.e. Jewish-sounding names. 

“I’m fed up, Ceasar says.  “The election is creating an atmosphere where everybody hates everybody. I’m concerned it will have a chilling effect on future elections.

Ceasar made a point of saying the endorsement is his own and has nothing to do with the party organization, maybe because those endorsed include one Republican and two with no party affiliation.  

The party’s loyalty oath has a clause which allows the endorsement of any candidate in non-partisan judicial races, Ceasar says.

“It is the only races where I am allowed to endorse anyone other than a Democrat, he says.

Ceasar, a lawyer, pointed out that he has never practiced in front of any of the endorsed judges.

His endorsements are:

  • Mary Rudd Robinson (R)
  • Ken Gillespie (NPA)
  • Ellijah Williams (D)
  • Carlos Rodriquez (NPA)
  • Carlos Rebollo (D)

6 Responses to “Demo Boss Expecting Heat From Judicial Endorsements”

  1. Ceasar Is Worthless says:

    Ceasar has finally proven he has no allegiance to Democrats. He endorses Republicans and NPA’s over Democrats. Shame. At least we all realize that his endorsement is as worthless as he is.

  2. Coral says:

    Ceasar has thrown folks off the DEC for inviting neighbors to a coffee for a candidate in a nonpartisan race. Then he turns around and endorses a Repub and two NPAs. What a guy! NOT

  3. Broward Lawyer says:

    What about the 2 Democrats he endorsed, Judge Williams and Judge Rebollo. Both highly qualified judges.

  4. Mitch n Judy Stern? says:

    Go Mindy, your move to run against a black female is going well. It must be so much easier since Judy Stern is running you and Ollie Parker. Now Judy got her pal Mitch Ceaser to support all blacks but Roshawn. Ceaser ignored Roshawn but endorses a life long almost 40 year Republican, Judge Rodriquez.

    Does anyone else see a pattern with these Judy Stern candidates

    Scott Israel, switches parties from Republican to Democrat a year before the election for Sheriff.

    Barbra Stern, Judy’s daughter, switches parties a year before currently running for the State House.

    Arlene (Simon) Campione, switches to the last name of her husband, Campione, which she never used in her life to get top of the ballot.

    Judge Carlos Rodriquez, switches from Republican to Independent when he is up for reelection.

    Say no to candidates involved with Judy Stern if you want to clean up Broward.

  5. Broward Voter in South County says:

    Folks, Chairperson Ceasar is within his rights and I for one fully support the stand he has taken. Out of 90 judges in Broward, only 5 are Black and 5 Hispanic, we all know this is not reflective of the county’ population, and we surely know that a master plan is in the works to remove ALL judges that are Black and Hispanic. Please, please let us not get caught up in the name games being played in the five judical races either. Sometimes, we must look beyond the party label of a candidate and focus on the qualifications that the individual bring to the table. Having said that, I again understand and fully support DEC Chair Ceasar reasoning for supporting/endorsing the five judicial candidates mentioned in the article above.

    PS: Endorsements are great, however only the voter knows who they actually cast their vote for.

  6. knowledge says:

    come on : Ceasar got his orders from Howard Finkelstein who is going to the democratic clubs doing the same thing,if Ceasar does not follow his orders,
    Finkelstein will not allow the public defenders employees to fill the democratic executive committees precients,without there support ceasar would not win the Broward chairmenship