Cops Reject Lamberti, Granteed; Scott Israel Endorsed



Scott Israel got a big boost to his campaign this week.


Scott Israel

Or, shall I say, his Democratic primary opponent Louis Granteed got a big blow.  And so did Sheriff Al Lamberti, the incumbent Republican.

Israel snared the endorsement of the Broward County Police Benevolent Association.

The PBA endorsement is a major rejection of Granteed and Lamberti.

Granteed is an assistant chief in Hollywood.  His officers are members of the PBA.

Lamberti’s deputies are represented by the PBA.

The guys who know Lamberti and Granteed best won’t support them.  In fact, the cops want nothing more to do with Lamberti and Granteed.


Lamberti is accused of not supporting fair wages and benefits for the rank-and-file PBA members, while giving his top commanders with lavish rewards.

Hollywood has been buffeted by budget problems and the cops are among those employees suffering.

Granteed got another blow this week.  The local National Womens Political Caucus gave its support to Israel.  Could that be because Granteed is still haunted by accusations — featured in black-and-white in a federal suit — of sexual harassment in Hollywood?  You can decide.

Israel was the Democratic nominee for sheriff in 2008, but lost to Lamberti.

The sheriff has received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, but they represent only a small sliver of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

47 Responses to “Cops Reject Lamberti, Granteed; Scott Israel Endorsed”

  1. Just Saying says:

    It is an even bigger rejection for Lamberti when you consider that the PBA endorsed Lamberti four years ago … only to solidly reject him now.

  2. Female LEO says:

    I don’t know anything about Israel. I do know Chief Granteed and I know him to be a horrible chief who’s favorites are all white males. He has a blind spot against anyone who doesn’t fit his idea of an officer and that includes all females.

  3. Beth says:

    Buddy-I prefer to focus on the reasons we did support or endorse a candidate.

    Scott Israel has a proven record with the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department and in North Bay Village of supporting women officers as new hires or with promotions. For example, he selected the first female Sergeant ever assigned to SWAT. That is in large part the reason the Gwen Cherry Chapter chose to support his candidacy.

  4. Truth says:

    Buddy, I am a female member of the Hollywood Police Department and will say everything written about Chief Granteed is an absolute lie. He is a very professional and respected person. You are being fed false information. Chief Granteed is an excellent person that has always cared about his members women and men. I have never seen him be anything but respectful to people and we love him in Hollywood. Clearly, this is typical dirty politics because he is would be an excellent Sheriff and people are attacking his popularity for their own personal gain.

    Scott Israel has been arrested and was sued in North Bay Village for harassment.

    Scott Israel was administratively terminated as Chief of North Bay Village.

    Scott Israel was sued for being a dead best father and court ordered to pay child support.

    Scitt Israel lies about everything to everybody even when beating up young black men as a raider in Fort Lauderdale

    Scott Israel want to make Ron Caccitore a indicted felon the Under Sheriff

    Scott Israel took 190,000.00 from Scott Rothstein in 2008. That money belongs to the victims.

    Just some truthful information. Israel is a terrible candidate for Sheriff. Everyone I know is supporting Chief Granteed.

  5. Really? says:

    Buddy Im confused. This was the PBA’s selection for the democratic primary. How could they have rejected Lamberti when selecting a candidate in a democratic primary? Obviously Lamberti is an unopposed republican. If he were challenged I am sure the PBA would have endorsed a candidate in the republican primary as well. I do agree though, that had the PBA endorsed Lamberti in the Democratic primary, that would have been something…..

    FROM BUDDY: The PBA endorsed Lamberti in 2008 prior to the Democratic primary. They could have done the same thing this year.

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    It is very very simple. The PBA is a union, and the union is not happy with the current Sheriff, whose hands are tied budget-wise by eight Democrat county commissioners. Further, this union cannot support a Republican in a presidential election year. politics politics politics. PS Beth – Israel’s “proven” record is one of lies, deceit and criminal behavior. whatever

  7. Truth Be Told says:

    Buddy, the female LEO is “Israel” supporter has no clue about Chief Granteed.

    Chief Granteed is a very professional, caring and strong supporter of women. I can speak for police women in Hollywood and know first hand those remarks about him are absolutely lies. He has been one if the best bosses we ever had in my fifteen years and I came to Hollywood from another department.

    He is a big supporter of women in policing and has supported many in top jobs and has motivated many of us to engage in the promotional process. Here are a few women that I have seen in the department we’re supported by him, Sgt. Cathy Marano, Sgt. Thea Bassler, Sgt. Stephanie Szeto, Sgt. Lisa Brown, Lt. Renna Singley, Lt. Nikki Coffin,Lt. Karen Zorsky, Lt. Diana Pabon, Crime Scene Supervisor Marlene Pierson, Supervisor Beth Adams and many others in different positions. Every promoted Supervisor in our 911 Center is female and worked for him. These are just a few that we’re promoted. He retired a few weeks ago and is already missed.

