Debris Firm Sues Costing County Money In A Recession


It is ultimate case of sour grapes.

 The huge hurricane debris firm AshBritt has filed suit against Broward County and Bergeron Emergency Services after losing a contract that could be worth over $100 million.

Why is this more than just an expensive food fight between millionaires?

This suit is going to cost taxpayers money. Bergeron probably can afford the suit. The county will be spending money that could be better used to keep libraries and parks open in the recession.

This suit is just wrong.

Here is what’s happening:  

AshBritt  is asking a judge to suspend Bergeron’s contract until an administrative hearing can be held to determine  whether it was awarded propertly.

The root of this court suit is both personal and business.

Business because picking up debris from streets and public spaces after a hurricane is very, very lucrative. A Cat 5 storm could generate over $100 million dollars of fallen limbs and trees.

Personal because AshBritt owner Randy Perkins of Parkland and Ron Bergeron of Weston don’t like each other. That stems from an incident shortly after Hurricane Wilma when Perkins went out of his way to insult Bergeron.

The two firms were fighting over the debris contract in Davie, where residents were complaining that AshBritt wasn’t picking up debris fast enough.

Bergeron offered to help with the clean up.  Perkins viewed that as poaching on his contract.

Miami Herald reported on what took place at the Davie Town Council:

“Perkins showed up in a leather western jacket, cowboy hat and ostrich-skin boots – mimicking Bergeron ‘s trademark attire. Perkins denies he was mocking Bergeron .

“I could have shown up as a rodeo clown, but I couldn’t find the makeup,” Perkins says sarcastically. Davie’s rodeo grounds bear Bergeron ‘s name.

Perkins even was accused by Davie Councilwoman Susan Starkey’s husband of calling his wife a “jackass”, because she was pushing for speedier debris collection even though AshBritt was meeting the town’s goals. Perkins says he called Starkey to apologize, but denies making the remark.

In its suit, AshBritt alleges that it was not given due process when it protested the contract to Bergeron. AshBritt contends that the Bergeron firm’s bid “was fraught with distortions and omissions and that the county didn’t follow the proper procedure.

That’s a good one coming from AshBritt.

AshBritt has been accused of playing it fast-and-loose all over the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Wilma and with a Broward School Board contract.

This is the classic legal gang bang.  Three Greenspoon attorneys representing AshBritt, one representing Bergeron and untold government-paid lawyers defending the county.

What a waste of county money.  And did anybody at AshBritt consider we are in the midst of hurricane season.  What happens if we have a storm?  Who picks up the debris if the contract is in court?  

Questions to be answered. 

Meanwhile, I’m betting that the beneficiary of all this will be County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger.

sue gunzburger number two

AshBritt is being represented by the Greenspoon Marder law firm. That’s where Gunzburger’s re-election opponent, former state Sen. Steve Geller, works.

Although Geller says he had no hand in the lawsuit it really isn’t his specialty and his name appears nowhere on the court documents Bergeron is said to be “pissed.“

I’m sure Gunzburger has suddenly found a new campaign contributor, one with really deep pockets.

5 Responses to “Debris Firm Sues Costing County Money In A Recession”

  1. Commissioner Alu says:

    I don’t know what Ashbritt is thinking. Hopefully, the assinged Judge will rule very quickly in favor of Bergeron’s compnay. How could any government agency vote in favor of Ashbritt in light of all of the “alleged” scandal surrounding this firm?
    I know first hand how competent Bergeron’s firm is in handling hurricane debris. Had he been short listed in Sunrise, he would have had my vote!
    This is just a ridiculous suit, and it can only hurt the people of Broward County if we face another devastating hurricane.

  2. Wrong Move says:

    Broward County Commissioners may hate each other but whenever they are sued they stick together like glue. Ashbritt can never hope to do business in Broward County again. They’ve just been suckered into playing Steve Geller’s little political game, he played them good, like only he can. Like the pawns they really are. Very soon they will realize that they made the wrong move.

  3. The Old Ghost says:

    As Buddy wrote, Steve Geller had nothing to do with this. According to their website on the internet, this is a very large law firm. Steve Geller can’t be expected to control everything this firm does. His name is Geller, not Greenspoon.

  4. Interesting says:

    Interesting how every time Sue gets a new ally it is a lobbyist or someone who has immediate business in front of the county.

    I wonder how many poor lobbyists have been strong armed by her.

  5. Sam Fields says:

    Your estimate that a Cat 5 storm would mean a $100 million in cleanup is a bit off.

    A Cat 5 storm means the end of Broward County.

    I doubt that anyone left would want to spend a dime to clean it up.