Charlie Crist Raised More Money Today Than Nan Rich Raised In Entire Campaign




Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist raised more money today than his primary opponent Nan Rich has raised in her entire campaign.

Crist received $500,000 from the Democratic Governors Association.  Rich has raised $399,098 in her 26-month campaign.

That’s just the start for Crist.

On Tuesday, Crist will do three fundraisers in a row at the homes of Broward County mayors.

First, he’ll be at the home of Mayor Joy Cooper of Hallandale Beach. Then he motors to the home of Mayor Peter Bober of Hollywood before traveling to the home of Mayor Frank Ortis of Pembroke Pines.

A campaign source predict the three events could raise $80-$100k.

But that’s only one benefit. Crist will be introduced to the community leaders in each of these Democratic strongholds. These are folks who are necessary to get the vote out in November.

On Wednesday, Crist holds a fourth fundraiser hosted by long-time Democratic supporter, Broward lawyer David Singer. It is at Yolo’s restaurant in downtown Fort Lauderdale and campaign source anticipates raising $20-25k.

The former Republican Gov. Crist has been quite successful in raising Democratic money in Broward is recent days. On June 25, Crist raised $93k in a reception at the beachfront W Fort Lauderdale thrown by County Commissioner Stacy Ritter and her husband, Russ Klenet.  



Crist began advertising on TV on Monday.

7 Responses to “Charlie Crist Raised More Money Today Than Nan Rich Raised In Entire Campaign”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Nan Rich is more interested in her career and self than the Democratic Party or good government. Outside of some of my fellow Jews, mostly women, and a few Christian, mostly white professional women, she has NO SUPPORT, yet she continues this vanity campaign. President Obama was a “long shot” against Senator Hillary Clinton BUT HE HAD AN ANTI-WAR MESSAGE which propelled him to victory. Nan Rich has NO SUCH MESSAGE! Can anyone find any policy differences between Nan Rich and Charlie Crist? None! Absolutely NONE! I am sick and tired of the Harold Stassens of this world who run and run and run even when there is NO CHANCE ON EARTH they can EVER WIN A PRIMARY! And yes, I think they run mostly for EGO but also TO GET CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS THEY CAN USE TO EXTEND THEIR “TIME IN PUBLIC LIFE” past their “sell by date”.

  2. Plain Language says:

    @ Count Chocula: What a profoundly stupid thing to say. The entire world is now a bit more stupid thanks to you. The difference between Nan Rich and Charlie Crist is that Rich has held her views for years. With Crist his mind constantly changes on issues so we can’t trust him on any point of view. That you would blindly trade your vote in return for a loose bag of uncertainty is one thing. To suggest that Nan Rich isn’t interested in the good of the party is another, and to assume that Crist is somehow a genuine democrat is a shot in the dark. Perhaps you’re the one past your sell date.

  3. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Charlie Crist will flip back to Republican as soon as he’s in the governor’s mansion – he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the Democratic voters will keep electing Republicans like him and Sheriff Israel, so long as they change their party affiliation in time. If Florida elects Crist, it deserves what it gets.

  4. Knows for sure says:

    First of all, I think Nan Rich would make a good Governor, but there are many obstacles.

    It matters not who Nan Rich’s opponent is.

    Once she gets a bit north of Palm Beach County, it’s Nan who?

    Once you get up to the Bible thumping conservative Baptist belt in Northern Florida, it’s hell no! Unfortunately, these folks are not quite ready for a Jewish woman to occupy the Governors Mansion.

    If she could win, that would be one thins, but she doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against Charlie or anybody else for that matter.

    The vast difference in campaign contributions tells the story. The money people know she can’t win either.

    This is a classic example of how the Dems here and everywhere eat their own. Forcing each other to spend already scarce campaign money on a primary instead of getting together and solidifying the party.

    I predict Charlie 70% – 30%

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well, well, well comm.stacey Ritter and hubby(Russ) come through for Charlie. Be careful Charlie that “big Russ” doesn’t ask for a cut w/ the loot they raised for you. I say Mayor Seiler for your running mate Charlie. what Mayor Dyer( Orlando) would be a better choice. Send mayor Seiler up to Nothern Fla, they will love the ‘Jackster”….

  6. Baby Nan says:

    Laurie Levinson is going to ride her mother’s coattails OUT of politics next month.

    Have you ever looked at her facial expression when she is on the dais?

    It shows that she does not want to be there.

    She is another one of Broward’s corrupt.

  7. s only says:

    Very simple: I’m voting for Charlie because he can beat Scott.