Davie Candidate: Tax Deadbeat or Just Forgetful?


Davie mayoral candidate Mike Crowley paid his 2010 property tax bill this week – almost a year late—just hours after a comment revealing his tax status appeared on Browardbeat.com.

Sometimes even a little website like Browardbeat.com get’s results.

Here is the comment that appeared on a story earlier this week about Crowley:

noseyparker says:

February 8th, 2012 at 6:20 pm

Crowley hasn’t paid his property tax for two years in a row. Tax certificates were sold on his 2010 taxes. How can he be running for mayor when he owes the town and county money?

I checked the comment out.

County tax records indicate that $1,055.91 in 2010 taxes was delinquent on property Crowley and his wife owns on a condo in Pine Island Ridge in Davie. A tax certificate was sold on the property in May 2011.

The day after the comment appeared on Browardbeat.com, Crowley bought the tax certificate at the county tax office for $1,362.71.

This leads me to ponder:  How can a candidate and former Davie council member let his taxes become delinquent?

After all, Crowley is the director of the property tax-supported agency the Central Broward Drainage District.  His salary derives from the very property taxes he avoided paying.

I e-mailed him yesterday and am waiting for his answer.

Crowley is challenging incumbent Mayor Judy Paul in the March city election.

Mike Crowley (on right with beard) along with Broward Republican Director Rico Petrocelli and conservative radio host Bill Lewis (yellow shirt)


13 Responses to “Davie Candidate: Tax Deadbeat or Just Forgetful?”

  1. Davie Resident says:

    I vote for deadbeat.

  2. Mike Crowley says:

    Buddy,I want to thank Broward Beat for bringing to my attention my 2010 taxes. We closed on the property in April 2010 there was funds set in escrow for the taxes but never sent in. Tax money owed to the District where I work was $3.37. Once again thank you. p.s. that is not Richard Danapoli it is the famous Bill Lewis.

  3. Ron B says:

    Still voting for Crowley

  4. PAYing attention says:

    Good try Crowley. You’re a tax deadbeat and have no business asking people to vote for you for Mayor. I sure won’t. The tax collector sends out plenty of notifications to “delinquent” (read DEADBEAT) taxpayers BEFORE they sell a tax certificate against a property for NON PAYMENT OF TAXES. You knew you owed the taxes. You just thought you could get away without paying them. Then when the truth exposed your little game you quickly slithered down to the county and paid the taxes yesterday!

    The rest of us have to pay our property taxes and you know it because you already get your 6 figure salary from our property taxes as the top administrator of the tax supported Central Broward Drainage District and now you want another public salary, at the same time, as Davie Mayor. NO WAY!

    And what’s with that lame excuse about your tax to your own employer was ONLY $3.37. But you didn’t pay your Davie taxes, your hospital district taxes, your school taxes that educate our kids and a host of other taxes either that THE REST OF US PAY ON TIME. YOU ARE THE WORST KIND OF “PUBLIC EMPLOYEE”.

    Isn’t it some kind of conflict of interest or ethics violation to be on 2 public payrolls at the same time, earning two pensions at the same time and raising property taxes on the same homeowners at 2 different governmental entities? Didn’t we just pass new ethics laws to protect against such corruptions, double dealing and the abuses that other elected officials have gone to jail over?

    Crowley, you’ve been caught. You can’t be trusted to run Davie or anything else. I hope that you don’t get one vote. You won’t get mine!

  5. Disgusted By Corruption says:

    Tax Deadbeat is the correct answer!!

  6. The Truth Be Told says:

    So finally the truth comes out. Crowley is a partisan republican just like Truex. The republicans never respected our Non-Partisan Town elections. I don’t want to see Davie go back to the squabbling days of Truex. I couldn’t stand the way he bickered at meetings.
    I’ll stick with Judy Paul and I’m a republican.

  7. John C says:

    What a hatchet job Buddy

  8. Interested party says:

    Hasn’t paid his 2011 taxes either. Why didn’t he pay both years?

  9. safemike1 says:

    I would still rather have Crowley any day of the week. Under Judy Paul, the town bought a useless trailer park for $8-million more than it was worth, and a golf course for almost $1-million more than it was worth. And worse of all, the town now collects no tax monies from the trailer park. But, at least Ms. Paul has more open space, her favorite project. Of course the more open space, the less taxes that can be collected, so then we, the tax payers, must make up the difference.

  10. Republican for Judy says:

    Those purchases will be used or sold for way more money than they were bought for. Crowley smells of corruption and kickbacks from the unions. AND is wants the Commons!!! NO thank you!!! Judy is an Honest person with our town foremost in her thoughts and actions. A true servant of the taxpayers who won’t Bribe the public unions for $$ and votes…

  11. Francine Proffitt says:

    @safemike1 – Just so you know, Judy Paul and Councilmember Marlon Luis DID NOT VOTE FOR THAT TRAILER PARK PROPERTY!! Get your facts straight or perhaps try attending a few meetings or at least watch the Davie TV reruns of the meetings! Hey, maybe you know what is happening to all of Judy Pauls signs? It seems everytime one goes up, the next day it is gone or defaced and another set of Mike’s go up in that location. Hmmm, interesting.

  12. Palmer Scott says:

    Let’s be Mike Crowley and just get votes by offering raises that Davie doesn’t have money for! What a win! That’s almost like saying George Bush was a good president.

  13. Mike Bender says:

    Why all the personal shots at both candidates? Being longtime friends with both Judy and Mike it would have been nice to see a debate on the issues confronting the town. what we have now is accusations about votes and policy that no one has right.look at the issue and then follow up with what was said or voted.All this is avaiable public record.What we actually have seems like more of a stealth campaign by both sides,lets have a televised debate on the issues,by a third party that has no stake in the election,that means not the same old tired questions by chamber of commerce,they have to many agendas in this race,maybe one of the tv stations would provide a moderator to run a fair debate. davie residents should have an oppertunity to see both candidates for mayor and district 1 answer fair questions about the future and past votes that the incumbents and former councilmembers have taken.Let’s leave the personal crap to Washington and focus on Davie’s future.