Dale Holness’ Latest Move To Crown Himself King





As if you needed more proof that County Commissioner Dale Holness wants to be King of Broward County government, there is today’s news:

Holness has encouraged yet another candidate to file for the County Commission.

Carmen Jones, a Deerfield Beach activist, jumped into the already crowded open race for a North Broward county commission seat.

Holness, who has already endorsed Jones,  is quoted in new candidate’s  news release.

“Carmen would be an excellent County Commissioner, as a product of north Broward with more than 20 years of fighting for community issues,”  he said. “She has deep roots in Pompano Beach and Deerfield with her family roots dating back to the 1930s and she will be a great asset working for the people of Broward County.”


Dale Holness

In addition to Holness, Jones is also backed by long-time black activists such as Ernestine Price and the Rev. O’Neal Dozier, a controversial conservative.

Dozier is quoted in the DailyBroward.com online newspaper as saying that not only Holness, but Commissioner Chip LaMarca encouraged Jones to run.  Holness and LaMarca are allies.

Jones joins Lisa Aronson, Mark Bogen and Charlotte Rodstrom in the battle for the open Coconut Creek-based District 2.  The seat is open because its current holder, County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, is term limited in November.

Political observers say Jones has a good chance if she can raise enough money to compete because she is the only black in the race. More than 21 percent of the registered voters are black and that group comprises a bigger percentage in the Democratic primary, which will decide the election.

Holness already had his hands filled before taking on Jones’ race.  For months, Holness has been pushing the candidacy of  Alexandra Davis against his colleague, Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief.

“The fight between Holness and Shariff is for one reason only,” according to a leading Democratic source. “He wants no competition for leadership of the black community at the county.”

Holness has promised to raise money for Davis and his new candidate, Jones.

If his two candidates get elected, he would presumably control a solid three votes on the county commission. That could give him more political power and influence than any other commissioner.

“He wants to be the Go-To Guy in Broward. He wants the developers coming to him,” the Democratic source theorized.

A real estate broker of Jamaican heritage and a former Lauderhill city commissioner, Holness has been controversial since first winning a county commission seat in 2010. He has repeatedly failed to pay real estate taxes on some of his property and has been criticized for taking foreign trips.

Holness said he fell behind paying his taxes because of the real estate recession.  He contends his trips help economic development by building trade and investment.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             CONTACT: CARMEN JONES

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014                                                                   cjones_2014@yahoo.com



~After months of input from family, friends, community leaders and constituents, 

Jones files for District 2.~


POMPANO BEACH— Carmen Jones, a longtime activist in northern Broward County and prominent activist in democratic circles, has filed to run for the Broward County Commission.  Jones will file her paperwork around 4pm and will open a bank account immediately to begin soliciting supporters.   

“Carmen would be an excellent County Commissioner, as a product of north Broward with more than 20 years of fighting for community issues,” said County Commissioner Dale Holness, who has already endorsed Jones. “She has deep roots in Pompano Beach and Deerfield with her family roots dating back to the 1930s and she will be a great asset working for the people of Broward County.”      

Ms. Jones has spent the last several weeks seeking guidance and input from her family, friends, community leaders and constituents. “As a mother of three and someone who is passionate about community issues, I would bring the people’s voices back to the county commission,” said Jones, who attended both Pompano Beach High School and Blanche Ely High School. “I was born and raised in District 2, I understand the issues of north Broward and I will fight for the people on the county commission. I will focus on economic development in the urban core of north Broward, beach restoration, expansion of the airport and seaport along with better jobs for our community.”

Ms. Jones has already picked up the support of several elected officials and community leaders.  Her supporters include County Commissioner Dale Holness, Deerfield Beach Commissioner Ben Preston, Gary McClemore of Jesus Supernatural Church of the Deliverance, Pastor Iry Herbert of the Divine Ministry of God in Collier City, Reverend O’Neal Dozier of the Worldwide Christian Center Church in Pompano Beach and Ernestine Price, longtime community activist.






42 Responses to “Dale Holness’ Latest Move To Crown Himself King”

  1. Breaking it down says:

    She fails to list any education.
    She fails to list any employment.
    She fails to list anything she has done in her life that would prepare her for a billion dollar budget.

