Davie: Paul Takes Offices, But Some Want Truex Back Next Year


Grass roots supporters of new Mayor Judy Paul plan a grass roots celebration before she is sworn in Wednesday.

Meanwhile, some voters want to see the man Paul beat last week — Tom Truex — to run for office again next year.

But Wednesday is Paul’s day.

Her campaign volunteers have scheduled a potluck dinner at 6 p.m. in a meeting room at Town Hall.

Rounded up by e-mail, the volunteers promise to bring dishes they made or bought. 

The winner taxpayers.  The town usually foots the bill for a celebration for the election winners.
Meanwhile, the word from Davie is that just about everybody in Town Hall knows who I was talking about in my previous post’s blind item No. 2.  It was Council Member Mike Crowley, who represents District 2.

Now the word is sweeping Town Hall that Truex is at the front of the list to replace Crowley next year.

Truex lost the race last week because of overwhelming votes against him in Western Davie.  They opposed his support of the proposed massive shopping and office complex, The Davie Commons.

Truex, however, won the section of Davie that Crowley represents.

“I’ve heard the talk , but its too early (to decide),” Truex said.  “I’d like to get back to a normal life, or see what a normal life is like.”

Truex, who has been mayor for eight years, said he wouldn’t rule out a run for District 2, in southeast Davie.

Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, who opposes construction of The Davie Commons, said she would seek a candidate to oppose Truex if he runs.


6 Responses to “Davie: Paul Takes Offices, But Some Want Truex Back Next Year”

  1. Democrat says:

    Aern’t we through with Tom Truex? I think Davie showed what they thought of him on March 10.

  2. I agree says:

    I agree, the former Mayor and his agenda was defeated fair and square on a citywide basis. The city is now poised to go forward in a different direction and I see no evidence in the Town, even among many that voted for Tom, that they have much interest in going backwards.

  3. Think again says:

    The election in Davie was split- that’s hardly the end of Truex. He is much more popular than Judy Paul everywhere but 2 precincts [of 30] in Davie. And he won’t have to deal with all the Commons crap.

  4. Thinking Again Says says:

    OK, so then let him run for a Commission seat if he’s so popular. I wonder of Lori Parrish will throw his first fundraiser?

  5. evenkeeled says:

    Truex is a move forward to better economic and community development, and non-partisan politics. Paul is a blast to the past with negativity, in-fighting and bloated budgets. Our elected officials, Parrish and Paul, need to stop the partisan Barbra Streisand (BS) and get back to working for our Town.

  6. Truex saves says:

    Truex left a 25 million dollar surplus- he started with nothing. He deserves to be around to give direction to what he’s provided for…and save Judy’s butt when she get in trouble, as she has in the past…Lori can’t help her every time…