Demo Boss: End Party Fight For Obama


Broward Democratic chief Mitch Ceasar warned this week that Democrats who continue to divide the party threatens the re-election of Barack Obama.

“We can not tolerate as a party continued dissension,” Ceasar said.

He told party insiders meeting in Plantation that their only job was to re-elect Obama and elect other Democrats.

“We can only accomplish that job if you’re united,” he said.

Ceasar spoke just days after beating back attempts by party dissidents to topple him.

Democratic insurgents ran roughly 150 candidates in the primary against Ceasar-sponsored committee precinct members.  The challenge included an attempt to defeat Ceasar in his own west Plantation precinct.

If Ceasar lost his committee race he would have been ineligible to lead the party. Instead, he beat back his opponents.

After looking at the results, Ceasar now believes that enough of his supporters were elected to insure his re-election in the December inner-party elections.

So his message this week to the party inner circle: Its over.  Let’s elect Obama and the rest of the Democrats.

Speaking to party precinct committee members, Ceasar reached out his hand to dissidents.

“Our goal is to unite everyone – those who won and those who lost…The Democratic precinct races are over.  We need to move on. We need to elect Democrats. We need to elect President Obama. We need to elect Bill Nelson. We need to elect Lois Frankel and Maria Sachs and every other Democrat.”

Frankel is running for an open seat for Congress, while Sachs is running for a newly-redistricted state Senate seat.

Although they are not formally sworn into office until December, Ceasar invited the newly elected precinct members to the meeting.

Here is his speech.


15 Responses to “Demo Boss: End Party Fight For Obama”

  1. Herb Moselle says:

    So what are doing so far to make sure that we President Obama as well as the other Democrats that are running for office? It’s getting close and i have not heard of any activity. This is a stronghold for Dermocrats. A great turnout in Broward could be vital in winning in both the state and national levels,l. I my opinoin we have done poorly in getting the base out. Whoever is in charge –come on!!

  2. Bassist231 says:

    Obama is toast!

  3. Elroy_John says:


  4. How To Unite For Obama says:

    In all his incompetence, Ceasar continues to overlook the primary obstacle – the divisiveness he himself creates.

    Ceasar’s prediction that he will be re-elected is a foregone conclusion, since not only is he a candidate, but he is also in charge of counting all the votes (Stalin famously observed that he did not care who voted or how they voted, he only cared about who would count the votes and how), and it has been very well documented that Ceasar does not hesitate to inject major “irregularities” into the vote-counting process, in addition to abusing the office of the Chair to prevent his opponents from voting and to stuff the ranks of voters with people who will vote his way (“Ceasar runs his party like a despotic fiefdom, say numerous party insiders, with more ballot-stuffing and vote-fixing than the worst of the old ward system in his native Brooklyn.”). See “Chairman Ceasar and the Dirty Election” at

    Mitch Ceasar is a disgrace to Florida, a disgrace to the Democratic Party, and a self-serving scumbag whose departure is long overdue.

  5. s only says:

    Like the above comment by Herb…I am also wondering HOW Democrats are going to get out the vote? There are lots of people wanting to see the election energized but I don’t see any grass root efforts going on, like going door to door or registering new voters. Why aren’t college student organizations being tapped to help? Why aren’t there voter registration tables everywhere? Come on, —get it going!

  6. Half hearted Dem woman says:

    Many people, including many registered Democrats and many Democrats in name only (DINOs) like myself (I’m only a Dem so I can vote in primaries, I consider myself an Independent at heart) are less than thrilled with Obama. We are unhappy that many of his promises have yet to be fulfilled; our soldiers are still at risk unnecessarily; and our economy is still in the toilet.

    However, if you consider yourself a liberal or even a moderate, some of Romney and Ryan’s positions on social issues are frightening. True Dems, who really want to ensure victory in this election, need to reach out to those who haven’t drunk the Obama Kool-Aid and remind us of some of these issues. Women, especially.

    Instead of preaching to the choir, which Dems usually do, they must reach out to those like me, the middle of the road Dems, the DINOs who are really independents, and remind us of what we can expect, especially as women, if Romney and his conservatives take over the country. That is a truly frightening proposition, and one that has to be emphasized to the undecideds.