    The poster Beth based her decision on one woman going to SWAT. Chief Granteed has transferred women into Homicide, Robbery, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Traffic Homicide, Downtown, Accreditation, Street Crimes, Training, Personnel, Marine Patrol, Neighborhood Police Teams, Federal State and Local Task Forces to mane a few, but you base an endorsement decision on a transfer to SWAT if it’s even true??? Did you check??? I am sure you didn’t interview both candidates nor did you do your homework. That tells a reader like myself your endorsement is a bunch of smoke and mirrors without credibility. My opinion. Did you know Chief Granteed helped make a black female the first ever President of the Hollywood Police Athletic League. What has Israel really done in thirty year, nothing even close to my thirty year Chief Granteed.

  8. Just Saying says:

    This was not just “the PBA’s selection for the democratic primary” as someone suggested above. This endorsement was the PBA’s endorsement for Sheriff, period. The PBA is endorsing Israel over BOTH Granteed and Lamberti — and will happily make it clear in their coming actions to anyone who doubts this.


    I recently retired from BSO. Lambeti has made it the most horrible crooked place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just want to see him escorted out of office by the Feds!!!!


    Lamberti keeps on payroll the “Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap Staff.” He says he need people like Lt Col Frye and Vrchota around. For what??? More scamming!

    When some Deputies left they were made to sign legal agreements that they will never tell what BSO did to them or ever sue BSO. That just says guilty!!

  11. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    The sheriff does not care about this endoresement Lamberti had to know that he was not going to get there endoresement. Rank and file deputies obviously Lamberti does not care about. it is quite clear to come up w/ thi s assessment due to the fact that there is no great love between lamberti and the rank and file. It is also quite clear lamberti tends to steer to the big wigs($$) and cater to them. While th e rank and file get his crumbs-Shame….

  12. Plain Language says:

    If the best people can do for somebody running for Sheriff is call them a criminal when they are not, that says everything you need to know about who they are and who they are supporting.

    Granteed failed to make any case for why he would be a better Sheriff than the incumbent. Actually, he refused to try. That’s no way to run for any office and it has raised clear suspicions about why he is even running.

    There are no such doubts with Scott Israel. He is ready to lead and was the victim of lies and Rothstein paid-for smear campaigns last time he ran. That will not happen again because voters have not forgotten it. They will not be fooled twice.

    Neither will the men and women in uniform keeping our community safe. They back Scott because they want Scott to lead them. Nobody knows all these candidates better than they do.

    This is why the race in November will be between the incumbent and Scott Israel. It is no more complicated than that.

  13. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti will have another title soon…. FELON. Can’t happen soon enough. The PBA knows it too and will not hurt themselves by endorsing a criminal.

  14. Lamberti is garbage says:

    There will be no race in November. The primary will decide.

  15. Beth says:

    Mr. Israel’s recommendation to our members was done after a thorough vetting process. We can not endorse men, but will support or recommend a male candidate when there is no female in the race, or the better candidate is male.

    If anyone wants to know more about our Caucus, please visit Our complete list of endorsed and supported candidates for the August primary are there.

  16. Thanks for the Laugh says:

    Please save this column and the comments for after the general election.
    I bet these same posters will be hard to find.
    I also bet most of the PBA members live in WPB anyway!
    Lamberti in a walk…

  17. Another Guest says:

    Buddy once again you are wrong and inject your opinion, not the facts.
    This “endorsement” IS NOT a blow to Lamberti. The PBA’s so called endorsement is for the Democrat primary only. They have not endorsed anybody yet for the general election. As a Republican, Lamberti was not considered or eligible for the PBA’s endorsement. This is something you should know so I have to question your motives much like those of several on the PBA who ignored what the BSO deputies wanted and chose to endorse Isreal.

  18. Central Broward says:

    The endorsement seems nice but the problem is people are turned off by the PBA and the tactics of Browards most corrupt cop Jeff Morano. Just read articles from Hollywood. I know people in Hollywood that will vote the opposite of anything Morano does because he is a very rude, arrogant and ignorant person. Israel was at our honeowners association with no chance If getting a vote away from Louie Granteed a longtime resident and respected person, especially with Morano walking in with him It’s easy to figure out why Morano endorsed Israel because they are from the same mold of corruption. Israel has an unacceptable record to even be considered for Sheriff. How many times can a person run? This is not surprising, but as a union member for tears it’s a poor choice.

