DEA Chief Blows Smoke On Marijuana Debate






“Institutional Maintenance” is the primary responsibility of all bureaucracies.

Or, to quote William J. Lepetomane, the corrupt governor in BLAZING SADDLES: “Gentlemen, we’ve got to protect our phony baloney jobs”.

The latest bureaucrat out to protect his “phony baloney” empire is Chuck Rosenberg, the Acting Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Earlier this week, Rosenberg ruled marijuana must remain a Schedule 1 drug.

Rosenberg did this despite his boss, the President’s, public statements.  He did this despite state after state legalizing medical and recreational pot.  He did this in the face of science than you can shake a stick at.

Schedule 1 drugs are deemed to have no value. It includes methamphetamine and heroin.

Got chronic back pain that pot relieves? I do.

Rosenberg says no way…use Big Pharma’s oxycodone or Percocet. After all, what could go wrong with those drugs?

Even before he ruled on taking pot off of Schedule 1, he publicly proclaimed that medicinal marijuana is a “joke.”

He has also concluded that recent increases in crime are the fault of Blacks with cell phone cameras recording police abuse. It’s what he calls the “Ferguson Effect” that has intimidated cops from doing their job. So he’s also a racist.

Of course the real reason he wants pot—and perhaps cell phones—illegal is job protection.  Rosenberg heads a multibillion dollar bureaucracy of 11,000 which survives by oppressing the personal freedom of the rest of us to make our own choices.

Legalize pot and some will lose their “phony baloney jobs”.

If you feel the way I do sign the “Fire Chuck Rosenberg” petition here.

2 Responses to “DEA Chief Blows Smoke On Marijuana Debate”

  1. Disgusted says:

    Sammy….the man is not a racist…that is a true statement….BUT..I do agree with you on marijuana and phony baloney jobs. But I bet we would not agree which jobs they are.

  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    This debate on Pot is a no brainer. States that have legalized pot are now balancing their budgets w/ that sales bring in. By legalizing pot would have an extremely positive impact on society. Also to note here in Broward county the comm. passed laws relaxing the punishment etc w/ being caught w/ pot ,but this sheriff has not accepted or enforced the comm. stand. Why??. Someone needs to tell the sheriff you do not make laws etc you are there to enforce laws . I mean this was passed month sago but yet if caught w/ pot he still arresting etc. Money maker for him but yet he can’t control the inmates at the jails, but yet he states I need more money, money, money. Also to point out Ft.Lau didn’t go along w/ the county on small possessions of pot ,if Im mayor this will change….We are not in business in destroying other people’ lives…..