    As someone said last week, this is not about Carmen Jones getting elected, it is about stealing Bogen support in the black community and weaken his support base there.

    In the end any split of the black vote helps Lisa.

    Is anyone surprised by this move with Holness since Stern is involved with Lisa? Didn’t Holness bring in Stern to run Davis against the Mayor?

    Why? Holness and Stern know Jones is a dupe, the value of this move is having Aronson owing them her vote on the County Commission if the Jones move helps Lisa win.

  2. The Guess Who says:

    If you think African Americans are going to come out to vote in a off-year primary, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. This lady stands no chance. Dale Holness is virtually guaranteeing a well-funded opponent in 2016. What a moron.

  3. Aletheia says:

    Holness is a tax cheat and a bum…just the type of worthless freeloader you don’t want on the County Commission. His reason for not paying his real estate taxes…he’s got to take care of the children he’s sired with 5 different women! What a joke!

    If Deadbeat Dale really wants to help economic development in his community, he should take a trip back to Jamaica…and stay there!

  4. Broward says:

    Carmen Jones is a horrible candidate and has absolutely no chance of winning with Holness or without Holness. Carmen is two faced and is not a nice person. She is nasty and has no ability to raise money.

    People in the community do not TRUST anything she says and she does not have any experience to be a County Commissioner.

    I have nothing against Pastor Dozier, don’t know much about him, except Carmen claims to be a Democrat and the first endorsement she gets is a right wing conservative Republican!!!

    I strongly suggest people vote for anyone, but Carmen Jones. I live in Pompano Beach and will be working for anyone else.

  5. Alice McGill says:

    Carmen sounds perfect for the job. A long time commissioner is running for reelection in Dania Beach. She has thousands of dollars in unpaid property taxes through her “non profit” corporation. How does she qualify to vote on the city budget? Yet year after year, she sits on the dais.

  6. laudydale says:

    Why did Holiness screw over Shariff again. Holiness acts like he does everything when in fact he just tries to take credit for things that others accomplished. What has he done for anyone that wasn’t self serving !!!! Did County Commissioner Holmes report income from the Obama campaign for renting out his business office to OFA?? If his lips are moving he is lying!!!

  7. Rinse and Repeat says:

    With those endorsements my vote will go to anyone BUT Carmen Jones. Don’t give up your day job.

  8. Broken says:

    Judy Stern Is Not Running Lisa’s Campaign, so stop trying to smear her by tying her to that old fat troll.

  9. Pompano Lions says:

    Carmen Jones will find out real quick she has done nothing to earn anybody’s vote and is not well liked. She is a phony!!! She acts like she has done so much for Blanche Ely, but I would like to know exactly what that is??? No education, No Support, No loyalty, No fundraising, No experience, No fiscal responsibility (check late property tax payments), No Honesty and No way will she win!!! Pompano will send her packing.

  10. Janitor in closet says:

    Does he even speak the English language or pay taxes?

  11. Plain Language says:

    Here, king. Here, king.

  12. Broward Voter says:

    Judy Stern is absolutely behind Lisa Aronson and the proof is tht
    Chip LaMarca, Lois Wexler, and Dale Holness all want Lisa Aronson to win. That’s why Holness recruited Carmen Jones. Hungry and ambitious, feeling like she’s got nothing to lose, Carmen Jones finds herself in the same boat as Alexandra Davis, another Holness recruit fighting a losing battle against Barbara Sharief. Like Davis, Carmen Jones has been convinced that she has everything to gain and nothing to lose.How wrong they are about lingering political anger in Broward County. Dale Holness has become good at finding these lambs to take it in the throat for him. Once they lose he will set them adrift. It’s all so predictable.
    Judy’s goal is obvious, force a four way primary and split the Black vote so Lisa Aronson wins. Less likely, if that plan won’t work then consolidate the Black vote so Carmen wins in a four way primary. Either way Judy Stern wins. Stern only loses if one of the other candidates wins. Question is will the voters of that district, including the smart leaders in the Black community, not the loser list above, allow themselves to be played and manipulated by the oldest came in Judy Stern’s playbook? Or are they mature enough to do what’s best for their community and not act like the puppets Judy always takes them for? How many times will Judy Stern manipulate the black vote in Broward County only to ensure money in her pocket while nothing in those communities gets any better?
    This will be fun to watch.

