Corruption Probe Turns To Fort Lauderdale City Hall


The probe into government corruption in Broward has now reached the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Investigators have questioned potential witnesses doing business in Fort Lauderdale, attempting to trace relationships between a large developer and various city officials including at least elected official.

The investigation into Fort Lauderdale government is being conducted by State Attorney Mike Satz’s prosecutors.

Witnesses were warned not to discuss their testimony, but has learned that at least one elected official is suspected of accepting gifts from a developer.

Many controversial projects have been approved Fort Lauderdale city commissioners in recent years, many of them over the vehement objections of neighborhood groups.

Stay tuned.

30 Responses to “Corruption Probe Turns To Fort Lauderdale City Hall”

  1. Oracle says:

    His mouth isn’t moving, yet we know what he did by his works.
    Fort Lauderdale City Hall is a cesspool. Follow the money. Follow the money. Follow the money.

  2. Las Olas Law says:

    It is common knowledge that Fort Lauderdale deals are greased. It is also common knowledge that Satz won’t ever touch the downtown power structure.

  3. Reprobait1 says:

    My crystal ball indicates that Satz is going to be out of job. Too much b.s. for too long.

  4. more info says:

    Details? Which projects? which developers? which city commissioners?

  5. All eyes on Judy Stern says:

    Keep an eye on unregistered lobbyest Judy Stern. She has never been a registered lobbyest in Fort Lauderdale yet always has a hand in all deals.

    I hear former City Manager Gretzas is giving lots of interesting infomration on Stern and Rodstrom about how deals were down and how they went after him when he wouldnt play ball.

    Do you think Stern put up that phoney candidate against Dan Lewis to protect Naugle, for free?

    Look at how Stern and Charlotte have played games with the Church against Coolee neighborhood.

  6. Usual Suspects says:

    Dear More info:
    The whole city commission is suspect.

  7. W. Stanton says:

    A comment above said follow the money.
    What city has the most lobbyists and the highest valued projects? Fort Lauderdale.
    Meanwhile Satz wasting his time with Tamarac and some small time players.
    Every evil player is involved in Fort Lauderdale City Hall. Just look at Bahia Mar and the church. Prosecutors need to focus on Fort Lauderdale.

  8. Trying to comprehend... says:

    Why is there no public outrage?

  9. FT Lauderdale Observer says:

    If Satz can prove corruption neighborhoods might stand a chance at City Hall. I pray that anyone with information on any elected official calls Mike Satz because as many residents have been saying recently things are just not right at City Hall. Lets take back our city now while we still have a chance. PLEASE COME FORWARD!

  10. Gerry says:

    Good work Buddy.
    The Ft. Lauderdale City mayor and commissioners campaigned on preserving and protecting the Ft. Lauderdale neighborhoods last year.
    Now there are several large-developer projects that are being pushed through by the top city management and elected officials.
    When the Colee Hammock Homeowners Association met with Seiler and Rogers, they did not say anything encouraging, that they would protect the neighborhood from the 200,000 square foot Planned Unit Development zoning changes proposed by First Presbyterian Churh. The church is stacked with movers and shakers, and a big developer. The Colee Hammock neighborhood defeated a similar 250,000 square foot project at the P&Z board in January 2007. Now First Pres is going in front of the City Commission on Sept 21,2010 to try to jamb a PUD through; that historic Colee Hammock, circa 1916, has spent thousands of dollars defending our historic residential neighborhood. Since the residents have no alternative but to remain in their homes, First Pres could easily find some vacant land and build their mega Church. Like all of that vacant land along Federal Hghy, between Broward Blvd and Sears Town. Why couldn’t our elected officials show leadership and do what they promised; by assisting First Pres find another location for their massive parking garage and new business development?

  11. Colee says:

    This is terrific. I pray that Satz will get to the bottom of the corruption. I think that the supporters of First Presbyterian building a basketball gynasium and destroying a neighborhood, have all paid off the commissioners and city staff or pulled favors or promised lots of stuff in order to get the votes.

