Courthouse Candidate Raises More In One Month Than Opponent’s Entire Campaign





Circuit Court candidate Stacey Schulman raised more money in her first month campaigning than her opponent raised in her entire six-month campaign

Schulman raised $19,795, plus kicked in $50,000 of her own, in October.

Opponent Julie Shapiro Harris only raised $12,014 since April 17, when she launched her campaign. Harris also put $5,100 of her own money in the race.


Ashley Walker, a campaign consultant helping Schulman, predicted Schulman had only scratched the surface on donations: “There is a lot more coming.”

Shapiro Harris continued in October spending more than she raised. She raised $1,220, but spent $2,702.92.

Schulman only spent $991.50.

Here is an earlier post of Shapiro Harris’ overspending.



8 Responses to “Courthouse Candidate Raises More In One Month Than Opponent’s Entire Campaign”

  1. Cha Ching says:

    Julie’s Treasurer Ed Mc Gee and his staff have been paid a hair below $3000 when the campaign itself has only raised $12k. Especially interesting since Ropapaugh is running the campaign and has only been paid $1000.

  2. Dick pic giggles Stacey says:

    Google “Stacey Schulman dick pics” and see if you think this inexperienced and immature lawyer deserves to be a judge. I don’t care how much money she raises, she is joke. She has no business being a judge. Do not vote for Schulman!

  3. Omg says:

    Oh my , Shulman was present at a deposition when another member of her firm did something wrong. Has Julie ever taken a deposition?. Doubt it.

  4. Not so fast Stacey I mean Omg says:

    @ Omg – Schulman giggled as it occured and afterward basically said: that’s how we roll.

    If you have a coworker acting unprofessionally you tell them to stop, particularly if you are a lawyer who wants to be a judge. This is serious business. This is not a little incident of bad behavior. It was a nationally recognized embarrassment. Bad judgment makes a bad judge. Broward deserves better. Vote NO to Schulman.

  5. Omg says:

    Thanks for confirming Julie has never even deposed someone. She giggled…gasp! If that is the biggest reason not to vote for Shulman, Julie will be going 0 for 2.

  6. Not so fast Stacey I mean Omg says:

    Omg: I do not know anything about Schulman’s opponent. Call her and ask about her deposition experience and report back. This is not about taking a deposition, which is hardly anything to brag about. This is about Schulman’s poor judgment and immature behavior.

    Since you seem to think a deposition is a big deal, has Schulman taken a depo? From the news coverage and the federal court order kicking her off the case it seemed pretty clear she was there carrying the other lawyer’s briefcase. What a joke.

    Vote NO to Schulman. Broward deserves better.


    Stacey Schulman was a prosecutor for nine years. She not only took numerous depositions, but has skads of criminal trial experience.

  7. Omg says:

    If you look up “trial lawyer” in the dictionary you will not see Julie Harris. As for carrying a briefcase, Julie’ job at the Clerks office consists of reading a petition and telling a judge if a person was battered or not. That is some complex lawyering going on there.

  8. hmmmm says:

    I saw Julie’s treasurer Ed McGee on Bob Norman celebrating getting Margate Commissioner McLean off in a technicality. No wonder why Barry has him as his wife’s Treasurer he may be helpful when Talabisco goes to trial. Maybe that is why the campaign is paying him so much money to be a treasurer.