Crist Asks For Votes For Contributor — Bergeron

 Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 15:09:54 -0500

Subject: Help Protect the Everglades


Budweiser is holding an online vote for “Conservationist of the Year”, and one of the four finalists is my good friend “Alligator” Ron Bergeron.


As a Florida Wildlife Conservation Commissioner, Ron has fought to bring attention to Florida’s most pressing environmentalist concerns.  He is the founder of and the Bergeron Everglades History and Cultural Museum, which educates the public on the importance of saving our precious Everglades.    

I urge you to go to this link and vote for Ron.  Budweiser has pledged to donate $50,000 to the winner’s cause of choice, and I want to see that money put to good use here in Florida. 

On top of that, Ron has devoted his entire life to protecting our state’s natural beauty.  His hard work deserves recognition.

So please, vote now!  All votes must be cast by this Friday, December 17th.

Thank you and God bless,

Charlie Crist

(Note: Broward developer and real estate investor Ron Bergeron was a major contributor and supporter of Governor Charlie Crist’s campaigns. The two have become friends, I am told.  Crist appointed Bergeron to the powerful Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 
Crist sent this to thousands on his e-mail list on Wednesday.  It contains three links allowing a reader to vote for Bergeron in the national contestThat’s so readers don’t miss the point of  the e-mail. Here is a link to an earlier story about Bergeron being a finalist for the award.
Buddy Nevins )

5 Responses to “Crist Asks For Votes For Contributor — Bergeron”

  1. I don't Think So Ronnie says:

    Buddy: Thanks for providing the link allowing me to cast a vote for someone other than Bergeron. For him to get any award…is a joke.

  2. Elliot Ness says:
    Broward Politics

    Davie rehires ousted administrator

    By Scott Wyman December 15, 2010 04:19 PMSusannah Bryan reports:

    Town Administrator Gary Shimun fired his second-in-command Ken Cohen in June 2008 without offering a reason.

    The town rehired Cohen in late October. His new title: wastewater plant operator.

    Cohen was assistant town administrator from 2001 until his termination in mid-2008. At the time, he earned $140,506 a year. That’s a far cry from his current salary of $31,567.

    Cohen could not be reached despite a call to his work and home on Wednesday.

    In mid-2009, Cohen said he was considering running against Councilwoman Susan Starkey in the town’s March 2010 election, but decided against it.

    Cohen applied for one of four open positions in the town’s utilities department and was hired on Oct. 25, Human Resources Director Barbara Hitzemann wrote in an email.

    Shimun could not be reached for comment on Wednesday despite a call to his office and cell phone.

  3. Floridan says:

    I’m not sure what the point of this article might be.

  4. I Don't Think So Ronnie says:

    Buddy: Was there a reason you edited my comment?

    I must admit it was a funny line, but it is potentially libelous and just downright unfair. It implies that Mr. Bergeron did something illegal.

    You don’t like Bergeron. Fine. Join the club. But attack him on something you can prove, like he doesn’t deserve the award because he is a developer or because he drives a gas-guzzling Hummer.

  5. unowho!!! says: