Crist’s Senate Bid Will Trigger Many Broward Races


It’s all up to Governor Charlie Crist.

If he jumps into the U. S. Senate race in early May as widely expected, he will set off a political landslide which will be felt all the way to Broward.

There are dozens of possible races. 

There are millions of dollars in potential spending that has campaign consultants drooling.

Broward lobbyists, hold on to your wallets!  

Here’s the line up:

The entire Cabinet is edging toward a race for governor to replace Crist. 

Offices will be open that are now held Attorney General Bill McCollum, Chief Executive Officer Alex Sink and Agriculture Secretary Charles Bronson.

What a political prize governor and three powerful statewide Cabinet seats available at once!

That will allow at least four Broward legislators to seriously consider runs for Cabinet seats.

They are state Sens. Jeremy Ring, D-Parkland, who is looking at a run for CFO.  Senate President Jeffrey Atwater, R-Palm Beach Gardens, who is also looking at CFO or governor.

Then there is state Reps. Adam Hasner, R- Delray Beach, whose district hits a few precincts in North Broward.  He always has his eye out for an opportunity, like Atwater’s seat or statewide office.

And state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, is a long shot to run statewide, too. Or she could run for Atwater’s seat.

Other Broward House and Senate members will be taking a look, too.

If any these incumbents run, Broward’s political scene will be shaken and stirred.

City officials like Parkland Mayor Michael Udine or state Rep. Martin Kiar, D-Davie, might try for Ring’s seat.  Or any of a number of other office holders in Tamarac, Margate, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach and even North Lauderdale.

That would leave their jobs open.

If Bogdanoff runs, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea’s Oliver Parker might drop his rumored bid for county commission and run for her seat.  He missed winning it by 12 votes several years ago.

Get the picture.

Lots of candidates.  Lots of open seats.  Lots of campaigning.

All this campaigning will cost money.

Money for the regular campaign at $500-a-contribution.

Money for costly TV ads.  Money for mail pieces. 

Money for the not-so-secret committees to produce attack ads.  No campaign limit on these donations.

Money to pass out to condo bosses and grass roots “leaders for their endorsements.  Don’t kid yourself.  Many of those endorsements on palm cards are purchased.

Campaign contributors like super-lawyer Scott Rothstein, developer Ron Bergeron and lobbyist Ron Book should take their phone off the hook now. 

I predict several million dollar races in Broward alone.

Yup, next year could be one of the most vicious, vigorous and expensive elections Broward ever.

But only if Crist runs for U. S. Senate.

7 Responses to “Crist’s Senate Bid Will Trigger Many Broward Races”

  1. forgot one? says:

    How about the only South Florida camdidate that is given serious consideration for a Statewide run, Mayor Jack Seiler? AG Seiler????

    FROM BUDDY: I’m not sure he would be interested, but Jack Seiler would make a great candidate!

  2. S. Only says:

    Wow Browardbeat—sounds pretty upbeat to me in this recession /depression—at least someone might be eating.

  3. The Old Ghost says:

    What about Steve Geller? He would make a great Cabinet member and he wouldn’t have to run against that old crone Sue Gunzburger.

  4. In the know says:

    Look for Broward County Commissioner Ken Keechel to run for Senator Atwaters seat. I have it on good authroity.

  5. Tyronne Steele says:

    I have it on the down-low that my homeboy Ken is already moving towards Atwater’s senate seat.

  6. Money over principle says:

    The Broward GOP is not in position to field challengers- too busy catering to Pozzuoli & the Tripp Scott law firm. And Chip is just a caretaker until he gets his reward…

  7. Joy's Fan says:

    Joy Cooper Should run for County Commission if Geller drops out to run for statewide office. Hell, she should run anyway. She can beat them all.