Dale Holness’ Latest Sleazy Move







I’m constantly amazed by the Broward County Commission.

Today it is County Commissioner Dale Holness’ turn to look out-of-touch.

If Sun-Sentinel reporter Brittany Wallman is to be believed, Holness admitted during a commission meeting to being an outright influence peddler. Here is what Wallman tweeted:





So let me get this right, Dale.

You ask people for money for charities in District 9.

And who would you be asking? The people you come in contact with who are doing business with the county?

And which person doing business with the county is going to say “no” to a county commissioner requesting money?

Wasn’t the same questions about asking money for charities raised when County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman solicited donations for a liver transplant center?

It got Lieberman in trouble, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

One of those who wrote a $25,000 check to the Transplant Foundation was the infamous corrupt developer Bruce Chait.  That donation resulted in an investigation of Lieberman, who was never charged, the Sun-Sentinel wrote.

Asking for money for charities — influence peddling if a commissioner asks those who do business with the county — is legal unless there is a quid pro quo for Holness’ vote.

Holness’ is reported by Wallman saying that the Ethics Law blocks him from raising money. It doesn’t.  It just requires disclosure.

I’m not accusing Holness of trading his vote or breaking any law.

I am accusing him of being unseemly and sleazy. It is not a commissioner’s job to raise money for charities.

Doesn’t Holness understand that if he asks anyone doing business with the county for money, there is an implied threat because he holds a vote on the county commission?  I guess the answer to that is “no.”

15 Responses to “Dale Holness’ Latest Sleazy Move”

  1. Broward says:

    Hey Buddy,

    There is nothing surprising in this story. Dale Holness breaks the rules constantly and nothing is ever done about it. The title of this story is absolutely correct “Latest Sleazy Move’. Most would be trying to figure out which one it is?? That’s a sad state of affairs for a County Commissioner. I think Dale will have his day with all his back door and sneaky deals.

  2. tell the truth says:

    even today as projects and bis came up he always mentions getting something for his district

    in time someone will make a complaint

    lieberman was an attorney on bcc
    holness is not
    that distinction will get him in trouble
    lieberman managed to dodge it
    broward commission doing business as usual
    even laments from commissioners today who are term limited as of november or up for re-election that they may not win, yet still wanting to weigh in on “Important Business” that may not get to them for “Decision” before November

  3. Alice McGill says:

    Bending the rules is a time honored tradition in Josephus Eggelletion territory. Holness is merely the latest guy to get the chance to work the system.

  4. A real joke says:

    you should investigate him because when they held a cricket tournament…..(edited)

  5. Ghost of McLovin says:

    nobody will touch him for fear of being labeled a racist. he’s black teflon

  6. troubleinparadise says:

    That puts a very negative light on DAle Holnesses hand picked candidates like ANGELA DAVIS

    She is hurt by Dale and if I was Barbara Shareif, I would be proud that Dale is not supportive of her

  7. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    They did it in Hollywood consistently when a former Commissioner was in the news under “Dialing for Dollars.” She and one of the lobbyists for the mega law firm that still has way too much influence in the city were in her office calling firms that did business with the city for donations to charities.

    This practice is rampant.

  8. Aletheia says:

    What does Dale Holness understand?

    Doesn’t pay his property taxes.
    Gets preferential lien reductions on his property in Lauderdale Lakes from dirtbag pal Jon Allen.
    Seven children with seven different women.
    And he’s an influence peddler.

    Desperate Dale is trying real hard to hang on to his County Commission seat. Where else could a not-to-bright, sleazeball like this earn almost six figures?

  9. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    The problem is the people who don’t care about government unless it can directly hurt or help them.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Blogger says:


    Drug dealer?

  11. Broward Voter says:

    This comment is not aimed at any elected official. However, the important elements in the county ethics reforms involve providing better safeguards against commissioners using their office to financially benefit themselves or members of their families.

    It is not unethical for an elected official to ask a vendor or anyone else to help support a charity they believe is important to their constituents. Generally that should be considered ethical behavior and to suggest otherwise absent reason for suspicion seems prudish.

    The public expects elected officials to be engaged in improving their communities and helping charities is part of that work. They also expect honest service from their officials.

    Helping a charity is not unethical behavior so long as those general rules are followed. It is ethical so long as there is no promise to vote one way or the other, the person asked to support the charity is under no obligation at all, there is no financial benefit to be exchanged in return for a vote, and so long as the activity is disclosed to the public.

    Elected officials should not avoid helping their constituents, cowering in fear of an ethics violation when helping them is probably among the most ethical things an official can do for the people they represent. That is not the kind of ethics reform Broward needs and it is not what the people of this community want from our officials.

    They want the officials to do good things, to be honest and to be ethical in that way. They don’t want them to be hermits, they don’t care about bottles of water. They care about cash in envelopes, not who picks up the tab for a sandwich at lunch. They care about bribes.

  12. Right On says:

    @Broward Voter overlooks the appearance of corruption when Holness aasks lobbyists for money for a “charity” in his district, lobbyists who have clients in front of Holness. Somebody needs to investigate these charities and find out where the money goes.

  13. Real Deal says:

    It’s absurd to suggest that asking businesses to donate to charity casts an unethical appearance so long as the rules are followed. When they are not followed an investigation is appropriate. Officials being involved in charitable work is ethical behavior. Dialing for dollars is a campaign fund raising term and it’s unnecessary to go this far off the beaten path to find fault with Dale Holness.

  14. please tell the truth says:

    @Areal joke says:
    “you should investigate him because when they held a cricket tournament…..(edited)”


    Public records are public records
    Mr. Holness was party to a “Non-Profit” set up a month or so ahead of the event and he asked about funding for it from fellow BCC. He couldn’t be an officer but he got them funding.

    go to sunbiz.org
    put in his name
    14 ‘corporations’ listed of his various interests
    he is busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger

    I believe its 7 children with women

  15. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    The charities that benefit then tell their members which lobbyist/elected got them the money. Quid pro quo Clarisse.