Davie Candidate Crowley’s Negative Campaign



Why can’t Davie mayorial candidate Mike Crowley be open and above board?

Crowley is attempting to hide behind two political committees.  Two committees and his own campaign are flooding voters with negative ads.

Two committees and the candidate’s campaign! It is such an overkill for a tiny town election. It smacks of desperation.

The chair of one committee – Davie Citizens for a Better Future run out of a University Drive mail drop – appears to be Crowley’s wife.

She signs her name Heather Nydjck on city documents. Michael and Heather Nydjck Crowley own property in Davie.

Is it his wife?  It is a highly unusual name.  If it is his wife, her use of her maiden name smells like an attempt at subterfuge to me.  Why hide her involvement?  It is silly and amateurish.

Stooping to such deception discredits Crowley.

I’m no fan of Crowley’s opponent — incumbent Mayor Judy Paul.  I find her insufferable at times.

But Crowley’s embrace of negative advertising is almost his only tactic. I find that disgraceful.

Maybe he is getting bad advice from someone. His Republican Party advisers or some misguided consultant? Regardless, the buck stops with the candidate.

Crowley will have to live with the legacy of this race. Judging by his ads, he likes little of what the town council has done in the past few years.  He blames Paul, although she can’t do anything on her own and needs two other votes to get anything accomplished.

His race is not about building up.  Its about tearing down.  And that’s what I find the saddest thing about Crowley’s campaign for mayor.


15 Responses to “Davie Candidate Crowley’s Negative Campaign”

  1. Davie Resident says:

    Michael Crowley doesn’t deserve to be mayor because he is too those who want to ruin Davie.

  2. Walter Sobchak says:

    Alright, so let me address a few things here:

    1) Exactly how does Mayor Paul seem insufferable? In as much as she is a full-time mayor, she does everything she possibly can to address every problem she can. I think that’s rather zealous of her.

    2) What’s the purpose of negative campaigning again? For myself, I don’t want to even give attention to somebody (especially a mayoral candidate) who just looks for the negative in people, especially his/her opponent. I haven’t seen one campaign paraphernalia from Mayor Paul that slanders Mike Crowley’s name in any way, shape, or form. She has not publicly bashed him, discredited him, or disgrace him, all of which he has attempted to do to Mayor Paul. I want the Mayor of my town to have a POSITIVE outlook on everything.

    3) I thought the Davie Mayoral candidates were supposed to be NONPARTISAN! Why on earth is Mike Crowley parading around as a republican, his biggest supporters being the Davie REPUBLICAN club (please see http://www.daviegop.org/). That’s where Mike Crowley becomes deceptive.

    4) Separation of Church and State anybody? The First Amendment of our constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Why is Mike Crowley promoting that he is a parishioner (misspelled on his own website, might I add) of St. David’s Catholic church? We don’t need religion in politics.

    4) Did anybody here attend the debate held at Davie Women’s Club between Mayor Paul and Mike Crowley? If you did, then I rest my case. Otherwise, read my above statements.

    Need I say more?

  3. noseyparker says:

    I heard that Crowley’s main home is in another county in Florida, where he and his wife are raising their children. Since he has all but moved out, he has no real ties in Davie. Running for Mayor is just a stepping stone for his political ambitions elsewhere. If he wins, don’t count on him being around much to do the job.

  4. Sharon Aron Baron says:

    As a former Davie resident for many years, what you see with Judy is what you get..she doesn’t hide behind any PACs.

    I’ll never forget her big lavish party that was held at city hall during her swearing-in….pot-luck! What a great, small town, non -pretentious party it was!

  5. tellmemorebuddy says:

    Crowley has no ethics. He can’t possibly be the kind of full time mayor Judy is and will continue to be. I understand he makes a six figure public salary plus benefits at the water district which includes all of Davie. The Mayor of Davie receives a $10k salary, so he’ll have two public salary checks and be earning two pensions, but we’ll never see him in Davie Town Hall. He’ll only be worried about his six figure job…not us!

    Buddy, what ever happened to that thing with Crowley paying $1.10 for absentee votes? Isn’t that illegal? Have you filed a complaint? With all the talk about ethics and all the corrupt politicians that are headed for jail, they probably need to make room for Crowley. Do they have conjugal cell suites? His wife sounds like a co-conspirator in his corruption.

