County Aide Gets Extra Campaign Cash


Would School Board candidate Torey Alston be collecting thousands in campaign money if he wasn’t a county commission aide?

I think not.

My opinion is based on his first campaign financial report for the period through Dec 31.  He collected $30,105 and another $1,466 in-kind.

Three of the other candidates to replace School Board member Ben Williams have no campaign money.  Nada.  Nothing.  One has $1,360.

Alston got the bulk of his money from people doing business with the county.

All the usual suspects are there:  lobbyists Blosser & Sayfie, John Milledge, Ron Book and his businesses, land investors Bill Murphy and Jack Loos, airport vendor Paradies Btroward, Port Everglades crane operator GFC, the Florida Panthers, engineering firm owner Tom McDonald.

What they all have in common is they all have very little to do with the schools. And they have a lot to do with County Commissioner Barbara Sharief.

Alston is Sharief’s aide and, some say, gatekeeper.

So did the contributors pass his campaign some cash to curry favor with Sharief? Do contributors to his campaign get a quick appointment with Sharief?



23 Responses to “County Aide Gets Extra Campaign Cash”

  1. Legal or Proper? says:

    How can that be legal?

    If they meet with the Aide, is there a disclosure form or something filed?

    What is discussed at the campaign meetings?

    County business?

    Do they support financially because they think he is the best candidate for educational issues children and teachers are facing?

    Should he return all of the funds now to avoid the appearance of something wrong? Will he?

  2. HOW MUCH DID HE GET... says:

    Within his District…


  3. go TA go! says:

    Torey, we are with you! The blogs attacks actually help u in the black community. They didn’t want u to get the appointment and now they complain that u raise money not to mention, u r to young and qualified to run for office. Ha! You people don’t have a clue.

  4. Race Not The Issue says:

    Dont know why race matters in this question. Dont even know who the guy is. Has nothing to do with race and you can bet the same questions would be asked if no one knew race.

    He works in County Commission Chambers.

    Lobbyists want access, and if persuasive enough results.

    He is raising money from County lobbyists.

    They have business before the County.

    According to Buddy, no real interest in School Board. Maybe interesting to see if they contributed to other School Board elections in the past.

    Legal, seems so (unless new ethics rules apply somehow). No different than any other election where taking loads of money from lobbyists, even if a seated elected official.

    But a reflection on the County Commission or Commissioner? If I was the Commissioner, I would sure want to know what is happening in county buildings and with county staff and lobbyists.

  5. Independent says:

    This is what is wrong with the county and with government. It isn’t a black or white issue, cause all of them do it. It wouldn’t make a difference if it was the aide for any other commissioner.

    I could not support a candidate who does things like this. It’s a conflict. Haven’t they learned this is an ethics problem, or do we need more laws?

    Maybe the IG should investigate this. This is what he needs to go after.

  6. Lauderhill says:

    Torey wants to work at the County Commission and be elected to the School Board. We pay enough taxes without paying for two salaries for him

  7. get a life! says:

    Wow that’s impressive! He looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he is much smarter than you think. Seems like you have a good mix of people and I hear many key leaders backing you. Work hard and you will win. Money is half the battle. Now, let’s hope Ruth “I’ve lost 6 times” will withdraw and Rosalind “I’ve been arrested 6 times withdraws”

  8. Mister Courthouse says:

    More sleazy from the county commission. Mr. Alston is probably raising money within the Government Center, which is not only a violation of local law but also state statutes.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh I know its all because Mr.Alston is black.Who are some of kidding? How about the truth here. Number one he is way, way , over paid which I have mentioned several times. You pay him my Star Jones Commissiner. W/ all your millions you pay him Comm.shariff. Again she was pressured by the Black caucus to keep him on board(lets not forget appointed Comm.Jones(bad choice Charlie Christ you cost the tax payer $$$) brought Torey on board in th e first place w/ this inflated salary. Bottom line of course he’s raising boo-koo money-why not. Pay to play. Warning my friends before you get out your check books keep in mind any money you give to him or any other canidate is public record(isn’t that right Ted Fling w/ your fifty (50)bucks to Earl rynerson-w/ your connections Ted, you should have saved your money to pay for Rynerson’ bond(its coming Bo-Bo). Lastly this Alston wil prove to be a thorn in your muti-millionaire ass there Comm.Shariff(CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW)

  10. Real Deal says:

    Sharief promised to stay away from lobbyists. That pledge must include her office staff yet we constantly hear that her staff is running for office. This distraction reflects poorly on her. I do not live in that district. Still I am pissed. Imagine how they should feel.