  13. Floridan says:

    While I don’t think that Carmen Jones can ultimately prevail in the District 2 race, I find all the hyperventilating about her candidacy somewhat amusing.

    First of all, Jones actually lives in the district and has deep ties to the local community. She has worked in a volunteer capacity with quite a few non-profit organizations, and I believe she has, in the past, served on a City of Pompano Beach advisory board.

    I often see reader comments on this blog bemoaning the power of the “elites” in Broward County. but when a grassroots candidate arises, then we get the “who does she think she is, running for office?” argument.

    It remains to be seen whether Jones can transcend the black community, but then none of the other candidates seem to be addressing the issues important to those citizens. If Jones does nothing more than force the other candidates to take the black residents of District 2 seriously, then she will have done a good thing.

    Finally, what would any comment thread on this blog be with out the appearance of the malevolent super-villain, Judy Stern, working in the background to pull the strings of local politicians? For many, it seems, she is the Rosetta Stone of Broward politics — the key to understanding the “real” story behind the story.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m little Lisa
    Short and stout
    Dale is my handle
    Judy is my spout
    When I get all steamed up
    I just shout
    Tip me over and my vote comes right out

    I’m a very special pot
    It’s true
    Here’s an example of what I can do
    I can turn Dale into Judy
    Tip me over and my vote comes right out

  15. just sayin' says:

    There is one thing Holness is doing right — pissing off his other (current) commissioners. He’s a screaming liberal democrat and has LaMarca on his side? The lone Republican? He’s endorsing a candidate that’s running against a current sitting Commissioner – Mayor Sharief. Not a smart man. Let’s see who comes out to help him when he’s seeking re-election. I really think any other minority who decides to run against him has a good shot in 2016 – if he’s not in jail by then.

  16. Political Play says:

    Carmen Jones entry into the District 2 County Commission races hurts both Lisa Aronson and Charlotte Rodstom campaigns. Women voters tend to turn out during off year elections. They now have three female candidates to choose from.

    There is quite a large minority (mostly female) voting block in District 2. If Carmen Jones earns their vote and a large number of African Ameircans turnout in August, Jones is in.

    A few news stories of new restrictive abortion laws or voter suppression laws being considered in Tallahassee will probably get women and minority voters to turn out in higher numbers.

    Comm. Holeness would not have backed Jones if the numbers do not show or support Jones viability.

    IMHO, this latest entry actually helps Bogen, who is the only male candidate on the ballot. He also has quite a large campaign war chest, which the other candidates cannot seem to fundraise, match,or beat. If Bogen is politically smart, he will organize his supporters and get his message out now, while the ladies and their surrogates have an on-line b*tch fest here.

  17. Abolish the BOCC says:

    Holness is dirty. PERIOD. Why does get any support? Gee..I wonder why.

  18. count lf chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    I don’t follow political plays thinking, if Tallahassee creates obstacles to discourage black voter turn out how can that increase black turnout? And from my experience abortion rights is a white middle or professional class issue n black church ladies seem to oppose what I would call abortion rights and young non church going non professional black women are generally not active in off year elections. Just looking at the endorsors you see religious opponents of abortion rights. I don’t see a non church going large black female turnout for the lady unless I am missing something.

  19. Bob Adams says:

    It’s a real shame that, since single member districts were created in 2000, the only honest commissioner that District 9 has had was Al Jones, and he only had several months.

  20. Only in america says:

    Only in America 45 after the creation of the Great Society bringing about the evolution of race reactions do I read this article to see Dale Holness has his own step n fetch it, Chip LaMarca. The east side, coastal Republican District is really controlled by a man of color from Lauderhill. God Bless America. Holness is the next King, Don King.

