Demo Activist’s Legal Troubles Grow: Now Prohibited From Practicing in Federal Court




Following his arrest on four counts of grand theft and his suspension from practicing law in Florida courts last year, the federal courts have finally caught up with Democratic activist Nick Steffens.

The U. S. District Court on Feb. 2 suspended Steffens until his reinstatement by the same court.


Nick Steffens

Nicholas Steffens


Steffens was arrested and then suspended for five years for allegedly misappropriating at least $189,000 from his trust account. A Bar investigation found he transferred the money to his operating account.

One of the self-described “progressives” opposed to Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar, Steffens used his perch as a Broward Democratic committeeman to campaign for candidates. Since his arrest and release on bond, he has moved to North Bay Village in Miami-Dade County.

Steffens case in Broward Circuit Court remains in its early stages.

An earlier post on Steffens’ troubles is here.¬†

3 Responses to “Demo Activist’s Legal Troubles Grow: Now Prohibited From Practicing in Federal Court”

  1. Map Maker says:

    Couldn’t happen to a bigger P.O.S.
    This is the guy who (along with Sean Phillippi) created multiple maps during redistricting at the county commission. Most were drafted to get rid of the only repub, chip lamarca, but they were also a-posed to the black bar assoc.
    This guy thought he was the next political strategist, but he was just a big mouth scumbag who liked to steal unsuspecting client’s money and live lavishly on them.

  2. at least he's consistent says:

    He was a “progressive.” At least he was open about his intent to put his hand in your pocket.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    IF MAP MAKER IS CORRECT both Mr. Steffens n Mr Phillippi did our Democratic Party NO FAVOURS. We Democrats lost Texas Georgia n other Democratic congressional seats to outrageous Republican gerrymandering which we must undo to bring more democracy to our Nation. For two conmen calling themselves Democrats to undercut our moral position aint too cool