Davie Mayor Truex’s Campaign Team: Developers


The last weekend before the March 10 election, Davie Mayor Tom Truex has turned to his developer friends to pull him through his hard fought re-election.

Not only has his campaign been funded by money connected to the developers of proposed Davie Commons, the controversial shopping and office center he supports. 

His last minute maneuvers in the campaign are being aided by an executive of the same project.

Sources say that his ground operations are coordinated  by Jacqueline Arboleda, the associate development director of the controversial shopping-office complex.

Her name and e-mail address has been on  blast e-mails soliciting volunteers for the Truex campaign.

Here is one e-mail:

We need volunteers to helpIf you have time, please help!

 Door to door: THIS weekend!
Coordinator- Jackie: 954.288.0195 or email:
The meeting place: the Outback restaurant on the south side of Griffin Rd.
On Griffin Rd. head west from University until you hit Volunteer road. (It is in between Flamingo Rd. and I 75.) Make a left at the light @ Volunteer [south] and a right into the Regency Square Shopping center. Jackie will be next to her car with a Truex sign and an awesome tan from her vacation last week!  
Saturday 9:30am
Sunday 11:30am
We will be walking the following Precincts:  T17, T21, T25 & T26 – the Ivanhoe areas.

This e-mail is no surprise to me.

This campaign is important to Turnberry Associates, who want to build the multi-million dollar complex off Interstate-75 in far western Davie.

Truex’s opponent, former Commissioner Judy Paul, has vowed to kill the proposed project.  Truex supports it and will keep it alive.

I haven’t seen any polls.

However, two sources have told me that survey’s taken earlier this year reportedly show Paul and Truex are in a tie.

The polls indicated Paul had the majority of support in western Davie, which would be impacted by the huge development. She also had a lead in the Pine Island Ridge condominium complex, a huge vote generator.

Truex was leading in the rest of the city.

The mayor backs The Davie Commons for the millions of dollars in property tax money.  His backing has generated thousands of dollars in campaign donations from individuals connected with the Davie Commons.

Paul is getting support from the Democratic activists anxious to kick out Truex, a darling of the Republican Party.  Phil Busey, a liberal Democratic activist, is helping coordinate her campaign.

She also has a great deal of help from Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, who lives in Western Davie and is opposed to The Davie Commons.

Right now it is a toss up.  It’s up to Davie voters to decide.



8 Responses to “Davie Mayor Truex’s Campaign Team: Developers”

  1. Democrat says:

    Truex is a tool of The Commons and a right wing nut out of step with Davie voters. He endorses the most right wing candidates of the Republican Party. He needs to be eliminated.

  2. Gimme a Break says:

    Truex is the Sarah Palin of Broward County ….. and this isn’t meant as a compliment.

  3. The Commons Is Great says:

    Mayor Truex sees the benefit of having world-class shopping and Class-A offices benefitting the taxpayers of Davie. Davie is a city with a crippled tax base because so much property is part of the educational complex and off the tax roles. The Davie Commons will replace some of this lost tax money, helping improve our fire and police services.

  4. The Commons Is Dead says:

    The Commons isn’t an issue anymore. Does anyone out there think that Turnberry can afford to build it in this economy?

  5. Ask Las Vegas says:

    Check out what happened to the great development Turnberry brought to Vegas. Same story different community.

  6. Truex Loses Today says:

    Tom Truex will be a former mayor after today because of the enthusiasm and help of the Democratic Party in defeating him. Truex is another George W. Bush and he doesn’t reflect Davie’s values. Democrats must unite and defeat him.

  7. Deby Weinstein says:

    Did anyone notice how much weight Judy Paul has packed on lately? Retirement from the town council has not been kind to Paul. Is it true that she wants to bring back Chief George to take the streets back from the criminal and prostitution element plaguing Davie Road?

  8. West Davie resident says:

    Why pick on a enthusiastic campaign worker for Truex? I bet Ms. Paul has some “influencers” (Parrish) who has used her position to try and help Dem’s and Ms. Paul. The comment about Ms. Paul’s weight is not appropriate…you should be ashamed. Judy ran for the wrong reason and once the Commons dies, what else will she do? I predict DAMAGE!