  21. Political Play says:

    @ 18 Count

    A Hypothetical Theory from Political Play

    Even the slightest “wiff” of voter suppression laws and abortion restriction laws being considered in Tallahassee will stir up the grassroots Democratic base in District 2 and will get them to the polls in higher numbers.

    District 2 has a sizable progressive female voting block with Coconut Creek’s Wynmoor The Township and Deerfield Beach’s Century Village. Most of those progressive female voters lived in the era before “Roe v. Wade” and still remember what it was like when abortion was illegal and unsafe.

    District 2 also has a large minority voting block in Deerfield and Pompano Beach which turned out in record numbers on Election Day in 2012 because the Governor and the Republican-dominated legislature shorten early voting days and attempted to purge 198,000 registered voters from the voter rolls.

    My thinking in regards to the District 2 Commission Race is this:

    The progressive female votes will split evenly with between all four candidates in the race. I believe Bogen will get the majority of the male vote in District 2 and will carry Century Village and Wynmoor giving him the edge.

    Now, if the 21% minority block turns out in higher numbers and cast votes for Carmen Jones, Ms. Jones will win the District 2 commission race edging out Bogen by 200+ votes.

    Will the Republicans attempt new voter & abortion restriction laws to get out their base in November? This could prove to be their Waterloo, if they inadvertantly galvanize the Democratic base of women and minorities to turnout. They only have to look at Virginia in 2013. The Republicans lost the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General races. The losses are attributed to the higher women and minority voter turnout.


    Remember that this will be decided in a Democratic primary. No Republicans or independents can vote. Since it is in the Democratic primary, I doubt the Republicans will do anything to disrupt or suppression the turnout. The GOP won’t need to suppress it, because it will be so low anyway.

    The 2012 Presidential Election has no bearing on the potential turnout in this county commission contest. In 2010, the primary turnout countywide was 14.9 percent. There was a hot race for the Republican nomination for governor between Bill McCollum and Rick Scott, which brought out GOP voters.

    This year, with nothing on the ballot to draw voters to the polls, there will probably be as few as 20 percent turnout, maybe less.

  22. Political Play says:

    @ Buddy

    You wrote:

    “This year, with nothing on the ballot to draw voters to the polls, . . .”

    Au contare, mon ami:

    Nan Rich v. Charlie Christ is on the ballot in August, so there will be an increase turn out for Broward County Democrats. Candidate Rich has been speaking at Broward County clubs, luncheons, and events. Her surrogates have be relentless and have focused on getting out the women and minority voters and absentee ballots.

    Also, higher grassroots and progressive Democratic turnout does not bode well for Crist, since he seems to feel that name recognition alone will win a Democratic primary. Crist has turned out to be a lazy campaigner in the Democratic Primary race, so far.

  23. count lf chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    With all due respect to political player, women are not monolithic and black women divide like everyone else by class, education, age, religious affiliation. More often these days age is overshadowing whether people turn out. I suggest blacks between their 20s up to their 40s will not vote in large numbers by anything the state does although older church going ladies might be energized in an off year election.

  24. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    Whenever I see the hear the name Dozier mentioned, my spidey sense tingles.

    Such as the case with this story.

    Months ago, then-resident of Deerfield Beach, a dude by the name of William Rankin, announced his candidacy for Florida CFO. An announcement that came as a complete shock, as I knew nothing of this “activist” who lived a mile away.

    Asking around town about him, folks would say, “Rankin who?”

    Rankin reminds me a lot of Daniel Sohn; both posers, proudly offering up their inflated resumes — that under examination, reveals zero actual experience.

    Now entering the fray is another “Deerfield activist” by the name of Carmen Jones, aged 36, who touts twenty-years of activism.

    Twenty years, you don’t say? Started working in the community around the same time you got your learner’s permit?

    Digging deep into the Sun-Sentinel archives, there’s no mention of Jones’ good deeds these past two decades, though there were reports about her playing basketball at DBHS.

    So I guess, in Dale Holeness’ mind, that counts for activism.

    I’m Chaz Stevens, and I’m a power forward corruption fighter!

    Jones, like Sohn, also has a very spotty voting record — as in she’s never once voted.

    Not even once.

