County Commissioners, Facing Probe, Stay Away From Public


I used to know a lawyer who had a picture in his waiting room of a bass with a hook in its big open mouth.  Under the picture were the words: “He wouldn’t have been caught if he kept his mouth shut.

It was good advice. 

It’s something Broward County Commissioners obviously believe…at least in Sunrise.

Lori Glasser, president of the Sunrise Democratic Club, says that she had four commissioners cancel plans to speak at her club since the investigation of government corruption heated up.

The club had invited the commissioners as part of their regular State of The County update every fall.

“They suddenly had conflicts, Glasser told the club members last night.

Or maybe they are worried that anything they said could be held against them.  Or they just didn’t want to answer questions from the public about the investigation. 

She said she heard from Democratic activists that commissioners were ducking out of appearances at other clubs, too.

 “I guess mum’s the word, she said.

4 Responses to “County Commissioners, Facing Probe, Stay Away From Public”

  1. Salvatore says:

    Its not like they are accessible to the public anyway. They are barricaded on the fourth floor of the government building. To get in, you have to sign in twice. It is only them in those offices, probably talking among themselves and breaking the sunshine law. They only come out to meet voters when they are up for election.

  2. I Know That Fish says:

    I knew that lawyer too. He defended
    crooked cops (and some honest ones too). I can’t remember if the fish was hung on a blue wall of silence
    to complete the effect.

    FROM BUDDY: The lawyer I know never defended a cop.

  3. Lawyer says:

    I used to know a lawyer who said that if you are the fisherman you can talk all you want in the public sea. If they are not guilty of “something” or “anything” why are they going into seige mode like Fidel Castro?

  4. Resident says:


    I just read in the Sun-Sentinel the following quote:

    “They’re not going to buy my vote for the cost of a dinner. But I’m not going to let them pay for a cruise to the Bahamas,” said Platt. But now that he’s a lobbyist, he doesn’t consider golfing with Commissioner John Rodstrom or hosting Commissioner Kristin Jacobs at his North Carolina vacation home to be improper.

    Since Platt is an admitted Lobbyist, isn’t there some sort of law that an elected offical cannot accept more than $100 from a Lobbyist? Wouldn’t you think that the acceptance by Jacobs of being hosted at his NC vacation home would exceed $100? It appears to be an outright violation of the law, which cannot be rectified by filing a gift report for exceeding $100 since it is outright prohibited.