Deerfield Beach, Fl Candidate Loves Trump, Baits Muslims, Black Lives Matter







Ken Wayne was surprised 27 years ago when he won $9.6 million in the Pennsylvania State Lottery.

Deerfield Beach voters may be surprised if they elect him mayor in March and find out afterwards he has some controversial political views.

He tweeted and retweeted during the presidential election, but he since appears to have sanitized his Twitter account. was sent screen grabs of the tweets.

Wayne, who is running against three others, is an interesting figure.

He was the owner of a baby furniture store and an Erie County Council member in Pennsylvania before winning the lottery. He is now a Realtor in Deerfield Beach.

With his winnings in 1990, Wayne collected military memorabilia, displaying it in a museum he opened.  The museum also contained actor John Wayne collectables, according to the Erie Times-News.

The late movie star is not related to candidate Wayne, the newspaper said.

The 69-year-old loves the 1950s.  When he got all that money he converted a room in his Pennsylvania home into a 50 feet-by-26 feet replica of a malt shop from the Happy Days era. There was even a toilet paper holder fashioned from the rear end of a `57 Chevy, the Erie newspaper wrote.

So if you were looking for someone who reflects the key demographic of a Donald Trump supporter, you wouldn’t have to look much farther than Ken Wayne.

A white male Boomer. Check.

From rural flyover America.  Check.

Who gets nostalgic about a bygone America with all the nasty bits like segregation forgotten. Check.

No shock. Wayne is a Trump supporter.

He is not just any Trump supporter. He is a True Believer.

Wayne wrote on Twitter that “God chose” Trump to be the president.

Since the population of Deerfield Beach has more than two registered Democrats for every Republican, Wayne is smart enough not to campaign on his pro-Trump views.

There are three others running for mayor — Benjamin Preston, William Ganz and Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed.

Read what Wayne has written below. Deerfield Beach voters then can decide who to back:



Wayne Lauding Trump



Ken Wayne One



Ken Wayne Muslims -- Two

Ken Wayne Three



Ken Wayne Four



14 Responses to “Deerfield Beach, Fl Candidate Loves Trump, Baits Muslims, Black Lives Matter”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Still Retired says:

    So Buddy, here are a couple of other items of interest to this story (and thanks for posting).

    1. When I came upon this racist pile of rat dung, as is required in such cases, I sent him a dick nose picture (and CC’ed the world).

    2. In response, Wayne turned the matter over to an attorney with some vague warning I violated his copyright. Apparently Wayne’s not familiar with digital fair use.

    3. Good luck with that I said and indicated the game was afoot.

    Like so.

    Also, one other point, Wayne’s campaign manager is a 22-year old political hack by the name of David Gracin.

    Gracin fashions himself a tour de force in the Blue Dem world.


    So then, explain to us why you’re managing the campaign for a racist, Muslim hate, Donald Trump loving hairball.

    Sure sure, this is a no-party campaign, but what happens if Wayne wins? You put a Tea Partier in charge of Deerfield. How will that go down with your team? Or, most likely, Wayne loses? Disaster averted, but that doesn’t provide Gracin a mulligan.

    I’ve asked around, and Gracin’s not well known. Perhaps then, the Seth Platts of the world can share the news — run, don’t walk, away from David Gracin – he’s a Dem in name only.

    Here’s Gracin’s LinkedIn, I will note he took down Wayne’s job from his listing.

  2. Sam The Sham says:

    Thanks Buddy! You settled it and my mind is made up. I’m moving to Deerfield to vote for this guy.

    By the way, nice hit piece on him. Isn’t it great that you can cherry pick the most inflammatory stuff out of context? Isn’t it kind of cool being able to call him a racist in between the lines? Now you can say “I never misquoted him,” and “I never called him a racist.”

    Don’t you feel just the least bit guilty? Why did you characterize him as being nostalgic for segregation (forgotten)? You are usually a good journalist but not this time. All of us have our biases but journalism is supposed to play it straight. This time you got lazy and let your bias write your column.

    By the way, GO TRUMP! MAGA!

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    This post of Wayne’s was particularly troubling.

  4. carolina says:

    You have some very strong and excellent competition here in Deerfield Beach.
    When the election is over & the winner is announced,can we can say that God made the choice? I don’t think so. I think we can say that the voters of Deerfield Beach made that decision.

  5. RnR says:

    I have read this column for years. There have been times I agree, times I don’t. However, to label someone a racist who loves “the 50’s” is a low blow. I am a nostalgia buff, and love GOOD rock and roll music, and there was plenty of it then. Only a small minded and yes BIGOTED moron would paint ALL with a brush who loved the good old days but of course had disdain for the way many were treated. Only a hack would take such a thoughtless swipe.


