County Judge Dishowitz Retires After 22 Years




Broward County Judge Martin Dishowitz will not run for re-election this year, retiring after 22 years on the bench.


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County Judge Martin Dishowitz presiding over a hearing



Dishowitz made the announcement in e-mail to the media on Saturday.


I have had the honor and pleasure of serving as a Broward County Court Judge since my appointment by Governor Lawton Chiles in 1994. I will not be running for re-election this year. After twenty-two plus years on the bench it’s time to try something new. Thank you to my family, friends, attorneys who have appeared before me and fellow Judges and court staff.

Dishowitz included a biography with his news release.

The biography is below:

15 Responses to “County Judge Dishowitz Retires After 22 Years”

  1. Kevin Tynan says:

    A good judge and a good man.

  2. Jack Moss says:

    Always a gentleman … and an advocate for children. Thanks for your service.

  3. David Brown says:

    The Broward bench will be losing one of its brightest stars. Dedication to community, integrity, compassion, understanding, and a strong work ethic just begins to describe his contribution to our judicial community.
    The title “Your Honor” is most deserved.
    Best wishes to you and your equally devoted family.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Lets wish His Honour a well deserved G-d’s Speed n Good Luck and pray a good sucessor is found not a flunking for unemployable seedy political consultants looking for fees and court appointments to screw the public

  5. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Marty is a good judge and a good guy. I wish him the best in his future journeys.

  6. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Free at last! Free at long last from the senseless hermit-like life that judges are forced to live in Florida for the sake of “ethics.” Free to speak your mind and in so doing help us all understand how to make a better community.

    One of the smartest and most capable minds in Broward will soon be free to speak out and I can’t wait to hear what he will have to say. Congratulations.

  7. SAM FIELDS says:


  8. Zowie says:

    the senseless hermit-like life that judges are forced to live in Florida for the sake of “ethics.”

    What’s this supposed to mean? When Broward judges are in the news, chances are it’s for drunken driving, committing perjury, cheating fellow lawyers, smoking dope in public or lazy working schedules that guarantee they can be on the golf course by 3 p.m. Some hermits!

  9. NK says:

    Fantastic judge to appear before and a very good person. I was a PD in his courtroom when he handled juvenile matters back when I was a new lawyer about 15 years back.

    And since then, have been before him many times in civil and have talked with him socially.

    A gentleman and someone who cared about doing the right thing by all people and by the law. What more could you ask for in a judge.

    Best of luck in the next chapter Judge Dishowitz!

  10. jack latona says:

    Marty, all the best for the future. You have been a model of a good judge. thanks

  11. Senator Steve Geller says:

    I’ve known Marty and Jeanne for decades. Truly nice, thoughtful people. Marty was someone that people without lawyers would not be afraid to appear in front of. Learned, but courteous. What good Judges should be. Good for Marty, a loss to the Bench.

  12. Rico Petrocelli says:

    Buddy…Thanks for the Post…I have known Marty forever, his family too. As you know, Marty was “Our” councilman (Plantation) before his appointment to the bench. He was professional before his council election, and continued his professionalism on the bench.

    A family man, he always showed up at Plantation High, where I coached his son Ben (Attorney now). Jeannie and the gang would show up, Marty would smoke his “signature cigar” and enjoy the games.

    I am so happy for him & his family, they ALL deserve this retirement. Now he can go on to whatever he wants, show up where he wants, and say & support whoever he wants!…lol

    Rico Petrocelli
    Plantation Councilman (2005-2009)

  13. ernest kollra says:

    I probably appeared before Judge Dishowitz over 100 times throughout my career and it was always a pleasure to appear before him. His knowledge of the issues was always second to none. When I decided to seek the bench he was the first I contacted for his honest opinion as whether he believed I possessed the skills to be on the bench. He gave me the confidence to go forward. Good luck Judge in your retirement.

  14. Alexandra Hrachovsky says:

    Thank you for your exemplary service. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  15. Vinnie Grande says:

    Congratulations, Marty, to both you and your lovely wife. You are a pillar of the community and the definition of a humble, dedicated public servant. I always enjoyed our conversations, here and in Tallahassee; Witty, insightful and genuine, I gleamed much from them. Take care, my Friend.