  12. Steve Schwin says:

    Frankly, a parking garage is exactly what that area needs.

  13. All eyes on Judy Stern says:

    Follow the clients and the $$$…

    Stile’s wants to build the new courthouse garage and his lawyer is Stern pal John Millege. Stiles wants to build the church expansion. Judy and Charlotte have been screwing the Coolee residents for months.

    Judy is up to her neck in these projects, hopefully now that the residents know it the electeds will see she is not worth the bad press. Seriously, why would any elected want to be associated with Stern, with her involvment with Eggeletion.

    GET IT?

    Hopefully Gretzas will expose Judy and Charlotte for all their dirty deals…

  14. Jack's A Naughty Boy says:

    Our esteemed Mayor Jack Seiler has shown his real colors in recent months, steeamrolling the 100-year-long Bahia Mar obscenity and forcing the church on Coolee. Then there was the story about him agreeing to destroying Kennedy Homes and throwing out the poor people so that a private developer can build there. I wonder if Seiler’s law firm suddenly has new clients like a bunch of developers? Let’s find out, Mr. Satz.

  15. Lauderdale Resident says:

    The silencing of Charlotte Rodstrom on Bahia Mar and the church is strange. Another poster wrote and I believe that it could have something to do with Judy Stern.

  16. Observer says:

    Couldn’t agree with Collee more – obviously the elected officials are ‘in the pocket of developers.’ Neither the Mayor, Rogers nor Roberts are willing to live by their printed promises in campaign literature – protect residential neighborhoods. IF they were, would Coral Ridge be fighting 95 ft lights adjacent to their homes? Idlewyld the Bahia Mar MASS and Colee Hammock the proposed PUD First Pres development? Concidentally Stiles is big in the picture as hte developer & property manager. I bet the evidence would show some interesting facts in ‘following the money’ on just these 3 projects? ! ?

  17. Buddy says:


    There have been a lot of comments on speculating on who and what is being investigated in Fort Lauderdale.

    I gave my word to a source not to reveal the name or the subject of the investigation at this point.

    If some other media outlet reveals more about the story, C’est la vie.

    My hope is that when prosecutors start poking around Fort Lauderdale City Hall more will be revealed to them. When they pull the thread the web of wrongdoing will unravel. A lot going on in Fort Lauderdale — especially concerning development — doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    I hope that the era when special interests, developers, lobbyists and corrupt elected officials can cavalierly break the law is over.

    Somebody may be watching.

  18. sunny skies shady people says:

    CORRECTION: “Stile’s wants to build”… Stile’s NEEDS to build… or he is finished. I don’t believe he has any projects in the pipeline in this economy. Did he also push the Las Olas Group (Irv) to build and look what has happened to Las Olas.

  19. Observer says:

    Doesn’t Stiles have the Museum of Discovery & Science project? is he ever satisfied?

  20. minder says:

    Stiles has his hands in everything. Courthouse Garage,First Presbyterian Church,I think he is doing fine. He is even going to beat out Bill Scherer in the downtown gargage. “Follow the Money” Folks…

  21. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I hardly think that Att.Satz leaked this information. Secoundly all these hints that its Judy Stern and Charlotte Rodstrom-I say no way. Lastly anyhow you better get up real early to get these 2 ladies. Sorry Charlotte is not stupid to get caught up in some type of criminal or unethical actions. To much going for her,as far as Mrs. Stern I’ll believe it when I see it.

  22. really? Really? says:


    I heard Bev Gallagher and Joe Eggs were to smart to get caught as well. Charlotte never had a thought in her head or a word come out of her mouth that Stern or her Husband didn’t put there. You go to Commission meetings, Charlotte aint playing Tetris when she is fumbling with her phone up there.