  11. get real!! says:

    TA: be strong my friend. Continue to fight on and be the voice for the voiceless. Btw, next time raise zero dollars, then it will be said that “he’s not credible”

  12. Privacy 101 says:

    You can call him a Commission Aide or Chief of Staff, but what he really is, is a glorified secretary making huge money on the backs of taxpayers.

  13. Good for You! says:

    Good job Torey! Loong way to go until victory, but we know you are workin an givin em hell!

  14. Business101 says:

    Did Sharief swear off lobbyists? If so then what he has done is an end-run. Brilliant end-run around her open opposition to them. Plausible deniability I think they call it. He will be rewarded. If she does nothing about this, then it is her intentional choice to let him stay, let him continue with the lobbyist fundraising and encounters, and maintain that cozy relationship. It is a test.

  15. get real!! says:

    For the record folks, Shareef didn’t take any lobbyist money while running because they all thought she couldn’t win! Each commissioner meet with lobbyists and their team each week. Its public records. That’s how they make decisions. Many of you aren’t politically informed

  16. Berger, are you kidding? says:

    As long as I am at it, since I get to vote on this, check out:


    Actually you should check out his brother Corey. Now that’s a winner.

    Besides I thought Torey didn’t live in the district and is a Republican.

  17. Str8 Talk says:

    Buddy: good job, another attack job on this guy. Have you ever called the guy? Have u ever asked why he is running or what he stands for? You and these bloggers try to hurt someone who is standing up to serve his community. Does he have a criminal record? Does he have any ethical issues? thats the types of probing and questions that should be asked


    I reject your label of “attack job.” This is just information that people deserve to know.

    Alston is a good candidate on paper. He looks like he could win a seat on the School Board while in his 20s. His campaign contributors need to be examined.

  18. Get Real Access! says:

    Meeting with “lobbyists” is neither illegal or improper.

    Swearing off contributions from lobbyists is a personal choice, but they often contribute to both sides, so whatever.

    Having your chief of staff collecting checks while those same lobbyists are trying to gain access and to be persausive on matters, and assume the Aide is advising on issues and talking to other Aides for other commissioners?


  19. Not Impressed says:

    There are way too many questions surrounding this guy. “Berger”…what an interesting post. If you think his brother is a winner you should check out his wife to be. She is quite popular in the gay community and has been known to have several different girlfriends. #Winning

  20. Real Deal says:

    “…each commissioner meet with lobbyists and their team each week. Its public records. That’s how they make decisions. Many of you aren’t politically informed.”

    Stop this game right now.

    Barbara Sharief as a candidate pledged that she would never meet with lobbyists instead preferring to get her information from staff. She was elected on that basis. People expect her to be different. So far she is no different. Telling the people a lie demands accountablity.

    Her aide is not there to promote his political agenda. She is allowing that to happen. Both of them are creating an appearance of impropriety and that is what the Inspector General was created to stop. Fair warning. Walk the talk or get out.

  21. Get Real Access! says:

    Str8 Talk — You have to admit, this does raise issues of judgment. Judgment and ethical decisions, even if something is legal, is always proper for public discourse.

    She doesnt want to meet with lobbyists and is not taking money from lobbyists. But, he does and is and they have business before the commission.

    Maybe he is just too young to recognize when something might be a problem.

    As to what he stands for, maybe it is biz as ususal because he doesnt think there is anything wrong or that there might be an impact on his “boss” or the commission.

    Do you really think that’s what the school board needs?

    Of course, simple to address. He could return the money, say he hadnt even thought that might look bad, and promise he wont fundraise from lobbyists who have biz before the commission while he is working in a position that would require his bosses to explain his conduct.

  22. Good for You! says:

    Get Real Access – You have to admit you must hate this guy to go back and forth upteen times on a blog…Get A Life!

  23. Good for Who? says:

    GFY!: Really. That is the choice? Anyone who raises questions must be either motivated by race or some personal animosity?

    You have to admit you must love this guy to look past the obvious questions and appearance, and not even acknowledge the legitimacy of the issue in you back and forth upteen times on a blog.