Crist’s Extension of Early Voting To Annoy GOP



I’ve said for a long time that Charlie Crist is the best Democratic governor this state has seen in a long time.

The Republican Crist is more liberal and open-minded than the last Democratic governor, Lawton Chiles.

He proved my point again today by extending early voting.

His extension of early voting hours today is the right move, given the long lines in urban areas.

Boy is he going to annoy his Republican Party cohorts.

Common wisdom is that Democrats vote early, while Republicans vote absentee.  This is especially true this year with Team Obama making a big push for Democrats to vote early.

By giving Florida voters extra hours of early voting 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Crist is helping Democrats. 

He is going to hear from his Republican friends during the next session of the Legislature. Not publicly.  Republicans can’t openly oppose making it easier to vote.

But they will grumble to themselves and they’ll remember.  They’ll remember in two years, when Crist is back on the ballot.

4 Responses to “Crist’s Extension of Early Voting To Annoy GOP”

  1. Republican says:

    Lack of planning on the Supervisor’s part does not create an emergency on ours!

  2. AnxietyDreams says:

    We need an appointed Supervisor of Elections, rather than continuing to elect people who are not equipped to do an adequate job.

  3. Carol says:

    Funny, I took the opposite approach. I think he did this so more Republicans CAN vote. Most of my Republican friends are complaining that they have “real” jobs and can’t stand in line for 2 hours to vote. So, this now provides them with the opportunity to vote.

  4. Conservatively Liberal says:

    To AnxietyDreams: Funny, as I recall, Dr. Brenda Snipes was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush when Miriam Oliphant was removed as supervisor of elections.