County Commission’s Smelly $1 Billion No-Bid Garbage Deal Forges Ahead


The Browardbulldog website has a yummy piece about the $1 billion no-bid garbage deal that County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, Weston Mayor Eric Hersh and their handpicked flunky Ron Greenstein are trying to shove down taxpayers throats.

That’s right.  Many Broward County pols remain the Helen Keller’s of politics, despite the arrests and the investigations. When it comes to ethics, they are deaf and blind.

At least two members of the county commission reportedly are under investigation — Lieberman and Stacy Ritter. Commissioners still insist on forging ahead with a seamy no-bid deal.

The bulldog piece is here.   It is timely because it comes up before the county commission today. 

Wanna bet which way commissioners vote?  

Here is an earlier story, too, about Lieberman. There are more links in this story.

While I’m writing about the county commission, I have to mention newly elected Dale Holness.

Am I dreaming it, or is Holness channeling Josephus Eggelletion?

The able Sun-Sentinel staff writer Brittany Wallman revealed this week that Holness wants to travel to Trinidad on your dime.   He says the $1,500 will be well spent because he will be drumming up business for Broward.

Right.  So many people are cutting deals the week before Christmas, which is when he wants to travel.  

What kind of business does Trinidad have that can help Broward?  It mainly exports oil and gas and could be considered a competitor for tourism.

Hey, Dale.  At least the now-jailed Eggelletion waited a few months before buying himself a posh $658 Bally briefcase using tax money.  You aren’t even waiting a month to start treating yourself.

Mark my words.  Keep a close eye on Holness. 

If Commissioners are foolish enough to allow this trip, they might want to demand a detailed report from Holness on  just what he did in Trinidad to help Broward.

11 Responses to “County Commission’s Smelly $1 Billion No-Bid Garbage Deal Forges Ahead”

  1. Politico says:

    If this guy wants to go on a little vacation, so be it. But don’t do it on the taxpayer’s dime. This is unseemly. Already a newly elected commissioner being exposed as a numbnut.

  2. JD says:

    Why is a bid this large and so long a NO BID? I would ask the same question to my mayor, Mr. Hersh who has done a fine job running Weston and is no for this? Something smells funny…

  3. Patti Lynn says:

    There is NO logical reason to promote a no-bid contract. The current contract is not ready to expire. If there is a clause in the Original No-Bid contract with a date certain regarding possible renewal or non-renewal, then exercise it. Advise Wheelabrator/WM that the contract will be awarded by competitive bidding. There’s an awful lot of $$$ to be made in the garbage business. Let’s be sure that taxpayers pay only their fair share.

  4. ace says:

    How about the WMI/Wheelabrator agreement got turn down by three cities alone yesterday (Ft. Lauderdale, Lauderdale by the Sea and Broward County. Broward voted against it, then after the RRB Excutive Director spoke, they voted to delay the next vote until they get the answers they need. If Broward County can not vote for this agreement, then how can anyone of the Cities?

  5. JD says:

    Buddy, can you get this to Mike Mayo? I am sure many would be outraged of such a large contract would be No Bid.

  6. Striker Liker says:


    Did the Commission approve Holeness’ trip?

    Holness’ trip was approved, but commissioners would not allow him to use tourist development money. They said he had to use money in the account set aside to run his office.

  7. Resident says:

    Just read the County Commission Mintutes. 9-0 approved Holness to go to Trinidad with $1500 from the Broward Convention Bureau for a SISTER CITY PROGRAM BETWEEN LAUDERHILL AND A CITY IN TRINIDAD.

    Strange, for a CITY EVENT, the county is paying for a county commissioner, but the Mayor of Lauderhill is paying his own way without taxpayer monies.

    Something doesn’t sound right here.

    Holness’ trip was approved, but commissioners would not allow him to use tourist development money. They said he had to use money in the account set aside to run his office.

  8. S only says:

    Unbelievable! Is this real?

    Boy do we need investigative reporters back on the payroll!

    When is society gonna realize that without these reporters, we are sunk because people (including public servants) are all out for themselves!

  9. Resident says:

    Someone just showed me a piece put out by the county about Holness leading a delegation to Trinidad. I thought this was for the City of Lauderhill, and its part of Sister City.

    It doesn’t say anything about either, and makes it sound like its all about Holness and the county. Wonder what the city thinks, and what is the truth.

    Yes Buddy you may be right.

  10. electric Jack says:

    Dear Broward Beat you got your facts wrong it was 4 cites that said no thanks Miramar being the fourth


    I didn’t get anything wrong. You are complaining about the story I linked to at

  11. Charlotte Brownfart says:

    According to Brittany Wallman in todays Sun Sentinel, Mr. Holness said he was going to Trinidad to lobby Jack Warner (a notorious FIFA MEMBER) for Broward to host future World Cup soccer games. Are you kidding me ? USA lost out to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup and Broward was never beeen mentioned by the US Soccer Federation as being a possible venue anyway. This is a total boondoggle. Great way to start your new political career your Holiness!