Demo Boss Cynthia Busch Latest Misstep: Sits At Table Marked “Palestine” At Event





Broward Democratic boss Cynthia Busch has stepped in it again, this time over the sticky issue of Palestine versus Israel.

Busch sat at a table marked Palestine at a recent Democratic event, just one more blunder added to the mound of missteps she has made in her few months as the temporary chair of the Democratic Party.

A Facebook user identifying himself as Hal Tannenbaum said this about her sitting at the Palestine table:

 …Israel is a country a great country at that recognized by all intelligent nations. Palestine is an ideology, and a frightening ideology bent on destroying Israel, Israelis and Jews world wide. I would have walked out if I saw a table labeled Palestine and I would have audibly stated WHY!

Busch at table


Cynthia Busch on the left (photo from


Putting aside the intractable Middle East, consider this:

The one and only goal of the Broward Democratic Party is to win elections.

The Democratic Party does not exist to be a debating club. It does not exist to advance the aims of Progressives. It will never solve the Israel/Palestine dispute.

The party’s sole purpose is to beat the Republicans. That’s it.

It is a fairly simple straightforward objective.

So why would Busch repeatedly put road blocks in the way of victory? If her sitting at the table potentially could alienate one vote, why would she do it?

Here is Busch explaining on Facebook why she sat at a table marked Palestine:


I was invited to attend an event by the Muslim Democratic Caucus I was asked to sit at a table in the front. The sign facing me said Kuwait. I understand why some are offended but I was not aware until someone shared this picture with me after the event. There were country signs at all the tables – one said Israel.


First of all, you were not aware of the sign? You should have been.

Maybe you weren’t aware of the sign’s significance to the large Jewish bloc in the Democratic Party. That’s an even scarier form of myopia for a Democratic leader.

Second, who said you had to sit where you were invited? You’re the boss. You sit where you want.

A savvy Democratic chair, knowing an event like the Muslim Democratic Caucus was potentially controversial, would have planted herself at a table with no sign at all. Or remove the sign.

Now the incident has triggered a Facebook war and a lot of grumbling inside the party. It is another unnecessary distraction for an organization that should be focused on November.

Let me recount just some of Busch’s achievements to date:

  • She alienated some blacks and gays within days of taking over earlier this year from long-time leader Mitch Ceasar by firing a black gay office manager.
  • She alienated some Hillary Clinton supporters by openly backing Bernie Sanders, instead of staying publicly neutral.
  • Now she annoyed some Jews.


If that isn’t enough, attendance at the party’s monthly meetings is near an all-time low.

Democratic leaders must have balancing skills of a Cirque du Soleil performer. They must keep all the disparate and often feuding elements in the party focused on winning elections.

Busch has not proven yet she has this ability.

Democrats can at least find comfort in Busch’s title: Temporary Chair.

Ceasar took a leave while running for Clerk of the Courts. She will be moved aside in September and Ceasar will return to run the show in the run up to the Election.

The question for Democrats is will Ceasar have enough time to repair the damage.

Ceasar is quitting the party for good when his term is expired in December and the chair post will be up for grabs.



This story was first broken by while I was on vacation.  The link is here. 

Much of the debate about Busch has taken place on the Facebook page of online publisher Sharon Aron Baron, which is linked here. 








32 Responses to “Demo Boss Cynthia Busch Latest Misstep: Sits At Table Marked “Palestine” At Event”

  1. Elroy John says:

    Can you win elections if you don’t have a clear message? Can you formulate a clear message without debate?

    It may come as a surprise to learn that not every Broward Democrat shares Hal Tannenbaum’s view of the Middle East conflict. I would like to think the party’s tent is still big enough to accommodate the entire strata of opinions among its members without becoming apoplectic about and villifying something as trivial as this. If not, good luck growing the party or even holding on to a not insignificant portion of your current members.


    I agree that every Democrat does not share Hal Tannenbaum’s view of the Middle East. However, I also believe it is the duty of the chair to accommodate all views and not go out of her way to annoy any part of the party base.

  2. Seth Platt says:

    Buddy you continue to misreport and misrepresent the advancements the Broward Democratic Party has made under Cynthia Busch. All you post about are the grumblings of a few miscreants or malcontents.
    Last night was a standing room only meeting for Broward Dems.
    Everyone is wondering what your motive is for continuing to bash her great leadership and organizational accomplishments.
    Posting hate mongering click bait from smear tactician Tom Lauder of Red Broward who continually seeks to shame politicos who acknowledge Muslims in our community is the real offense here. It is bigotry plain and simple, and undermines efforts in our community to come together.
    You can continue to try and divide the Democratic Party in Broward with petty gossip and misinformation, come November, Broward Dems will let the numbers speak for themselves.


