Demo Boss Ceasar’s Spin On Election Disaster





Below is the e-mail Broward Democratic Party Chair Mitch Ceasar sent to activist today in the wake of the election:




From: Chairman Ceasar

Election 2014 is concluded and it was not a pleasant experience in Florida or nationally. However you should all be proud of your work during this cycle. You where magnificent. You volunteered for phone banks, knocked on doors, worked early voting and distributed Palm Cards.

The Crist Campaign had informed me that they needed a Broward margin of approximately 175 thousand votes. Broward delivered 176 thousand. With a turnout of almost 46 percent. This is a substantial increase over 2010. That was accomplished even through many of our senior super voters have been lost over the last four years. We spent advertising dollars in the minority community. This was about boosting turnout and “doing the right thing”.

We picked up numerous municipal seats by beating Republicans. In fact, the Coral Springs City Commission is now a Democratic majority. Additionally our north end folks ensured a return of Congresswomen Lois Frankel and State Senator Maria Sachs.

You performed all of these good works despite a National Republican wave. I so much appreciate your endless days of hard work. Thank you for being so awesome.




20 Responses to “Demo Boss Ceasar’s Spin On Election Disaster”

  1. J. Gunz says:

    What pure garbage….He lost the state and is boasting about Coral Springs. He had nothing to do with Coral Springs.

  2. about time says:

    Big mouth speaks now AFTER one of his own Dec members Dan Lewis put out a phoney blue card.To this day not a press release or other major announcement or warning to dems about the folly of the card. Well Mitch you guys put the heat on Lewis by filing a grievance against him, i am sure he can fan himself from the heat by waiving all the money he made from those cards.

    Crowing over coral springs is the equivalent of a footbal team who can’t win a game bragging about how good their punter is.

  3. janey says:

    or any other positive race in Broward. DEC was MIA. All officers did nothing. except for Ken Evans. He is the only one worth anything. Crist campaign worked tirelessly. Whole Florida party needs to be shut down and rebuilt

  4. PFLA says:

    Ha! Mitch is claiming a democratic majority in springs? D’s worked against Lou C. who is a lifelong dem. Grace Carrington was holding signs and touting the black democratic caucus endorsement for Howard… and Joy Carter is an independent! What a bunch of malarkey!

  5. please says:

    Evans spent 3 weeks of October in North Carolina. His gotv area was east broward, look at how well Moraitis, Bogdanoff and LaMarca did on the east side, Evans accomplished nothing.

  6. just sayin' says:

    I thought Coral Springs was supposed to be non-partisan?

  7. Trojan Horse says:

    Scott Herman 2 years ago a Rep running against Thurston to being a dem this year running against George Moraitis, what a joke.

    Ken Evans was the biggest proponent of Scott Herman and pushed the party, especially those working on the east side of Broward to waste time money and effort on Herman. Why? Most likely because Evans wanted a fellow homosexual to run against Moraitis on social issues.

    Also, Evans got suckered and let others be suckered by Herman into believing that Herman was really going to spend a half mil of his husbands money to win the race.

    In the end Herman spent nothing, the DEC and Dems on the east side got screwed by all the time and effort wasted helping Herman to the expense of others.

  8. Get Rid Of The Twerp says:

    Mitch Ceasar has been in office too long. He is most of the problem Democrats have because he is too busy using his Democratic post to further his lobbying.

  9. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mitch,

    Exactly when did an effort to achieve a score of 46% become “magnificent”?

    Perhaps you’re confusing this with a .460 batting average.

    Maybe when you we’re going to school in Brooklyn getting 54% of you answers wrong was a B+?

    Forty-six percent sucks. And it’s not even accurate.

    First of all, that 46% is all voters. The numbers on turnout by party will not be available for 30 days.

    I suspect that Democrats were below 46%.

    Truth be known, if you subtracted the Democrats who would have voted with no GOTV effort, it would be revealed that you possibly moved the numbers by paltry single digits.

    That’s “magnificent”????

    How much money was pissed away by local, state and DNC “mavens” to achieve what does not compare favorably to General Custer at The Little Big Horn. [I’m sure that press release crowed about how they made the Indians run out of arrows.]

    If Charlie Crist told you that he needed 175,000 margin out of Broward you should have told him it was not enough. Or were you more interested in looking good?

    Keep your standards low enough and you can always succeed.

    Since forever the Democratic Party has been using basically the same failed GOTV methodology.