    Let’s face it, many on-the-fence voters last time decided on Obama simply because the thought of Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency was enough to scare anyone silly. Dems need to come up with a scenario that would be equally frightening this time, and for women, who make up the bulk of the voters, some of our issues might do the trick.

    I understand that conservative women will not agree with what I’m saying, but those women are already voting for Romney. I’m talking about the middle of the road woman, the one who is still undecided, the ones for whom “women’s issues” will resonate.

  7. Reprobait1 says:

    I finally heard all that I need to hear regarding the state of the Democratic Party of Broward County.

    Mom, a Century Village PPines resident, was recently invited to a semi-annual coffee clatch hosted by her neighbor, an elderly Jewish lady long affiliated with the Broward Democratic Party.

    The lifelong Democrat neighbor told Mom, another lifelong Democrat, that whe was “iffy” for voting for Obama.

    The 90+ year old has been a Democratic politico coffee clatch hostess for at least 2 decades in the village, and feels that voting for her perception of what is best for the state of Israel is more important than voting for a Democrat for President.

    Mom won’t be attendinig any more of these coffee clatches, and she won’t be taking the palm card of her neighbor’s candidates any longer either.

    Mitch Ceaser, get your house in order.

  8. Sam The Sham says:

    Just like 70% of Obama’s Twitter followers are fake, (
    So is the notion that the Dems are organized in Broward County.


  9. Bernie Parness says:

    What fight ????? we who want to see better than a 10% turnout in the primary have been working to get all democrats including the President re-elected for a long time. Maybe the DEC can join us in our phone banking and other activities that have been going on for months. If they want to. It is late August and I am still waiting for a plan of action other than a coctail party to hang my hat on, Maybe they can join us in phonebanking on Saturdays every week. That would be a SIGN OF UNITY INSTEAD OF DIVISION. Its a little late and too little. The results of the primary are in an d the numbers don’t lie. You want unity ???? Earn it. We don’t have time for disention.

  10. Sorry Bernie says:


    Phone banking on Saturdays? Wow that is awsome. Just kidding, its not.

    First, it is clear these days that most people under 50 do not have hardwire phones in their homes anymore, foregoing these for cell phones. Do you have cell phone lists, doubt it?

    Saturdays, again most people, especially those with kids, are at soccer games or running errands because they work multiple jobs and that is the only time to get things done.Either way, do you think they want to be harassed by another unwanted solicitation call?

    Obviously with the 10% turnout your phone banking did little but wake up those who were voting anyway.

    How is turnout in Century Villiage North Bernie? Sucks, no? Because most residents there are Canadian to begin with. What is your big move…still handing out palm cards as the few almost deceased get off the buses. All your focus is on election day, yet more and more people vote early or absentee. Why does every candidate now beg for time with Adele Berger and plant themselves at CV South on election day and if a candidate sends anyone to CV North its Vinny their third counsin removed? Because no one votes up there in your area.

    Dont get me wrong, I am no fan of Mitch, I personally think your war of words with him is really just two dinosaur’s fighting over the last piece of decaying meat.

  11. Bernie Parness says:

    You are making excuses for your lack of activity. Phone Banking works. We make a thousand calls on a Saturday and yes many of the calls are to cell phones. Other phone banks call the no one home lists and go from there. If OFA needs phone banks we are ready and willing to supply whatever means we have to comply. What the hell are you doing except running your negative mouth ????

  12. Bernie Parness says:

    By the way our turnout up here was 40 to 50 % higher than the county and we are striving to make that better. What are you doing ?????

  13. Democratic Justice says:

    Bernie is always promoting himself with lies.

  14. Bernie Parness says:

    Why don’t you come out and sign your remarks. Afraid of being sued for lible ????? You want the validity of what I said call the OFA office at 950 Deferal Highway in Pompano. What do you do except lick boots o9f your master.

  15. Democratic Justice says:

    Bernie, what was the turnout in your precinct? Take your dog with you and knock on doors, she needs the workout.