    I didn’t label Ken Wayne anything. You won’t find the word “racist” anywhere in my post. I posted his Twitter feed as a service to voters, who always deserve the most information about their candidates.

    Wayne appears to have removed. Do you ask yourself why he removed it?

    I conclude my piece with the words, “Read what Wayne has written below. Deerfield Beach voters then can decide who to back.” As always, voters decide.

  6. Chaz Stevens, Still Retired says:


    Apparently, you skipped over the Facebook (not Twitter) posts. Do yourself a favor, scroll back and re-read.

    Glance over Wayne’s comments of “thugs”, “boy”, “lazy”, and not willing to work.

    Then report back.


    I pulled this screengrabs … and as far as context, there’s no need to discuss that … as they are entirely in context.

    Outside of posting some praise Jesus nonsense, Wayne felt the need to take these shots.

    And really, if you’re posting racism, is there really a larger context to concern yourself over?

    Wayne got caught up in Trump’s bullshit, where both thought it okay to say what they felt. Luckily for Deerfield, the popular vote is the ticket to the dais.

  7. disgruntled says:

    come on buddy, by innuendo, merely labeling him a trump supporter , old and white you have lumped him in every obnoxious category that dear Hillary ever dreamed of. ive bbeen reading you for years and this is probably the most inflammatory, one sided article the very imbodiment of what the trumpites are labeling bad half truth press.

  8. Tom James says:

    Who would really want to live in Deerfield Beach?

  9. just one vote says:

    I see Gwen Clark Reed is working hard towards that posh State of FL pension. She was a local elected before Tallahassee, then exhausted the gig there due to term limits, and is back for another bite of the apple.
    Won’t bother to ask what she has accomplished.

  10. A reader says:

    So, the recipe to make a Trump supporter is:

    1 part white male Boomer.

    1 part person from rural flyover America.

    1 part person who gets nostalgic about a bygone America (yes, it had some nasty attributes, but it also had more cohesive family units which add stability to society)

    1 part person who understands that the Jewish culture does not torture and murder those of other religions

    1 part person who does not agree with Muslims denying Christians Christmas

    1 part person who respects the police

    1 part person who believes the “black community” can elect their peers to the highest offices in the country they can improve their neighborhoods

    If you don’t like the results of the recipe, at least show some respect to a person who does not hide his true self.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @10 …

    Muslims denying Christmas? Holy shit boss, put down that Bill O’Reilly book and step away from the 3-month seasonal known as the holidays.

    If calling black people “lazy” is showing one’s truth self, then well, feel free to call Wayne a racist.

    It is easy for a white middle-aged male to get nostalgic about the 1950s… They weren’t lynched in trees, treated like servants, or made to ride in the back of the bus.

    In the 50s, racism was rampant, there was food rationing, the environment was under attack, we had this thing called the cold war … don’t forget about homophobia, polio, segregation …

    Let me guess … you’re a middle-aged Caucasian guy. All hail white privilege.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    One other point, and believing you’re a fan of Cheetolini, let me remind you of the Lavender scare.

    Remember that?

    Back in the 50s, government types entrapped and policed homosexuals, with the intent of linking them to Communism — which made any non-normative sexual behavior extremely dangerous.

    Back in the “golden era”, and not be confused with a Presidential Golden Shower, the 50’s were a difficult time for gay men and lesbians due to this “the matrix of religious beliefs, laws, medical theories, and popular.”

    Assuming you’re not using I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver as your primary source of historical reference, back then many Americans lived in government subsidized housing and drug use among teenagers was rampant.

  13. Bill Elliot says:

    More facts about Ken Wayne.

    He states in his website that he has lived in Deerfield Beach/Boca Raton area for 25 years. Actually, he has lived in Erie/Boca Raton for 24 years and one year plus or minus a few months in Deerfield Beach. He is a millionaire carpetbagger who wants to buy the office of Mayor of DB…yet he has lived in DB for just a year? Also, he was just licensed last year as a Real Estate sales associate and his office is in Boca Raton! We don’t need a right wing nut as Mayor of Deerfield Beach.

  14. carolina says:

    rec’d letter yesterday from Mayor Robb. She is very unhappy with Bill Ganz. She gave her reasons & I cannot respond to that as I am unfamiliar with what she is saying. However, she suggests we cast our votes for Ken Wayne in order to give the city a fresh outlook for the future.