    I don’t need to divide the party. It is already divided.

    I have no motive. I could care less about Cynthia Busch or the Democratic Party, other than she seems to be the gift to journalists that keeps on giving.

    Luckily for Democrats, Hillary Clinton will build her own grass roots organization in Broward run by the campaign.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewiczlast says:

    I saw this and was disappointed in Cynthia Bush’s explanation she didnt see the Palestine sign because he side said Kuwait although the photograph appears to show the Palestine sign on an angle she coukd read.
    Combined with the Leftwing Democratic elected official insulting Orthodox Jews at the Ft Lauderdale City Commission last night MY PARTY in Broward County is having a problem with observant Jews.

  4. Broward Voter says:

    They dirty little secret is that despite overwhelming support from Jewish voters, there are a significant number of anti-Israel activists in the party.

    The 2008 Democratic Platform declared that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel. Four years later the platform committee drafted a platform without that declaration. Republicans noticed and called out the Democrats. Embarrassed, Democratic leaders pushed through an amendment on the convention floor to restore the language. If you watch the video, it is clear that the amendment did not get the required 2/3 voice vote for adoption:

    Flash forward to this year. Bernie Sanders was permitted to appoint a few members of the platform committee. One of his appointees, James Zogby, is a supporter of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against Isreal:

    This guy was appointed by a man who got well over 40 of the vote in the primaries. It used to be that you couldn’t get elected dog catcher in the Democratic party if you weren’t a supporter of Israel. My, how the times have changed!

    BTW, it is interesting to note that Ms. Busch actually ran (unsuccessfully) to be delegate for Senator Sanders. Perhaps that puts her little ‘mistake’ into better context.

  5. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Cynthia Busch continues to be a total joke. How much longer will it be when the Broward DEC members come to their senses and throw the bum out! Next month she will be voting for Bernie Sanders in Philly when a vast majority of true Democrats in Broward County voted for Hillary Clinton. Why does she continue to be so stubborn and stupid? Bernie refused to campaign in the southern states primaries. That does not appear to faze Cynthia. WHY? Does she also take the Bernie line of ‘Blacks do not like me. The Hell with them.’
    Remember Cynthia laid off Black and Gay Mr. Michael Howson. Who wrote an article titled: ‘Cynthia Busch Fired Me Because I am Black and Gay.’ I have been told that Cynthia desires to have 80,000 new Democrats, residing in Broward County, registered this year for the November 2016 elections! Really! Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections states that less than a net 14,000 newly registered Democrats have been signed up since Cynthia took over about 10 months ago.
    Lots of Luck Loser Busch!
    And I am sure a majority of those net 14,000 registered Democrats signed up all by themselves! How many new Democratic voters have Cynthia and Maggie Davidson registered? State Committeewoman Maggie should be well rested. After all she sat out working to elect Democrat Charlie Crist in November 2014. How about a much younger and active human in that most important leadership position? The Broward DEC certainly does no longer needs a warm body that does nothing. Add in Cynthia Busch and that makes two zombies doing nothing.
    Finally Cynthia, at the Muslim Democratic Caucus event, what was so wrong with you sitting at the table with the Israel sign?

  6. anonymous says:

    I was most offended by the Arafat napkin holders

  7. An Observation says:

    Isn’t that Mae Smith in the middle of the picture and isn’t she running for Lauderhill City Commission against Commissioner Bates again?

    How well should that also come off in parts of Lauderhill?

    Who else is in this picture?

  8. Retraction Bob, the Twunt of TV News says:

    Who gives a shit where she sat? And what does any of it mean?

  9. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #2: “Last night was a standing room only meeting for Broward Dems.”

    So true. So when is useless Cynthia going to talk to the landlord to supply more chairs?
    I attend many meetings and there are never enough chairs for everyone. And another failure that LOSER Cynthia allows to continue.
    30 minutes into the meeting and seated members place their jackets on seats, stating that their friends are still going to attend. Which is a total lie. So there are so members who need to stand through the whole meeting.
    Where is he leadership of LOSER Cynthia saying: “All empty seats shall no longer be saved for others.”