  23. Read It says:

    The story could indicate a former commission is being investigated. There are many suspects, including Carlton Moore, Cindy Hutchinson, Gloria Katz. All pro development whores.

  24. Bernard McCormick says:

    Hold on. Cindi was always on the side of neighborhoods. And she was always responsive. Call her and she came back fast, often in person.
    Ditto Jim Naugle.

    As for outrage, I have not seen in 40 years in Colee Hammock such anger at our commissioners as we see today. I have asked everybody I meet who does not have a dog in this fight, what they think about the First Pres PUD, and nobody, and I say again nobody, does not think this is an outrage. Anyone with a sense of history, or mere enjoyment of the abiance, loves Las Olas. As for the immediate neighbors, and I am one, the view is totally against the church. That in itself is a reason to deny the PUD. Read the definition. A PUD is supposed to have the approval of the neighborhood. At a reecent neighbors meeting, I said: “100 percent of the property owners are against the church expansion.” I was immediately corrected by another neighbor. “No,” she said, “only 97 percent.”

    Buddy, I don’t think anybody is “money crooked” as we used to say in Philly, but they sure are influence crooked, which is close. You have called this situation “criminal.” Maybe, but very hard to prove. I think some of the stuff going on is borderline. This case was fixed from go. Thanks for your interest.

  25. The Truth says:

    Ignoring neighborhoods is nothing new. It has been going on since Latona. Naugle could never stop it.
    Ever hear of Smokers Park? Ever hear of the Strannahan House? Every hear of the Riverside extention?
    It is going on now with Bahia Mar as well as First Pres. Its time to stop it.
    What about Romney Rogers, a sellout who has lived here all his life? He is ruining the city and switching the position he ran on. What about Bruce Roberts? Jack Seiler, the lost cause?
    As someone said above, follow the money. You’ll find commissioners at the end of the trail.

  26. twofaced voter says:

    I love the internet because it makes it very easy to see what politicians promise and what they actually do once elected. Romney Rogers promised to protect neighborhoods from unwanted oversized development. What he left out was the fact unless it is a church.
    I wonder if the church in Rio Vista would be allowed to construct a Family Center in his neighborhood on residentially zoned land? Romney Rogers should have been honest and told the voters that he would protect neighborhoods most of the time unless the following groups needed his help. The following groups come first:
    1) Churches
    2) Friends
    3) DDA Members
    4) Rotary Club Members
    5) High School friends
    6) Downtown Establishment
    7) Chamber of Commerce Members

    Good Luck Romney getting re elected. Lies are difficult to overcome. We are making a list and checking it twice.

  27. Mayor Jack Seiler says:


  28. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To reference above we all knew that comment wasn’t from the Mayor. Goes to my point that all blog headers by simply calling the Paper or the person who puts the blog up should have the right to find out who these people are w/ there names like “ghost of Whitey Bulger” to STFU etc, again we are the ones they are talking about should have the right to at least find out the correct interent address. I should not have to get a court order to accomplish this. Its funny though these people hind behind these posts are just cowards,plain and simple. As far as this about the Mayor he could find out that interent address in 5 mins, w/ his connections at the court house. And while your down there let me know who STFU is and the Ghost of Whitey Bulger. (playing w/ fire w/ this one just because he has been hiding for 20 something years don’t underestimate him or his brother or patsies(enough said in reference to Bob Norman blog)

  29. Former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Arrested : says:

    […] reported the investigation in September, but I had promised not to name Hutchinson at the time and keep the information vague.  I was told […]

  30. Mel Rubinstein says:

    I hope Mike Satz’ prosecuters investigate the city commissioners who voted to build the Capri project (now named the W Hotel) because this was the biggest and most massive construction on the barrier island, that the money & owner was a Trinadad money-man, that the residents of the beach opposed this overwhelming building, and that even the Ft. Lauderdale staff opposed this construction. The vote on the City Commission was 3 for & 2 against. This project violated many of the zoning codes and yet it was built. Why?