Davie Mayor’s Race: Is Candidate Trying to Buy Votes?


Can a candidate offer to pay for the stamps used to mail an absentee ballot?

Or is that vote buying?

We might find out the answer soon since that is exactly what Davie mayoral candidate Mike Crowley is offering voters.

He’s promising to “visit you to provide you with the $1.10 stamps” to mail your ballot.

“I have consultants,” Crowley said. “I will check with them.  They said I could supply a stamp. . .(This is) more about me meeting people than giving them $1.10. It brings me to the door of people who want to meet me.”

He said he was told it falls under an exception to vote buying which allows “any item of nominal value which is used as a political advertisement.”


This could be an accurate interpretation on the part of a consultant.

Or it  could be vote buying, a violation of Florida Statute 104.061.  The law states that “no person shall directly or indirectly give or promise anything of value to another intending thereby to buy that person’s or another’s vote or to corruptly influence that person…”

The Florida Elections Commission and the Florida Division of Elections were non-committal.

It remains an interesting question.

Yes, it’s very little money.  However, I remember one campaign that was slapped on the wrist for passing out literature that could be used in a restaurant in return for a free bagel. I would bet a bagel wasn’t worth $1.10 in the 1970s.

I do know one thing for sure: Crowley’s opponent—incumbent Mayor Judy Paul—isn’t using such tactics.


From: <mcrowley@mikecrowleyformayor.com>

Date: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 2:17 PM
Subject: Your Town of Davie Absentee Ballot Is Arriving Soon
To: mcrowley@mikecrowleyformayor.com


In the next few days, you will be receiving your absentee ballot from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office.  It costs $1.10 to mail in your ballot. Call me at 954-534-2557. I am happy to visit you to provide you with the $1.10 stamps to mail your ballot.


As a candidate for mayor of the Town of Davie, I would appreciate your support.


You are in a unique position to make a difference in the upcoming Tuesday, March 13, mayoral election in the Town of Davie. Please visit my website at www.mikecrowleyformayor.com to learn more about me, and my vision for our town. Over the next several weeks, you also will be receiving several mailings from me that explain why the Town of Davie needs a change in leadership.


Your right to vote is a privilege. If you care about our town like I do, I hope you will take the opportunity to vote for me so that together we can make a positive difference and lead Davie to a proud future.





Michael Crowley

Candidate for Mayor of the Town of Davie



Political advertisement paid for and approved by Mike Crowley for Mayor of the Town of Davie campaign.

Stamps are allowed under Florida’s campaign election law.

Mailing costs confirmed by Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office.


51 Responses to “Davie Mayor’s Race: Is Candidate Trying to Buy Votes?”

  1. John says:

    You’ve got to be kidding Buddy! This isn’t a story. Why don’t you write about the town paying the Forman’s top dollar for a hazardous waste site or getting the city into the golf course business in this economy.

  2. Davie Resident says:

    A more interesting story is how Crowley voted for every bad deal that Davieever did, while Judy Paul is for controlled growth.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Crowley is for The Commons. That’s all I have to know.

  4. David says:

    Buddy, buddy, buddy, are you serious? The Crowley campaign offers to spend $1.10 to help voters vote by mail.
    The Paul campaign offers free rides to the polls on election day. With gasoline @ $3.79/gal it would appear to cost MORE
    than Crowley’s offer. Crowley’s offer helps the red-ink bleeding USPS and doesn’t cause air pollution. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

  5. Mike Crowley says:

    Come on Buddy, Are you serious? You are insulting the Davie electorate over $1.10 worth of postage. The postage is given as a nominal novelty to increase voter turnout without regard to which candidate they choose to vote for. Wouldn’t you agree, That a postage stamp of nominal value is worthwhile if it increases a what would normally be a nominal voter turn out?

  6. Mike Crowley says:

    Buddy, Obviously you got this from my opponent. If my opponent wants to discuss voter issues, I am ready, willing and able. But
    $1.10 in stamps is not a voter issue.

  7. What about Bogdanoff? says:

    PS – Buddy…. Bogdanoff did the same thing in her primary against Domino.

  8. Lori P says:

    Candidates for public office sometimes put a stamped or a business reply envelope in a request for contribution. What’s the difference?

  9. Tom Falsex says:

    Who the heck is this guy’s “consultant”? Betya it is the youngest trust fund Forman baby

  10. Davie voter says:

    Is this pay for play? Mayor Judy Paul would never offer to pay for anything to get a vote. Her integrity would never allow it. This is blatant violation. Davie residents should not forget the issues both have voted for. Judy is all about Davie and the people that live here. Crowley is about growth, including the Commons.