    And have that Useless Maggie Davidson walk around to enforce this most simple rule.
    ACTING Chair and LOSER Cynthia has a long history of running AWAY from problems.
    How many more days do us have to wait for a REAL CHAIR, like Mitch, take back our club?

  10. Baby Plat with a silver foot in his mouth says:

    At least Buddy was nice enough not to call out all the promoting wi by Bush within the party of your pal Nikki (néw prison name) Steffens. I think there are few elected officials and a certain analytical campaign manages that are darn lucky that the lazy Broward State Attorneys Office is not doing a claw back on all the stolen money Steffens spread around to hang with you and the other demos in town. As an aside, Baby, for someone who railes on Facebook about Trump, can you tell me the difference with Trump screwing banks and investors and filing bankruptcy and your mommy and daddy doing the same thing?

  11. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #4. Stop getting so excited about Bernie Sanders. You say he got over 40% of the vote? How about announcing what percent of the voting Democrats he got in all the primaries? That 40% falls dynamically once you take out all the Independents that’s should have never has been allowed to vote in DEMOCRATIC primaries. Independents are not Democrats and they should never have been allowed to vote in Democratic primaries. And the party needs to eliminate caucuses. Heroes of WW 2 cannot sit around for 4 to 6 hours during a caucus. What about all the Democrats too ill to attend an all day / evening caucus? What about workers that have to work during the hours of caucuses? They also cannot attend a single day caucus. Allow 10 voting days for only primaries. Then your old fart of Bernie would be lucky to reach a 23% vote. And when is Bernie going to announce he congratulates Hillary on all her victories?
    Hillary won 9 out of the 10 largest electoral states. Hillary won the most votes. Hillary won the most states. Bernie was afraid to campaign in any Southern states. Why? Could it be that he and his second and Catholic wife hates Blacks? And Bernie’s LEGAL BASTARD son Levi never showed up in the South! Bernie won a hell of a lot of RED STATES. The Democrats don’t give a damn about North Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Alaska, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming. All states that Bernie won. Who the hell cares about these ten states? Hillary will never step a foot in any of them before November 8, 2016.

  12. Zowie says:

    Buddy, how petty and—dare I say—bigoted of you. Would you have objected to a politician siding with American blacks 50 or 100 years ago because it wasn’t the politically smart thing to do?

  13. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Cynthia Busch continues to refuse to apologize after sitting at a table with a Palestine sign on it. Why? Why is Loser Cynthia so gutless to admit that she made a mistake? She says she sat at a table with a Kuwait sign on it. ARE YOU KIDDING US? She can’t read a simple sign? To most Americans it is so common to admit you have made a mistake and then to apologize over it. A 4 year old child is taught to do this. Why doesn’t Loser Cynthia do the same? She is becoming a total disgrace as the ACTING Chair of the Broward DEC. I am so ashamed that she is my leader. There is a need to have an immediate vote to remove her as soon as possible. Black Congressman John Lewis is fighting at the very minute in the US House chambers for what he believes in. He has had his skull cracked open fighting for his beliefs. What are Loser Cynthia’s beliefs? To allow a state of Palestine become a truth so all those Arabs kids will be taught from age two to hate Jews? To hate Israel? To hate the USA? A true American would have been honored to attend that Democratic Caucus. But Loser Cynthia she should have put her foot down when she was asked / requested to sit at a table with the word “Palestine” on it. Does Loser Cynthia’s brain cease to work after a few hours every day? GOP Senator Rubio announced he is running today for re-election. He is already polling about 7% to 8% ahead of the two Democratic candidates. What is Loser Cynthia doing about this? We all know State Committeewoman Maggie Davidson will do nothing in this most important election. Zombie Maggie will probably campaign for her favorite Nan Rich for about 2 hours a week and then call it quits for the next 6 days.

  14. Sam The Sham says:

    Poor Cindy! Just not ready for Prime Time. You can’t really blame her though, as the National Democrat Party has been treating blacks and Jews like crap for over a hundred years. It seems to be alright as blacks and Jews continue to vote Dem anyway….

  15. John Archer says:

    It’s really sad when Democrats turn a non issue into a “scandal”. That’s more of a Republican Tactic. Hey Buddy, how about attending a DEC meeting or 2?

  16. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    @15. And have Buddy see Loser Cynthia’s ugly pus? No Thanks!

    He is smarter than that!

  17. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Another Massive SCREW UP caused by Cynthia Busch!