    There is no way I would vote for a guy like him. Judy’s been doing a pretty good job. I will vote for Judy.

  6. WestDavieResident says:

    As a long time Republican and Davie resident for nearly 10 years, I have received Mike Crowley’s postcard mailings and find them ineffective at best and damaging to his campaign at worst. Where is his vision to lead? Promising public safety unions a possible raise to get their support is not a vision, it is a path to fiscal insanity. Most interesting is seeing so many Judy Paul signs on residential properties throughout the west side of town while Mike Crowley’s are mainly on the big open fields. That is telling to me. What has he promised those landowners? Mike Crowley has done an admirable job managing Central Broward Water Management. If he cannot commit as much time to the town as Mayor Paul, then perhaps it is best he continues to serve the citizens of South Florida in his daytime job and leave the governance of Davie to others.

  7. Shenandoah_LovesMayorPaul says:

    Geeeze, the negative mailings are just aweful from Mr. Crowley. I know that he excluded Mayor Paul from these mailings but everyone has been sharing them with her and they are very hurtful. What kind of person wants to run our town and hurt other people? Mr. Crowley did a hand shake deal with Mayor Paul that there would be no negative campaigning but I guess that just goes to show that he is a liar now too, in addition to the fact that he can’t commit to a handshake deal with someone. I know my Davie peeps won’t go for someone like that. It is imperative that the Peeps all get out to vote cuz I heard that Crowley promised the Police and Fire he is gonna give them raises. The only way he can do that is if he raises our taxes! But then again, he has proven himself to be a liar thus far during this campaign.

  8. Coordination Illegal? says:

    Is coordination amongst such groups and a candidate illegal?

  9. Margaret says:

    I received a negative piece of literature from the Mike Crowly the other day and though it was disgraceful.

    Mayor Judy Paul has done an outstanding job working full-time for our town i na position that is supposed to be part-time.

    JUDY PAUL in 2012!!! Go Judy, we are all with you. You have been working extremely hard and evryone knows it and supports you for Mayor…

  10. Shenandoah_LovesMayorPaul says:

    @ Coordination Illegal:
    Are you speaking of the “Promise to the Police & Fire”? Well, who can prove it? It was in a closed door meeting. In fact, much of the campaign for Crowley is leaning on the illegal side … Removal of Judy Paul’s signs, Illegally placing Crowley signs on the Right of ways, etc. All I know is that if the Unions are coming out to vote, regular hard working people better get off their duffs and make it to the polls!

  11. Shenandoah_LovesMayorPaul says:

    @Coordination Legal?:
    By the way, I heard of this promise of a raise to Union Members from Crowley from one of the Park Rangers that heard it himself. The Park Rangers too are included in the “raise promise”.

  12. CallingKettleblack says:

    Umm..does anyone other than me find an entire forum dedicated to blowing Crowleys candle out so Judy Paul’s shines brighter just a wee bit suspicious? Gotta wonder just WHO is delivering a “dirty campaign”..the above post just about insinuated that Mike Crowley is aka some defunct partner of Rothstein’s..I not only read the bombardment here but also the Sun Sentinel and various other places..that tells me “someone is running scared” and it isnt Mike Crowley..

  13. Dorothy Tee says:

    @ Shenandoah_LovesMayorPaul — you forgot to mention the South Florida Water Management Personnel in South Florida Water Management vehicles posting signs for Mike Crowley — their boss!

  14. FNGpolitics says:

    @CallingKettleblack: Now you’re just reaching with that comment. Explain to me how exactly avid supporters of Mayor Paul coming to her defense is somehow Mayor Paul running scared. Where are the logistics behind that exactly? Moreover, you are the FIRST and ONLY person to even bring up Scott Rothstein’s name in this forum. I don’t see even one person drawing similarities between Crowley and Rothstein.

    Also, exactly what has Mayor Paul done wrong in her term as mayor of Davie? Do explain…

  15. Judi says:

    Anyone know to whom I can complain about robocalls from Crowley’s campaign? I’ve already asked to be taken off their call list.

    I dont care anout Davie’s politics; I haven’t lived there since 1994.