  11. robert thompson says:

    Who will buy the $25,000 Diamond Tribute to Jack Seiler? Is there any chance of a quid pro quo?
    We are pleased to announce the Twelfth Annual Riverwalk Trust Tribute recognizing the
    Honorable John P. “Jack” Seiler for his role in the growth and development of Riverwalk Park
    and the City of Fort Lauderdale. Funds raised will assist our organization in its ongoing pursuit of
    building and nurturing a vibrant community in the downtown and activating the linear walk to
    encourage community involvement.
    This distinctive event will take place on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
    Exquisite food, sensational spirits and festive entertainment will delight approximately 350 + of
    Fort Lauderdale’s elite as they mingle at the Historic Riverside Hotel. There will be an exclusive
    VIP reception from 5:00 to 6:00 PM for the honored guest, sponsors, and VIP ticket holders.
    We have outlined our sponsorship opportunities for your consideration. Deadline for inclusion on
    the invitation is January, 19th, 2012. Deadline for inclusion in the March issue of Go
    Riverwalk magazine is February 3, 2012.
    We hope you’ll join us as we pay tribute to the Honorable John P. “Jack” Seiler

  12. Disgusted By Corruption says:

    The exception requires that the item itself be “a political advertisement”, so unless the candidate himself is pictured on these stamps with the text “Vote For Me”, it’s illegal vote-buying and the candidate gets hustled into the Big House…

    Oh, wait, Mike Satz is still the State Attorney… the candidate can be as corrupt as he wants to be, no problem!!!

  13. Lori Parrish says:


    The Lori P comment is not a comment written by me.

    Lori Parrish

  14. Dorothy Tee says:

    Buddy, why not check out the rumor (or fact) that Central Broward Water Control District employees in Water Control District trucks are posting most of the signs around town for Crowley! That seems more of a “no no” than a simple stamp!

  15. Silliness says:

    If he is going to their house to pick up the absentee ballot anyway, why not just take the collected absentee ballots to the Supervisor of Elections’ office? He is allowed to do that and is done regularly in campaigns. Providing the stamp seems more like a stunt. Could have just said I will come pick it up so you dont have to spend money on the mailing. Silliness.

  16. Ron B says:

    @Lori Parrish: There may be another person on Earth with the first name “Lori” and the last initial “P.” We know you’d never support Crowley over Paul

  17. We're in trouble says:

    The bigger story is that our country is in real trouble if someone will actually change their vote because a candidate gives them $1.10 in postage.

  18. Davie Voter says:

    Crowley is desperate and knows he is losing, or he wouldn’t offer to pay money for absentee ballots.

  19. Margaret says:

    The only issue to be discussing is who is the best and most qualified person to be Mayor of the Town of Davie.

    Judy Paul has been an excellent Mayor. She is a leader that cares about the Town, it’s resident’s, it’s business owners, it’s children and it’s employees.

    There were no tax increases in the most difficult economic times and the Town is prospering because of her leadership and vision.

    Re-Elect Judy Paul for Mayor of the Town of Davie. A proven record of success.

  20. Lori P says:

    Crowley’s campaign is using a former director of the BROWARD REPUBLICAN PARTY for his campaign consulting. If you like the Tea Part and George W. Bush, you’ll love Mike Crowley.

    FROM BUDDY: This is not Property Appraiser Lori Parrish!

  21. Mike B says:

    Finally a little action on the Davie mayor’s race,this should be entertaining!!!!

  22. K Smith says:

    I think one thing wrong with politics, is when someone tries to do something from the heart, we pick it apart as,”BAD INTENTIONS.” I don’t think Crowley was trying to buy votes, if he was he would of picked a bigger barganing chip. In politics alot of voters for some reason or another do not vote and complain later about the elected official. I think the stamp is a great ideal for the elderly or disabled, alot of the elderly and disabled are unable to afford or just get transportation to go to send their vote. I am for anything that is helpful for people to get their voice heard and this would be very helpful.

  23. Shenandoah Sam says:

    Mike hired Franklin Coley? Judy Paul jumps with joy

    Coley ran losing campaign last week.

  24. Chipster says:

    I’m staying out of this. Maybe Mike should consider a run for Marty’s seat on the County Commission.

  25. Jack Murphy says:

    I know the Crowley Family an I also know them to be fine people they both have come thru many times when others were in desperate straits. She is a very caring Christian Lady that would not do nor allow to be done anything illegal anywhere near her family. So take your smear machine elsewhere Buddy. He is just trying to help the older less affluent people of his city with absentee voting. I wish I had done in my election what Mike did. Want a permanent fix easy make all absentee ballots free return mail back to the county…Us seniors $1.10 is a very important amount of money……..

  26. Seriously says:

    Paying return postage on an absentee ballot is not illegal, immoral or unethical. It is purely designed to increase voter turnout. It is exactly the same a bussing voters to the polls to cast a ballot. No one is being paid for there votes in either scenario.

