Cops Right: Hollywood Is A High Crime Town

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It ain’t us, Hollywood’s police union says.

The billboard and lawn signs warning about high crime in Hollywood received no money from the Broward County Police Benevolent Association, says a news release from the organization.


The signs are being paid for by retired cops, the news release says.

The BCPBA was providing “moral support,” the release states.

The signs also have the emblem of the PBA.

The union and the city have been wrangling over a number of issues for years.

So how accurate are the warnings.  Very accurate.

Hollywood is a high crime area.

Hollywood has a crime rating of 6 on a scale with 100 being the safest by  It has 57.50 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Compare Hollywood with New York City.

New York has a rating of 22 with 32.38 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Gritty Chicago? The Windy City has a rating of 8 with 51.92 crime per 1,000.  It still beats Hollywood.

Hollywood can only take comfort from Fort Lauderdale. That crime-ridden city has a rating of 3 and 67.82 crimes per 1,000 residents .

From January to June, 2013, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale both had the highest number of murders in Broward — five.

So the cops are right.  Hollywood has a lot of crime.

If you are going to Hollywood, you had better grab your Glock.  If you are going to Fort Lauderdale, you’ll need a machine gun.


9 Responses to “Cops Right: Hollywood Is A High Crime Town”

  1. Real Deal says:

    This approach has been tried several times before. It doesn’t work. People see right through it. The union is digging itself deeper into a rate hole of their own creation.

  2. I've Had Enough Taxation says:

    Thank you PBA. Nice advertisement for tourism. While you fat cops munch on donuts I have to work for a living which depends on people coming to vacation here. Your fucking billboards stand in the way of me making a living for my family. While you selfish bastards collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement. Fuck you.

  3. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Lest we forget the sordid history of HPD, one that is awful for the cops who care and want to do a good job.

    When I moved to Hollywood in 1993, my family who lived there and everyone else I met warned me about the Hollywood cops. Subsequent headlines showed me why they said that.

    And they openly campaigned at the pols with t-shirts marked POLICE and put up signs for the administration that consistently supported the status quo.

    The new chief is trying to make the department what the good cops want it to be. The union boss wants things to go back to the bad old days when their buddies were protected and the pension funds were guaranteed 8% return, impossible to get, with the taxpayers making up the difference.

    The mess on Federal Hwy. and westward was created by the old, neglectful administrations. Nothing lasts 17 or 18 years without someone making money, and what’s going on there screams for an investigation.

    I asked one of the prior chiefs why they didn’t work to close down the motels that were obviously allowing prostitutes to use rooms by the hour, and he said it took a lot of work. I think it was because lots of people were getting paid not to clean it up.

  4. Ghost of McLovin says:

    although “I’ve Had Enough Taxation’s” approach is more direct, he is right to point out that the “heros” are being very selfish, only looking out for themselves (as ALWAYS). No other industry in the country has recieved the kinds of raises and additional perks that the cops and firefighters have, mostly because our spineless elected officials cowtow to the unions to get endorsed and reelected. We need law enforcement reform in this country.

  5. Ciar to have my vote says:

    The crime rates in Fort Lauderdale start at 1300 West Broward Blvd. You have an incompetent & criminal command staff:
    Chief Frank Adderley, has a tryst wife finds receipts for gifts he buys the other woman, shoot at Chief Frank the gracious Eleanor goes to jail, Chief Frank fails to properly secure his weapon (insert pun here) nothing happens to Chief Frank. Moral turpitude?
    Rothstein Debacle:
    Chief Frank Adderley approved a bodyguard detail, officers are paid with stolen money by a convicted felon Ken Jenne the liaison for Rothstein & FLPD Detail officers, are there any supplemental reports submitted to FLPD by any officers who associated with Jenne, NO.
    Lt Steven Greenlaw, admitted perjurer, defrauded City of Fort Lauderdale… His punishment … promoted to Lieutenant, must have pictures & other incriminating evidence.
    Capt Rick Maglione as commanding officer of Internal Affairs deleted official records IE arrest records of command staff. Covered up numerous criminal actions by Rogue FLPD officers.
    Frank Sousa the official parrot for FLPD see youtube of Sousa kicking a man in the face, covered up by Maglione ET AL


  6. New Leadership says:

    The tongue of the head of the PBA snake is one that flicks and vibrates but has no substance. New leadership is essential to assure our fellow brothers and sisters are a part of a profession that is always well-respected

  7. Duke says:

    So the new chief comes aboard and the first thing he does is order an internal audit. He finds 96 rape kits not tested and a whole bunch of other indiscretions. He starts to make necessary changes. He begins to hold people accountable.

    Some incompetent people might lose their job. Folks start appealing to the union to run blocker for them. These ridiculous billboards and lawn signs and banner planes start popping up all over Hollywood.

    The media tracks down union head Marano to ask him about it. They confront him with actual crime statistics, particularly those involving murders. The media demonstrates to Marano that all of the murders in Hollywood the past year were committed in a heat of passion and by someone who knew the victim. The murders are all solved. Not one of them was a random act of violence. Marano tells the media that he had nothing to do with this, and that a bunch of retired cops did it on their own. He looks like he actually thinks that people believe him.

    The new Hollywood Police chief is trying to clean-up that cesspool known as The Hollywood Police Department, and the folks who stand the most to lose have gone running to the union, who as usual, is on the wrong side of this issue.

    When are police unions going to stop protecting bad cops.

  8. WOW says:

    I never thought the Hollywood cops would come clean and ADMIT they don’t do their jobs properly!

  9. Weak link says:

    Little Jeffy is an out of shape wrinkly has been who has failed his peeps. Time to r him to sliver back into his smelly hole