Crippled Broward Health Hires Management Consultant




Struggling with leadership failures while it continues to hemorrhage money, Broward Health has hired a management consultant help fashion the public healthcare system’s future.

Kaufman Hall & Associates, a Skokie, IL healthcare management consultant, has been instructed to “assess the hospital system’s financial health and provide guidance to best position Broward Health…”

The news release did not disclose what Kaufman Hall & Associates was being paid.

The system clearly needs help with running the four public hospitals and numerous clinics north of Griffin Road.

In December, the Board of Commissioners fired CEO Pauline Grant after alleging she was involved in an illegal kickback scheme.

The system’s problems became public when Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, the former Broward Health CEO, committed suicide on Jan. 23 last year.  With his death, a slew of seamy inside deals surfaced, like a multi-million dollar no-bid advertising contract.

The group of gubernatorial appointees on the Broward Health Board of Commissioners have been unable to cope with the turmoil that followed El Sanadi’s death.

Commissioners named Kevin Fusco as the interim CEO within days of El Sanadi’s suicide. But Fusco’s management style didn’t satisfy Commissioners.

So commissioners hired Grant as CEO. With Grant’s dismissal, Fusco is back in charge.

Meanwhile, the taxpayer-supported system continues to lose money. It had a net loss of $3.3 million for the six-month period ended Dec. 31, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

All through this period, Broward Health Commissioners have been bailing.

The Board of Commissioners by law should contain seven members. Broward Health now has four commissioners.

The departed members apparently don’t want to be associated with a public system clearly in trouble. Who can blame them?

The puzzle in this is Gov. Rick Scott.

A former business executive who build Columbia/HCA into the largest private health care firm in the nation, Scott is mum publicly about his intentions for Broward Health. He presumably can influence the prospects of Broward Health through his appointees.

Here is the news release announcing the hiring of Kaufman Hall & Associates:


Media Contact:
Daniella Aird


Management Company will review finances and showcase opportunities

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Broward Health is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to retain Kaufman Hall & Associates, a premier healthcare management consultant, to assess the hospital system’s financial health and provide guidance to best position Broward Health for the future. The Skokie, IL-based firm has a strong reputation for helping healthcare systems identify opportunities and increase efficiencies.

“Like all of today’s successful healthcare systems, we recognize the need to look closely at how we best steward our resources so we can be most effective in our delivery of care to the community,” said Broward Health Interim President/CEO Kevin Fusco. “Improving our organization with best practices will allow us to better serve our patients and grow where necessary.”

Kaufman Hall will conduct an analysis of the system and provide recommendations on how to best meet the organization’s financial and strategic goals to Broward Health and its governing board, the North Broward Hospital District Board. From there, leadership will determine next steps to move the system forward.

In December 2016, the board authorized the hiring an outside management firm to conduct an assessment of the Broward Health, which is one of the 10 largest public healthcare systems in the country.

The team is expected to begin work in early February.


8 Responses to “Crippled Broward Health Hires Management Consultant”

  1. DiPietro Zimmerman connection says:

    Odd that Judge Nina Di Pietro recently reimbursed Zimmerman for the costs of a fundraiser that took place in June of 2015. Some speculate this may have had to to with a potential kickback investigation when David DiPietro was Chair at Broward Health and the non bid Zimmerman deal

  2. Gilly Porter says:

    There are better pigsties in Kingston than Broward General. When I went to hospital, I stayed away from Broward General and went out to Weston to Cleveland Clinic.

  3. Doc says:

    The hospitals should be privatized and the taxes to treat the poor should be given to the newly private hospitals WITH STRONG OVERSIGHT.

    Another option is to allow the Memorial system in Hollywood to take over Broward Health. They are scandal free and do a good job without drama.

  4. Junior says:

    Ran better when Ham was in charge…..


    The comment refers to Hamilton Forman, who largely controlled the hospital system for decades from his perch on the Board of Commissioners. First appointed by Gov. Farris Bryant in 1961, Forman held office for 30 years under six governors.

  5. Terminal Patient says:

    If a Forman made it run smooth for three decades appoint Brenda to this jobs.

  6. Junior says:



    Absolutely. Actually is was C. Farris Bryant. The “C” was for Cecil. He was known as just Farris Bryant.

  7. More consultants waste tax dollars says:

    If The Board would do its job and hire a President/CEO, Chief Compliance Officer, Internal Auditor and address the bizarre behavior of the General Counsel the system could get back on-track.
    The problems at Broward Health stem from poor Governance not the front line staff doing a wonderful job with high quality.

  8. Welcome says:

    Welcome consultants to our world of hell. The underhanded dealings have already started. Please make sure they check all the IS positions that are being hidden and switched by VP Peek with the blessing of VP Wong. This company will not get an accurate picture of the true mess we are in.
    Employees working off the clock and HR knows it. Harassment investigations swept under the rug, Directors and managers promoted without the proper education credentials required for the job. It’s a real mess. Pay attention consultants. This place has been a mess for over 10 years. Quit blaming the board and the general counsel for the short comings of those who have been in power for over a decade.
    Clean house or unionize..our only two choices.