    If this is the only issue you can report on in this raise I suggest you actually dig into the concerns of Davie resident and vet both these candidates on where they stand. That is a little more important to the voters than stamps.

  27. tom jones says:

    what ever happened to those words from mike that said he would never run if judy was running?Also mike has it all wrong about the BSO merger. If i remember correctly those words were never used.SO he needs to know the facts before he talks.

  28. David Liebe Hart says:

    My favorite: Mike Crowley offers the Police Union a RAISE if they back him in the polls! Is this really a wise way to be spending money when the country as a whole is in debt?! How is he going to provide a raise to the police union when there are other pressing matters that require money and attention?

    Next topic of business: isn’t it a felony to remove a political candidate’s campaign signs off of property? Why have I seen Mayor Paul signs going up one day, then miraculously disappearing within a day or two? I find that to be very sly on the Crowley campaign.

    Mayor Paul should be re-elected because she has been the one good thing to happen to this town. She’s lowered garbage fees, she revitalized the Davie Police Athletic League, she’s kept this town the way it should be, she’s cut spending, she’s a FULL-TIME mayor, amongst many other things. Curious to see responses…

  29. Tom jones says:

    Mayor Judy Paul and Councilman Marlon Luis have voted against buying the golf course, saying it will cost the town money to run. Council members Susan Starkey, Caryl Hattan and Bryan Caletka have backed the purchase, saying it’s a good deal.
    Can somebody explain where the mayor was for the golf course? Anybody!!!!!!

  30. Tom jones says:

    Paul wants to set up a task force of residents to explore the pros and cons of contracting with the Sheriff’s Office. If the proposal wins favor, the town council would hold two public hearings on whether to seek a referendum vote during a special election. Such an election would likely be held in 2011, town officials say.
    Does anybody see the word “merge” in this paragraph ? Anybody!!!!

  31. Pori Larrish says:

    I think an important question is “who are these mailers/emails being sent to?” Even though this is a partisan race, I doubt there are many democrats on the recipient list.

  32. Kevin Tynan says:

    Lori – I am sure you meant non-partisan 🙂

  33. Lori Parrish says:


    It is not me commenting. Someone is attempting to make it appear as if I am.

    Lori Parrish


  34. K Smith says:

    “POLITICS” Is this a term that lets us pass up on moral behavior? I find it interesting how we try to teach our children that picking on others, causing conflict or just being mean or bullying is unacceptable, but this behavior is acceptable when it comes to politics. Whatever happen to” if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all?” I want to pose the question of is the negativity written on this site really helpful, or is it just being a bully? I have no problem with someone speaking their mind, that is what America is all about, but when your opinion is just unfounded accusations it is no longer an opinion its just plain being mean. As an American we have the right to just agree to disagree, as decent human beings we have the right to be respectful regardless of any difference’s in any opinions. No matter what candidate we choose to pick as role models lets keep our behavior to each candidate respectful, and let’s not pull stuff out of a hat just to make the other one look better!

  35. Farty Kiar says:

    Buddy is correctomundo. Lori P. sends Marty K to write comments protecting Austin F. and family.

    Farty Out!

  36. Chipster says:

    I agree. Lori always uses her full name when posting to Buddy’s blog.

  37. Maxwell Q. Klinger says:

    Question for Kevin Tynan- I see your name on committe for Crowley. How could you? Shame shame shame. Mayor Paul uses her connections to Mrs Parrish and Mr Forman and Mr Bergeronn to help Davie. Don’t bring the Pines stuff to my hometown. I grew up here. I teach at Nova. Where do you live and work?

    Buddy, thanks for letting me have my say.

  38. noseyparker says:

    Crowley hasn’t paid his property tax for two years in a row. Tax certificates were sold on his 2010 taxes. How can he be running for mayor when he owes the town and county money?

  39. Lori P says:

    3 Maxwell…. Yes she does USE her connections…Why doesn’t Bergeron just put a banner on his tractor sitting outside of Young at Art Museum that says” thank you Judy Paul for putting a delay on the road and museum so I wouldn’t lose a few million because I didn’t meet my deadline for completing the construction” Thank you Mayor Paul! Great serving Davie…

  40. Lori P says:

    and Lori Parrish… you ARE not the only person that has the name Lori with the last name that starts with a P. Get over yourself…

  41. Dorothy Tee says:

    Who is Kevin Tynan:

    By Anthony Man October 14, 2011 03:07 PM

    Gov. Rick Scott appointed Broward laywer Kevin Tynan on Friday to the Judicial Nominating Commission that recommends candidates for judicial vacancies in Broward County.

    Tynan, 52, lives in Pembroke Pines. He’s well known in the county’s legal and political circles.

    Most recently he was an appointee of Gov. Charlie Crist to fill a vacancy on the Broward School Board. A Republican in heavily Democratic Broward County, he lost an election to keep that seat in 2010.

    He also served on the South Broward Hospital District board from 2002 to 2010.

    Tynan is also a former chairman of the Broward Republican Party.

    He’s a partner at the Richardson and Tynan firm. He received a bachelor’s degree from Barry University and a law degree from Nova Southeastern University.

    Tynan succeeds Richard Zaden on the nominating commission. His term begins immediately and expires July 1, 2015.

    He was appointed from a list of nominees that came from the Florida Bar.

  42. Palmer Scott says:

    @the writer “Lori P”: Sure, why not?

  43. Lori P says:

    @Palmer—SHE LIED! It is a DOT project and not a Town of Davie project…oh but wait, she lies alot so what is new? Just remember water always seeks it’s level.

  44. PAYing attention says:

    Good try Crowley. You’re a tax deadbeat and have no business asking people to vote for you for Mayor. I sure won’t. The tax collector sends out plenty of notifications to “delinquent” (read DEADBEAT) taxpayers BEFORE they sell a tax certificate against a property for NON PAYMENT OF TAXES. You knew you owed the taxes. You just thought you could get away without paying them. Then when the truth exposed your little game you quickly slithered down to the county and paid the taxes yesterday!

    The rest of us have to pay our property taxes and you know it because you already get your 6 figure salary from our property taxes as the top administrator of the tax supported Central Broward Drainage District and now you want another public salary, at the same time, as Davie Mayor. NO WAY!

    And what’s with that lame excuse about your tax to your own employer was ONLY $3.37. But you didn’t pay your Davie taxes, your hospital district taxes, your school taxes that educate our kids and a host of other taxes either that THE REST OF US PAY ON TIME. YOU ARE THE WORST KIND OF “PUBLIC EMPLOYEE”.

    Isn’t it some kind of conflict of interest or ethics violation to be on 2 public payrolls at the same time, earning two pensions at the same time and raising property taxes on the same homeowners at 2 different governmental entities? Didn’t we just pass new ethics laws to protect against such corruptions, double dealing and the abuses that other elected officials have gone to jail over?

    Crowley, you’ve been caught. You can’t be trusted to run Davie or anything else. I hope that you don’t get one vote. You won’t get mine!

  45. Palmer Scott says:

    @the writer “Lori P”: Fake.

  46. Francine Proffitt says:

    In addition to the “stamp ordeal” I also don’t like that everytime I drive by a Judy Paul sign it somehow disappears the next day or is defaced. I am sure non of Mr. Crowley’s Union Backed Police or Fire have anything to do with this? As I have heard, Mr. Crowley has bribed the Union People by saying he will give them raises. Since I follow the Town’s budget closely, I know this is impossible with out raising our TAX DOLLARS!! That is NOT the kind of Mayor I want. I want JUDY PAUL to stay right where she is. She is a terrific Mayor. Make sure all your neighbors and their kids of voting age go vote on March 13th for Mayor Paul so we can Keep Davie an Open Space Community!!

  47. Sam Fisher says:

    THANK YOU FRANCINE! You do realize Crowley is running because his WIFE WANTED HIM TO right? Is he that afraid of his wife? Should we be voting for a candidate that can’t even make his own decisions? I think NOT. I say, when Ms. Paul wins, we should all start singing “I can see clear-ly now that Mike is gone!”

  48. tom jones says:

    can you believe that the FOP ask mike to run for Mayor after the meeting at town hall regarding the BSO task force.These guys just don’t get it.All Mike is doing is giving them political promises.Its pretty bad thats all mike has to run on.
    Everybody please do your home work before you cast your vote!!!! Mike is not wearing the pants at home

  49. flip flop says:

    whats wrong with you police brothers i thought you were Democratic. Wake up guys, do you think Mike can really give you a raise single handed it takes 3 votes and in a economy like this—
    GOOD LUCK!!!! be happy with what
    you got, Thanks to Mayor Paul

  50. The Big L says:

    Can anybody tell me if MC pulled his genitals out of his wife’s purse yet?

  51. Shenandoah_LovesMayorPaul says:

    Mike Crowley is not giving the money for the stamp, nor is he giving the stamp. He is collecting the ballots and driving them there himself. If Mayor Paul’s campaign is offering to drive peeps to the polls then that is just good down home Davie Hospitality! On another note, I was at the Orange Blossom Parade this on Feb 25th and I met a lady who scoffed at my Judy Paul shirt. She said to me that she is voting for Mike Crowley because his kids go to Glory Day School and they are so cute. I said to her, “Geee Wiz, now isn’t that a great reason to vote for someone!” and she said, “there are other reasons too” and I asked her to give them to me and she said, “well, his wife and family are so nice”. Again, what another wonderful qualification to be Mayor! I tell you, if I hear that again from someone I will just pop a trisket.