    I wonder … did Deerfield Beach Commissioner Ben Preston ask her about her election track record before he cast his lot with her?

    Or, is it simply because Jones is from Deerfield’s District #2, black, and female?

    Jones doesn’t get my vote, but she will the blog’s rancor.

  25. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:


    Seems I got Carmen D. Jones (candidate) mixed up with Carmen M. Jones.

    The candidate has a solid voting record.


  26. Retraction Chaz says:

    The title of “GENIUS” can never be used again by Timmy. On his blog, Retraction Chaz would have just delete the page whenever he is caught in a lie and deny, deny, deny he ever posted such a thing.

    Everyone can now read for themselves how this cyberbully gets wound up and begins to crucify another Afirican American woman who dares to even run for Elected office.

    If I were Ms. Jones, I’d sue. I wonder how many voters in District 2 have read Retraction Chaz’s post here and on his blog. He has bragged in the past that he gets over 13,000 hits a day. Wonder How many readers in Broward have read this smear?

  27. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    I agree. Let’s sue that bastard Chaz Stevens. I’ll donate the first $250.

  28. Simply Stated says:

    Actually Chaz: Growing up attending school with Carmen’s kids, she was always fighting for our (black) community, District 2. Carmen Jones (who is actually 57) was always an active COMMUNITY leader. My research…(FACTS) shows she has always fought for community diversity, the impoverished and displaced.
    Need info on her, Chaz? Here’s HARD facts and not foolery;
    Commissioner E. Pat Larkins Foundations Board Member

    City Of Pompano Beach Economic Development Council

    City of Pompano Education Advisory Board

    City Of Pompano Budget Review Committee

    Historical Society Of Pompano Executive Board member

    Operation BIG VOTE 2012
    Dr. Dorsey Miller President/CEO

    Member Pompano/Deerfield Democratic Clubs

    Concerned Citizens for Children Advisory “CCC”

    North Area School Advisory Committee…just to name a few.

    God’s blessing and our hopes are in you Carmen D. Jones!!!

  29. Aletheia says:

    So “Retraction Chaz” wants to play the race card, eh? There is plenty of verifiable evidence regarding the usual suspects that Chaz Stevens writes about…jon allen, sylvia poitier, terry scott, cedrick thomas, pam davis, corey alston, eric haynes, hazelle rogers, etc. Many are black and exploit their own communities…but Stevens also exposes white dirtbags!

    Would you recommend we ignore the dirty dealings and crimes of African American women (and men), simply because of their skin color? That sounds like racism to me!

    By the way, owning up to a mistake and apologizing for it is the honorable thing to do. Being an apologist for thieves and vermin, because of their race, is not!

  30. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    Oh sorry, I didn’t think it was *that* Carmen D. Jones, you know, the one who had an IRS Lien. I mean, she wants to manage a $1B budget, so the least I’d think, she’d have been able to manage her own finances.



    Debtor Information
    Debtor 1
    Address: 1271 SW 6TH WAY
    DEERFIELD BCH, FL 33441-6459

    Debtor 2
    SSN: 265-31-XXXX
    Address: 1271 SW 6TH WAY
    DEERFIELD BCH, FL 33441-6459

    Creditor Information
    Name: IRS

    Filing State: FLORIDA
    Filing Date: 2/12/1996
    IRS Serial Number: 659603095

    Filing Number: 9666887
    Filing Type: FEDERAL TAX LIEN
    Filing Date: 2/12/1996
    Book/Page: 24481/782
    Filing County: BROWARD
    Filing Office: FL

  31. Floridan says:

    This is so pathetic — are we supposed to be impressed with your ability to dig up an IRS judgment that’s nearly two decades old? Unless you provide some specifics, this is meaningless.

    Moreover, how do we know you got the right Carmen Jones this time?

    Criticize her on her positions and proposals, but this desperate attempt to dig up dirt is ninth-grade stuff.

  32. Alice McGill says:

    How odd that the financial records of a non profit in Dania Beach run by a long time commissioner skate under the radar.

  33. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    Give up on this one, Chaz. You appear to be grasping at straws since you effed it up with that earlier post. A 1996 tax lien? Bill Clinton was in office (with Monica and friends).

