Dead Bug: Rothstein’s A Deadbeat


Watch out Scott Rothstein.  The exterminator is looking for you.

No, he isn’t going to kill you.   He just wants to get paid.

Former Plantation city commissioner and termite killer Bruce “Dead Bug Edwards says Rothstein is a deadbeat.

Edwards said he did exterminated termites at Rothstein’s multi-million dollars house.  Rothstein law partner Les Stracher recommended the Dead Bug firm. 

“Les S told him to call us, Edwards e-mailed. “The home was off Las Olas and Scott fax a signed contract back and was going to mail payment.”

Edwards said he “spent six months trying to talk to someone other than a woman who said she was giving him the message.

Finally he called “Les S (and) asked if he could get us paid. never had been paid and was always a little angry every time I saw that he was the man who gave around town to all worthy organizations.

“Any way, (I) knew he was a turd and I am sure he harmed a lot of people worse than not paying for termite work by Dead Bug, he e-mailed.

I e-mailed Edwards back. How much did he owe you?

“Lets just say it was a big job, Buddy. glad to see him fall. like you say all the people who needed him kissed his ass says something about how power affects people in this county.

Or how money affects people.

4 Responses to “Dead Bug: Rothstein’s A Deadbeat”

  1. stephen popiel says:

    Hey Buddy – all I can think of is RRA – Really Rotten Apples – I mean plural because there is no way Scott R acted alone.

    FROM BUDDY: I have my suspicions, too.

  2. intelligentsia101 says:

    why don’t you ask his first wife why she left him? LOL

  3. nottinamazesme says:

    Tip of the iceberg… More of “Broward’s gods” will follow! They come from all walks of life, not just from the School Board….

    There are people without any scruples, dignity, or the slightest bit of a conscience whatsoever….who are always walking all over everyone, while laughing at how “smart” they are and how utterly stupid everyone else is. This has been their modus operandi often since childhood. They are very experienced in manipulating others and have always gotten away with it.

    Truth is: these people are totally twisted, and many of us fall for them because they have angelic faces and sweet constant smiles, are always looking out for your best interest. They’re so helpful, honest, and giving… they have such soothing voices, they’re so polite and thoughtful…. everything you’d ever want in a human being…. so, naturally, you can’t help but fall for them. Right? Then, once they’ve got you….WHAM!!! The mask falls off. CON ARTISTS!!! Now you see the writing on the wall as the clear blue sky! Too late…

    This holds true in politics, business, friendships, even marriages. We need to wisen up, because too many of us think that honesty, integrity, decency, having some values and playing by the rules is a weakness and a sign of utter and sheer stupidity.

    2009 seems to be Broward County’s Year in more than one way. Onward!!!

  4. anonymous1 says:

    I hear that there will be more small businessmen coming forward with claims against Rothstein. He might have been giving money to charities and politicians while not paying his bills to the little guy