    The Florida Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign currently here in Broward County has many field organizers arriving this week and they need a place to sleep. A bed, a couch or a flat surface. They wake up early and come in (quietly) late at night
    Please inform me if you or someone you know can help.

    Joanne Goodwin
    Broward Regional Volunteer Lead
    FDP Coordinated Campaign
    954 XXX XXXX

  18. Sally says:

    WAS it a “misstep”? It is a Dem function. She is the head of the Dems in Broward. It is sponsored by the “Muslim Democratic Caucus”. The Palestinians are largely Muslim.

  19. Buddy says:

    @Seth Platt

    I guess it is great Democratic leadership to let Heather Brinkworth, an appointee of Gov. Rick Scott, go unchallenged and get automatically re-elected last week.

  20. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #18 Sally, yes it was a Dem function. And the Muslim Democratic Caucus has every right to put on events. But they should be extra careful on how their events are perceived by Democrats here is southeast Broward County. The US Government does NOT recognize the Country of Palestine.
    “US: Sweden ‘premature’ to recognize Palestine
    October 3, 2014
    Washington (AFP) – The United States said Friday it would be “premature” to recognize a new Palestinian state, after Sweden said it was planning to as part of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    “We believe international recognition of a Palestinian state is premature,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters when asked about Sweden’s decision.
    “We certainly support Palestinian statehood, but it can only come through a negotiated outcome, a resolution of final status issues and mutual recognitions by both parties.”
    Israelis and the Palestinians, Psaki said, must be the ones “to agree on the terms on how they live in the future two states, living side-by-side.”
    “Palestine – United States relations are relations between the State of Palestine and the United States. Official diplomatic relations does not exist in the sense of diplomatic exchanges and consular services since the United States does not recognize Palestine as a state.”
    And neither should the Broward DEC. Especially the Muslim Democratic Caucus. The president of the Muslim Democratic Caucus should immediately write an Apology letter for her actions. Also Loser Cynthia should do the same. But Loser Cynthia never listens to anyone. The female “Donald J Trump” of the Broward DEC is within our midst! Where was her brain – sitting at a table with a Palestine sign on it? Is Loser Cynthia willing to kiss up to anyone in order to garner their votes? A total disgrace Loser Cynthia performed that day. I would hope that the Acting County Chair of the Broward DEC would have more sense and realize that she actions have consequences! But once again Loser Cynthia continues to FAIL in nearly every endeavor she tries to start. There over 550,000 registered Democrats here in Broward County and Loser Cynthia FAILS to find a few dozen Democrats willing to open their homes for Hillary volunteers. Of course not! Loser Cynthia is STILL a Bernie Fan. Loser Cynthia and Zombie Maggie Davidson still refuse to hit the streets to register new Democratic Voters. What are they waiting for? When the summer heat waves hot 95 degrees to 100 degrees?
    Loser Cynthia Busch has totally embarrassed herself and the whole Broward DEC by sitting at a table where a Palestine sign on it. A search is needed to start immediately to find a 5th grader to educate that Loser Cynthia!

  21. About Baby Platt says:

    Don’t forget Buddy, the master pilitical mind of Seth “Baby”Platt, as he is commonly referred to in the Sun Sentinel, was behind Nick Sackawhatever the heralded Democrat that got overwhelmingly beat by Brinkworth 2 years ago. Looks like this year, Baby learned his lesson.

  22. Lee F Chudso says:

    Mitch Ceaser is leaving and IF Muss Bush becomes County Chair the County Committee will be a total joke

  23. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Cynthia Bush SCREWS UP AGAIN!!!

    Just this very afternoon (June 27, at 5:00 PM) she and her totally useless lanky Travis Perron, announced a new Party event. That will take place in JUST 3 Days!!!

    “Cynthia Busch
    Today June 27, 2016 at 5:00 PM

    Forward To A Friend
    Champion the Vote 2016!

    Broward Democratic Party Activists,

    Marco Rubio has missed over 230 votes in the senate since his term began in 2011. The people of Florida deserve a senator who will show up day in and day out on behalf of the people of this state. We deserve a senator who will fight tooth and nail to create legislation that will better the lives of the people. We deserve a senator who doesn’t use the office of the Senate to further his/her presidential ambitions.

    We need you to have a great, local GOTV program for our down ballot races!

    Join us for Champion the Vote 2016! at the Riverside Hotel on Thursday, June 30th!”

    This first time announcement of the event is to take place in JUST 3 days!
    What a couple of complete losers Busch and Perron are!!! They must have had to rented out that room many days ago! So why did they wait so long to announce it?

    Busch: “I thought you did it.”
    Perron: “No. I thought you did it!”
    Busch: “IDIOT!”
    Perron: “STUPID!”

    They also don’t even bother to announce what City the event is in.

    And what kind of event!

    Is Busch really this stupid?

    If you have ever had a dinner – meeting with Travis Perron, like I have, you can easily understand how totally useless he is.
    And we are also talking about the ACTING Chair of the Broward DEC here in Busch!

    I am so glad she is not being paid for all her useless work!

    Hey Cynthia, why not wait just 3 more days and announce a SURPRISE PARTY!

    “SURPRISE! The event is tonight at 7:00 PM.”

  24. Joanne Oyen says:

    I was at the DEC meeting the other night. It is true that it was standing room only. What I found most annoying was all of the people standing in the back, some of whom arrived early but chose to stand anyway, who did not stop talking loudly in spite of the meeting officially in progress. Those of us who were sitting in the back could not hear the speakers at the podium. Some people were turning around to motion to the rude talkers in the back to be quiet but to no avail. The level of rudeness from the “sub-meetings” going on behind us was so bad that finally one man in the audience got up and shouted at them to have respect while the official speaker was talking. Some of those same people in the back who were talking non-stop are either elected officials or candidates for official positions….

  25. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #28 Joanne Oyen. EXCELLENT COMMENT! And so very true.

    Another example how Cynthia Busch has earned NO respect from so many of the Broward DEC club members. In every normal organization, it would be so disrespectful for anyone to talk and chatter while the main speakers are projecting. But not the current Broward DEC!
    Cynthia refuses to discuss this important matter of not enough seats for everyone with the landlord of the location where she rents out that room. Loser Cynthia.
    Cynthia refuses to make a very early and simple announcement: “If you care to carry on a discussion with someone else, please have it outside this room.” Loser Cynthia.
    Cynthia refuses to tell her Useless Travis Perron to walk around in the back of the room and quiet everyone one down. Loser Cynthia.
    Cynthia refuses to instruct each of her 600+ members to sign up at the minimum 10 new registered Democrats a month! Loser Cynthia.
    Cynthia failed to mention that her Fund Raiser, which will take place in just 2 days, will COST $125.00 A TICKET! 10 to 1 odds her ticket will be FREE! Loser Cynthia.
    Every local club that I know, and my friends know of, has fewer members this year than last year. Yet this is a Presidential Year! Loser Cynthia.
    All these common sense failures of Loser Cynthia should never take place. There are over 564,000 registered Democrats in Broward County. Yet they continue to allow Loser Cynthia to head the Broward DEC.

  26. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Disgraceful Bernie is STILL asking for money!!!
    Someone needs to make sure Cynthia Busch does not use Broward DEC money for her favorite Democratic candidate!

    “Before our nearly 1,900 delegates can vote at the Democratic convention next month, we need to actually get them to Philadelphia.
    Here’s the thing: our delegates are not wealthy campaign contributors. They’re not party insiders or establishment elites. They’re working folks, and it’s not easy for many of them to fly to Philly and stay in hotels for a week.
    We really need to have all of our delegates at the Democratic convention because we expect there could be critical votes for the party platform and electoral process. We’d hate to fall short on these votes because some of our delegates couldn’t afford to go to the convention.
    That’s why I’m asking you directly:
    Make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign before Thursday’s midnight FEC deadline to help our delegates come to the Democratic convention so we can have our entire political revolution represented next month in Philadelphia.
    You’d be shocked at how expensive it is to attend the Democratic convention. It can cost more than $4,000 per delegate!
    Hotels are booked months in advance, and then resold at higher prices. Lobbyists throw all sorts of fancy parties. It’s easy for the political establishment to navigate this and know whom to call to find the right way in. That, or they’re wealthy enough to pay for themselves.
    Our political revolution is not made up of people like that. Our folks need help to get to the convention and stay there.
    You can make sure all our delegates represent Bernie at the Democratic convention. Can you help us before Thursday’s midnightFEC fundraising deadline?
    Contribute $2.70 to our campaign and make sure that Bernie’s delegates can get to the Democratic convention next month.
    Thank you for stepping up to help the members of our political revolution.
    In solidarity,
    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016”

    There is still no honest explanation from Loser Busch why SHE took $6,358.62 out of the Broward DEC bank account on March 18, 2016.

