de Groot: What President’s Signature Is Worth The Most?

John de Groot
Guest Columnist

(de Groot is a former newspaper columnist, editor and an avid book collector)

Ever wonder what a first editor signed by Jack Kennedy is worth compared to a work signed by Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator?

Some might call the answer a bit of political trivia.

However, “interesting shit is what journalists of my generation called this sort of thing back in the day as our irreverent term for oddball stuff that could be turned into a 1-A feature during a long holiday weekend.
Either way — and for your idle pleasure — here is the current “market value of autographed first editions by various US presidents:

  1. John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage – $3,510
  2. Franklin D. Roosevelt On Our Way – $3,503
  3. Harry S. Truman Memoirs – $1,292
  4. Ronald Reagan Where’s the Rest of Me? – $1,023
  5. Barack Obama Dreams of My Father – $953
  6. Dwight Eisenhower Crusade in Europe – $893
  7. Richard Nixon Memoirs – $500
  8. Lyndon Johnson My Hope for America – $498
  9. George W. Bush A Charge to Keep – $303
  10. George H. W. Bush All the Best – $250
  11. Bill Clinton Memoirs – $198
  12. Gerald Ford A Time to Heal – $178
  13. Jimmy Carter Why Not the Best? – $113


All research done by John de Groot. Note: Book values are fluid and often fluctuate daily.

SOURCE – – which offers literally thousands of collectible books offered for sale by dealers throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

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