    Anything recent, like say, this century? 2000? 2010?

    Face it, Chaz. Any future posts from you on Carmen Jones will be suspect. Your credibility is shot! You couldn’t even get the correct voting record for the actual candidate. Man, you are losing it.

    Your new mantra: FACT CHECK TWICE BEFORE I POST!

    or get use to introducing yourself like this:

    “I’m Chaz Stevens, and I’m a power forward corruption fighting idiot!”

    BTW, I will not be voting for Ms. Jones. She’s two-faced. I believe her true nature will be revealed while she campaigns in the district. A 1996 tax lien won’t hurt her campaign, her past two-faced dealings will.

  34. Holness Fan says:

    Holness is useless idiot sent him back to Jamica!!

  35. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    Will your husband be voting for Jones? Oh that’s right, he’s a convicted Federal felon.

  36. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    @ 35 Retraction Chaz

    Man, you’ve lost it. I don’t have a husband. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  37. Political Play says:

    @ 23 count

    you wrote: “women are not monolithic and black women divide like everyone else by class, education, age, religious affiliation. ”

    I do agree that ALL women are not monolithic. My political theory is based on recent elections in which certain “issues” bring out a particular demographic voting block.

    For example: Discussions of changes to social security or medicare by Congress tend to bring more Seniors to the polls if they feel that they are negatively affected by the changes.

    Hence, my theory that more minorities will come to the polls if they feel changes are about to be made (real or imagined) to their voting rights, a highly valued civil right issue.

  38. BTW says:

    I think Chaz’s post is very relevant and important. If Carmen Jones can’t handle her own check book I don’t want her and Dale having any control of the County’s. She is a terrible candidate and not well liked anyway. She doesn’t stand a chance and this just shows the length HOLNESS will go for his own good. He doesn’t care about anyone but his own selfish person. His time is coming next and we mount a massive campaign against him and anything his other follower Hazelle Rogers does. She is horrible too.

  39. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    You know Buddy … you might consider implementing a “minimum IQ required” to post a comment here … say anything greater than that of a shitzu.

    1. As to the so-called wasted effort in my digging up old tax liens, the Keyboard Warrior intentionally failed to mention my wasted effort on another DFB candidate.


    I brought that to the S-S attention, a few days before the election. Candidate Ron Coddington came in last. A very distant last place.

    2. Jones should expect similiar results. Think last place.

    3. You can expect Jones’ tax problem, along with her cozy relationship to AssHoleness, to be a major campaign issue.

    3a. Suck on those sour lemons, or if you have enough lemons, throw a party!

    4. As far as Jones “suing” me for libel, if that’s your belief, then your understanding of appropriate case law is extremely deficient — for sooth, NYT v Sullivan.

    5. Nearly eight years of flame-throwing blogging, chucking grenades, and endless dick noseing, and I’ve yet to be successfully sued for libel/slander/defamation. Think that is by accident?

    In the end, I really hope Jones would make that claim and take me to Court, as I’d love the opportunity to make a circus out of it. After all, that’s what attention whores do.

  40. Barry Goulds says:

    #38 BTW makes a very good point about not voting for someone that cannot handle their checkbook.
    Commissioner Aronson has been very reckless with the City of Coconut Creek’s taxpayer’s checkbook. She gave former City Manager Dave Rivera a starting salary of 195K with benefits and continued giving him 5% + COLA increases ’til he yelled at her. Then she help get rid of him after paying out a “HEFTY” golden parachute.
    Yep, you can’t trust frosted eyeshadows with the District 2’s taxpayer’s checkbook. Look how she spent willie nillie with Creek’s checkbook.

  41. Just Beth, Not the Fat One says:

    Lay off Comm. Aronson. She needs the money. Her hubby is unemployed and they need the salary that a County Commissioner makes instead of the paltry income from the City of Coconut Creek to keep Ronie’s convertible BMW.

    Please, stop dissing Lisa!

  42. Broward's 4th Floor says:

    well, it looks like Carmen Jones(liens) will fit in with commishes Holness(liens) and Lamarca(foreclosure). Soon they will have a quorum.