Victory For Biz Tycoon: Trash Monopoly Smashed!



The garbage monopoly in Broward County has finally been broken in yet another victory for business tycoon Ron Bergeron. 

A Broward County Court today upheld Sun-Bergeron’s smashing of Waste Management decade-long strangehold on the disposal business in Miramar.

Sun-Bergeron is the latest business venture of Bergeron, a Weston entrepreneur, and Palm Beach County’s Southern Waste Systems.

Ron Bergeron

Bergeron, 69, had already made a fortune in rock mining, road building, real estate investing and the storm recovery business when he decided to enter the waste disposal business several years ago.

This newest business pitted him against one of the biggest, richest and most entrenched corporations in Florida — Waste Management operating under its subsidiary, Wheelabrator Technologies

But Bergeron and his partners, Southern Waste, were not scared of the massive international company.  Both had deep enough pockets to fight, investing millions of dollars on infrastructure and unleashing a legion of lobbyists before winning their first contract.

Former Broward Commissioner and Democratic Chair George Platt and big-time political fund raisers Bernie Friedman and Aleida “Ali” Waldman head the group of Sun-Bergeron lobbyists. Waste Management defends its business with top lawyer/lobbyists Dennis Mele, who is also a former Coconut Creek city manager,  and former Democratic state committeeman and fund raiser Mike Moskowitz, among others.  

In the end, Sun-Bergeron’s offer of lower prices and a better recycling rate forced the end of  Waste Management’s monopoly on garbage disposal in Miramar.

Wheelabrator’s bid  $52.50 per ton of waste while Sun Bergeron’s offered it at $42.25 per ton.

Waste Management sued to block the Miramar contract, contending the city steered the contract to Sun-Bergeron. A hearing was held last week.

The court ruled today that Miramar’s award of the contract was legal.

Sun-Bergeron’s lobbying team has fanned out across Broward from Miramar, offering the first competitive bidding for garbage disposal in the county in a generation.

Here is Sun-Bergeron’s statement released today:

“This is a great win for the citizens of Miramar and all residents of Broward County. The court upheld Miramar`s right to make decisions that are clearly in its best interest and in the best interest of its residents. The ruling affirms Miramar`s historic decision, breaking up a 25-year solid waste disposal monopoly in order to provide more competition. The results of that decision speak for themselves, prices have been brought down by more than 50%, and there is a renewed focus on recycling which will greatly improve sustainability and promote good environmental stewardship. Sun Bergeron is ready to carry out its commitment to the residents of Miramar. Its contract with the City provides value added environmental stewardship and sustainability. 



6 Responses to “Victory For Biz Tycoon: Trash Monopoly Smashed!”

  1. Question says:

    How much money does one person need?

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Congratulations to Team Bergeron and the folks from SWS.

    This has been long overdue.

    Next up … Dear folks living near Mt. Trashmore… Did you know your water is polluted? Like really nasty crap in the groundwell?

    I’m peeling apart the water reports … stay tuned, and also, consider switching to bottled water.

  3. christine says:

    ask Danny boy Snyder
    apparently he has enough he can throw away RGIII

  4. @chaz says:

    Chaz talk to Dan at cry of the water. He will help you.

  5. Phil Perkins says:

    Broward County never ceases to amaze me. Here we have bunch of hack Democrat lobbyists paying off their hack elected democrat friends for garbage contracts.

    One monoply smashed. Another monoply begins. To think Sun is doing us all a favor is an insult to our intelligence. LOL.

  6. voter says:

    Congrats to Bergeron team and Kudos to Judge on ruling. We the taxpayers PAID FOR the 441 Wjhelabrator facility design and construction 20++ years ago. But the deal never “gave’ the facility to us taxpayers. Wheelabrator owns it. So if they loose the cntracts in Broward, they own “our” facility, but won’t get our trash pickup revenue.