Crist Appoints Another Loser — Petrocelli


Gov. Charlie Crist’s appointments are getting more and more pathetic.

Think Scott Rothstein to the Appeals Court Judicial Nominating Commission.  Or Joe Cobo to the North Broward Hospital District.

Now he has appointed  Rico Petrocelli to the Broward County Housing Authority.


Petrocelli is the former Plantation commissioner who got beaten earlier this year after allegations he misused money at the Plantation Athletic League.  The State Attorney’s Office dropped their investigation of any criminal wrongdoing, but the whole deal didn’t smell right.

In addition, Petrocelli has a checked past in law enforcement and automobile sales.  Just check out my previous stories using the search feature on the front page. 

Can’t the governor find anybody who hasn’t been or is under investigation? 

Rothstein.  Need I say more.  

Cobo.  He’s accused of steering deals at the hospital district. No charges have come out of investigations.yet.

After the New Times’ Thomas Francis revealed Cobo was a host at a Crist fund raiser last week, the governor was forced to drop his appointee from the event.

I guess there are so few Republican activists in Broward, it is hard for Crist to find one.

Here is how the governor’s news release describes Petrocelli:

 Rico J. Petrocelli, 55, of Plantation, self-employed, online newspaper, succeeding John Aurelius, appointed for a term beginning December 21, 2009, and ending October 31, 2013. 


15 Responses to “Crist Appoints Another Loser — Petrocelli”

  1. Sick to my stomach says:

    Appointing Rico Petrocelli to the Broward County Housing Authority is like the proverbial fox guarding the chicken coop.

    If you do not think a guy who steals from kids won’t attempt to enrich himself at the expense of Broward’s indigent population, you are in never-never land. Payola for a roof over your head anyone?

    Way to go Charlie…the Dems MUST be paying you to pull of so many blunders in such a short period of time.

  2. Interesting says:

    Never heard of this group, what do they do or have control of? Sounds like an empty shell because there is no unincorporated areas left?

  3. Housing Authorities says:

    Housing authorities each control regions in which millions in HUD funds and housing programs are spent targeting the poor. It is unclear why Rico would have any interest in serving on this committee. But you can bet this has something to do with Crist becoming a US Senator. All his appointments are linked exclusively to that objective.

  4. Sick to my stomach says:

    @ Interesting:

    Educate thyself grasshopper:

    Provides low income housing, like Section 8, to low income families. Plenty of opportunities to do favors, get graft, etc.

    Petrocelli must be salivating.

  5. Blue Man Scoop says:

    From their website: “The BCHA serves more than 12,000 Broward County residents on a daily basis as tenants residing in the properties we manage and maintain, through the rental subsidies we pay for families living in the private rental market, and by the services we offer through the HUD-certified Housing Counseling Program.”

    That seems kind of ripe for grift, if one was so inclined

  6. Bill Bzdek says:

    Buddy indeed you are a piece of work. And able to be counted on just like the sun rising . I spoke to Rico today and said ” Congrats” and be ready for a Buddy Salvo of Yellow Journalism and ” Boom ” here you go .

    You wrote over 18 negative articles on Rico , during an election !
    Your wife was friends with Pete Tingum who he ran against ! Then Pat Roberts” a real stand up guy ” who realy went to work for Rothstein , who you mentioned in this article , Cheetah , Strip Clubs was your main go to guy who files complaint along with another crony and ” OOPS Still America ” after intense stupid investigation is cleared by the state
    and loved by Dynamites of PAL and yet somehow in the world according to Buddy Nevins still guilty!

    I hope someone who has a brain does go back and review your articles , used cars , strippers pulled over , angry unknown family memebers , killed Kennedy , was in the movie ‘ Animal House ” slept with Aliens !

    Bob Norman averages 350 comments per article and Buddy Nevins ???

    Tell the Mayor and Diane hello from me next time they call you to run a negative article on the next Mayor of Plantation!

  7. Heeelp says:

    If Rico Petrocelli becomes mayor, God help Plantation. He is morally challenged and he never met a developer or lobbyist he didn’t like. His use of the name Rico is an example of his untruthfulness and his attempt to fool voters into thinking he has something to do with the great ball player. Frances Petrocelli is a crooked phony.

  8. interesting says:

    Interesting Bill, that while you are critical of Buddy for writing the posts you fail to say the allegations were not true. Whatever the motives were for writing the article, it appears what he said was true.

  9. S only says:

    just keep digging, digging that hole, Charlie Crist…

  10. RepuSick to my stomach says:

    @ Bill Bzdek

    Methinks thou dost protest too much.

    Rico Petrocelli has about a snowballs chance in hell of being elected Mayor of Plantation…besides, he will be busy for awhile stealing from a newly found cash cow since he can no longer steal from the children at the Police Athletic league.

    Don’t you know that sticking up for this @2#./*^% damages your credibility?

    As for Bob Norman getting 350 comments on an article..have you READ the mindless and obscene drivel in those comments? They do not count.

    I would rather read 10 on point comments from 10 intelligent commentators than wade through 350 irrelevant comments one valid point.

  11. Long Time PAL Volunteer says:

    Interesting. Ten comments. one pro-Rico, nine anti-Rico. Buddy seems to attract readers with common sense. I see another audit on the horizon.

  12. What Qualifications does Francis have? says:

    I have one simple question to ask the Governor:
    What qualifications does Francis Petrocelli have?

  13. What a Joke!! says:

    Rico is a phoney! Rico will be handing out low income houses and apartments to anyone who will vote him into office…… any office that pays him to do zero but drain the tax payer dollars. Rico is a leach and a big fake! He abused his volunteer position in PAL and tried to cover it up. Anyone standing too close to him will get struck by lightning! Watch out Charlie!

  14. watchful says:

    Hey…Rico at least has more experience than Jeb had! Oh, and Jeb wasn’t his real name either…
    But then again…look at the MESS our state is in after Jeb ran it into the ground. Pray for Florida and Broward County!

  15. Pissed off in Plantation says:

    Are you serious? A huge scandal with someones name? You 9 people need a damn life and leave that man alone. Buddy why do you hate on this guy so much that you are willing to try and destroy him? Is it personal did he do something to you? Sounds like you are quite obsessed.