    To look good they just redefine failure as success.

    It will never get better until we radically change the GOTV methodology.

    That will never happen until we admit that 46% sucks!


    Actually, the turnout listed today on the Supervisor of Elections is 44.45 percent, not “almost 46 percent,” which is what Ceasar wrote.

  10. what a joke says:

    Maria Sachs and Judy Stern got smoked in Broward by 10 points, no matter how you spin it. Sachs was only saved by Rebecca Shelton and her excellent 12,000 vote padding she gave in Palm Beach makeup for the Stern/Ceasar disaster. It cost us the Governor and almost cost us a supermajority in the Florida Legislature.

  11. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    “That was accomplished even though many of our senior super voters have been lost over the last four years.” This is a strange comment. Sounds Political, we all age and will eventually die. New voters replace the old voters who die.

  12. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    Mitch Ceasar has a lot of political clout, lobbying skills and exceptional management skills. He served his clients exceptionally well and it’s expected he will be the go to guy when firms want to lobby the school district over construction projects in the years to come. The energy and resources of the most experienced consultants and volunteers were utilized to ensure his lobbying clients interest in the School bond were the “A” team. This took valuable resources away from the campaign in Crist for Governor in Broward County. These second ring player’s running the actually Crist campaign did their best, but did not have the clout, management skills, experience. They were completely out of their league. Simple things, he could have emailed Dr. Snipes and each of the county commissioners to request appropriate funding was allocated to ensure return postage on absentee ballots, just like Miami Dade to increase voter participation. Please note half the absentee ballots mailed in Broward County were not returned.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Mitch Ceasar has a lot of political clout, lobbying skills and exceptional management skills.”

    I haven’t read a funnier line in years.

  14. Real Democrat says:

    Sam Fields is RIGHT ON.
    Mitch Ceasar has done nothing for years. He has failed.
    What about Chip LaMarca, a Republican?
    What about Ellyn Bogdanoff, winning in Broward by 10 percentage points?
    Ceasar has ONLY two qualities Democrats can count on. The only election he can win is his own and he will always make excuses why he didn’t win a real election.
    If a CEO fails as badly as Mitch, he quits.
    Do the right thing! QUIT

  15. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Florida should be immediately divided into two smaller states.

    North Florida should consist of Citrus, Sumter, Lake and Volusia counties and all counties north of those four.

    All counties south of those four should become the new state of South Florida, with Orlando as its capital city.

  16. K&M Campaign Consultants says:

    Ken Evans and Michael Rajner pushed Charlie Crist, Scott Herman, Maria Sachs and, quietly, Chip Lamarca.

  17. woulda coulda shoulda says:

    At what point are the candidates themselves held accountable? Keechl didn’t lift a finger to get elected. He didn’t deserve it. Lamarca was everywhere, huge presence of volunteers, raised a ton of cash, signs everywhere. Mitch Ceasar isn’t God’s gift to the Dems but in that race the candidate apparently thought he’d ride on the coattails of Crist or that the new map was all he needed. He didn’t show the voters that he wanted the seat and he didn’t show the voters he was willing to work. Good riddance.

  18. Kevin Cerino says:

    So, basically his argument is that the crappy job they did this year was better than the crappy job they did four years ago.

  19. John Broward says:

    For those of us who lost count of the hours we spent as volunteers working for the Democratic Party this campaign, it is disheartening to read about the finger-pointing and blaming games regarding recent election results.

    Ken Evans, who more so that ANY of the other Broward DEC Management Committee members, put both his time and his money into this campaign, deserves accolades for his hard work. Ken and other Democratic Party leaders are obligated to recruit and coach candidates for office, and that included candidates such as Scott Herman for House District 93. Perhaps some of the “real” Democrats who like to pontificate on blogs could have assisted in recruiting another Dem candidate for District 93, the TRUTH is that all other potential candidates who were approached but refused to run there.

  20. John Broward says:

    An inventory of what the Senior Leaders of the Broward Democratic party did in this election:

    >Mitch Ceasar — did his usual role as party leader and continued his PR roles;
    >Cynthia Busch — did some work for the Party, but was distracted by her work for the Children Service’s ballot initiative;
    >Ken Evans — a lot of detailed Field work in this election;
    >Maggie Davidson — MIA
    >Tim Ross — MIA
    >Catherine Jones — recently elected, did a lot of excellent Field work for this campaign.