County Attorney Quits: Is He Delusional Or Lying?


“It has been my pleasure to serve as Broward County Attorney for over five years, was the first sentence of Jeff Newton’s four-sentence resignation letter today.

Newton is either delusional or lying.

No one could find pleasure in being county attorney while at the center of a very public dispute over the legality of the proposed ethics reform. 

Some say Newton was fronting for County Commissioners Ilene Lieberman and Stacy Ritter when he said the legislation was unconstitutional, kicking off a storm of protests.  According to their critics, the two commissioners were using Newton to gut the proposal.

The weakened and split commission  — Lieberman and Ritter are under investigation, while Mayor Ken Keechl is fighting off a spirited re-election challenge from Chip LaMarca now has to hire a new chief counsel.

Don’t worry.  They will act expeditiously as always.

In 2004-2005, it only took commissioners six months to find Newton and three more months for him to start work.  That’s lightning fast when you figure they have been working on the expansion of Fort Lauderdale International for 20 years and we haven’t seen anything yet!

One Response to “County Attorney Quits: Is He Delusional Or Lying?”

  1. Truth Teller says:

    Jeff is a great person. He will do well in any future endeavors. Its unfortunate the blogs don’t recognize his unflappable record!