    America wants to know!

  27. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @23 – That event was announced and posted on the Broward Democratic Party’s Facebook page way back on June 10th. So your claim about Cynthia Busch only announcing this event 3 days in advance is provably false!! Tell us, Hillaryin2016and2020, how is it that you could be so totally clueless???

    And yes, the tickets are $125 – it’s a fundraiser for the party’s “Get Out The Vote” 2016 program! Click here for more info:


    If that is the only place this invitation was publicized, it is not enough.

    I’m on Facebook almost daily and never saw the invitation. I reached three other regular Facebook users who are self identified in their profiles as Democrats living in Broward and they never got the invitation either.

    To continue to hit up the same old, same old Democratic activists for money is not an achievement. A dynamic organization would solicit new contributors, Republicans fleeing from Trump and the business community.

    That said, at least Ms. Busch is trying.

    The good news for Democrats is that the local party will have little to nothing to do with the turnout in November. The Hillary Clinton campaign, armed with a sophisticated list of past Barack Obama supporters and voters, will be in charge of this effort with help from the state party.

  28. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    In a major American city a County Chair with real power to push Judicial candidates n patronage powers and a Sitting State Official lost his Democratic Primary to another elected official based not on more money but the ethnic make up of the Congressional District changing.
    Ethnic politics is more important than who controls or what the Party ni-machine does. Miss Bush and what she or any County Chair does is meaningless

  29. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #27. The very first time I was notified by the Broward DEC about tomorrow’s fund raiser was on this past Monday. That is a total failure of Loser Cynthia Busch and Useless Travis Perron. They work to inform me what is going on. It is NOT up to me to visit that club’s Facebook page! And why so much money? $125.00? How about having a $15.00 / $20.00 pizza party and also ask for contributions when attendees walk out the door? Vast and HUGE amount of residents of Broward County will be able and willing to attend. And who is the guest speaker of tomorrow night’s fund raiser? I still have NO IDEA!! I pray it is NOT Totally Boring State Committeewoman Maggie Davidson.

    And Buddy was correct: “FROM BUDDY: If that is the only place this invitation was publicized, it is not enough. I’m on Facebook almost daily and never saw the invitation. I reached three other regular Facebook users who are self-identified in their profiles as Democrats living in Broward and they never got the invitation either.”

    So apparently #27 is a plant paid to support Loser Cynthia; no matter how badly she continues to screw up!

  30. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Anthony Man Contact Reporter Sun Sentinel June 29, 2016
    “Ortis is a Democratic National Convention delegate pledged to Clinton. Busch is a Sanders delegate to the party convention next month in Philadelphia.
    “It’s going to be very important this year, more than ever, that regardless of who we may have supported in the primary that we are out there talking about our presumptive nominee, about Hillary Clinton, about all of her strengths,” Busch said. “I’m confident we’re going to get her elected.”
    Busch moved in 1995 to Florida from Vermont, where Sanders is a U.S. senator. Publicly, Busch professed neutrality before the March 15 Florida primary because of her role as leader of the county party.”

    {{{{{WHAT A TOTAL LIE!!!! LOSER Busch ran to be a Bernie delegate. There was NO WAY “Busch professed neutrality”. Thank the Lord that Busch LOST!}}}}}

    “Clinton won the Florida primary, and she did better in South Florida than her statewide 64 percent. Clinton won 73 percent in Broward, 71 percent in Palm Beach County and 75 percent in Miami-Dade County. Clinton is far ahead in elected Democratic National Convention delegates and far ahead in so-called super delegates, who are elected officials and party leaders.
    Busch said Sanders supporters “have to acknowledge that” Clinton will be the nominee. As the party chairwoman in the county that produces the largest number of Democratic votes in elections, “I need everybody to start preparing for the general election.”

    Yet has anyone ever actually heard that Loser Busch ENDORSING Hillary?



    And will Loser Busch still vote for Non-Democrat Sanders in Philadelphia?

  31. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @29 FOR YOU TO ACCUSE @27 for being a plant takes more nerve and less accuracy then a Donald Trump speech on American Muslims or Mexican-Americans. Nearly everyone who reads this blog feels you are the discharged employee I defended but after reading you, the heck with the pointless infighting of the County Committee.

  32. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:


    Enough attacks on Busch. You made your point.