  19. Despicable him says:

    Al Lamberti is the most despicable human being I have ever met. He is a lying, vindictive little man who will win in a walk come November.

    In their day, endorsements meant something, today they are meaningless except for the very few who might benefit from the endorsement offering.

    The public will soon see that Lamberti is hiding Lt. David Benjamin (the BSO Lieutenant who carried bags full of millions of dollars to a waiting get away plane for Scott Rothstein) at $110,000.00 per year just to keep him quiet and to get him (Benjamin) closer to his BSO retirement so that, coupled with his Pompano Beach retirement, might keep Benjamin from spilling the beans that will have Lamberti finally incarcerated.

    But November will have Lamberti, a crook, winning his second term because Scott Israel has no real interest in becoming Sheriff of Broward County. If Israel was the least bit interested he would have gotten his rear in gear and started campaigning like there was no tomorrow, but the tomorrow’s are now too few.

    A Democratic County, an opponent who is a vindictive deceitful little worm, and Israel still doesn’t even have an updated web site! Lamberti got the biggest gift just because the democrats could not come up with a viable candidate for Sheriff.

  20. Broward Dem says:

    For “Beth”

    If you used a true vetting process you would have actually interviewed both the candidates and not just one to make it a set up for your own personal gain.

    You are sneaky and have no credibility. I was at the Cocnut Creek Dem. Meeting and know you did not do a true vetting process and have unjustifabley bad mouthed the other candidate.

    You can write all the bull shit you want, but as far as I am concerned and many other you have lost all creditability by endorsing Israel. He has a terrible reputation and was sued by a woman in a paternity suit and was court ordered to pay back child support. O yeah Beth, he really respects women. How about him letting the house in Lauderhill of the mother (Melanie Liener) of his first son intentionally go into foreclosure and her kicked to the curb… Great respect for women!!! How about him being sued by a North Bay Village resident while Chief for harassment… She really deserved it!! Great choice of a person so committed to your women’s club. Great for your organizations reputation…. Dirty deeds never pay Beth!!!!

  21. Dodo says:

    How about the suit settled by the city of Hollywood for Louie the Leach guilty of sexual harassment. And his meetings at a strip club? Classy.

  22. Despicable him says:

    I don’t know if Buddy will allow a link to remain on his blog site, but this definitely should be heard by every voter in Broward County. If you listen to all 35 minutes you will hear what Al Lamberti has refused to take any action on. He condones this kind of abuse for residents of a small Broward County Town.

  23. Lamberti is the Village Idiot! says:

    Take advantage of this Scott Israel!!!!

  24. Hwd Female says:

    To address post #7, I am a female mentioned in that group he so called supported! Fact, he has not supported me. My promotion was based on my own work ethic and professional reputation and am spalled my promotion is associated with his name. And has actually probably hinder more ideas than anyone. Probably because they weren’t his, and I’m sure me being an intelligent female didn’t help.He was not the only Command Staff person who made promotional decisions. Just because he was a commander during these promotions does not mean he made it happen. I’m sure I’m not the only female mentioned in this blog who feels this way. As for communications, well duh, females are the majority up there so what other options are there for promotion? For the record, I am one of the many who do not support him because we know the truth. Ask a retired female Major how she feels about his support of women in law enforcement.

  25. Watching the race says:


    Shouldn’t you have actually talked to someone at the PBA before running with this story?

    If you had you would have learned that this endorsement is for the D primary only.

    Lamberti does not have an opponent in the primary.

    I really suggest you contact the PBA about their endorsements before running a report.

  26. Hwd Female says:

    Excuse the spelling errors from my last post. It’s hard to type when you are so filled with disgust after having your clean name associated with a scumbag.

  27. Creek Activist says:

    Broward Dem-

    You’re making money off of Granteed, so of course you don’t like anyone talking bad about him. You were incredibly rude at the meeting with all your noise while Israel was speaking. If you can’t respect a guest speaker at a club – one where your guy had confirmed he was coming to speak but decided last minute it wasn’t important enough – you have no right to speak up, even in a cowardly and anonymous manner.

  28. Lamberti Unethical says:

    Read the following story’s and you decide if Al Lamberti is qualified to be the Broward County Sheriff.

    He allowed a deputy to secretly tape a gay civilian employee during a traffic stop and then suspended the civilian.

    He allowed a Commander to verbalize tampering with a Judge or Magistrate, but suspended the civilian.

    Click the blue link within the story to hear what Lamberti condones; using internal affairs as a weapon against un-liked employees or worse yet to protect the LEO law breakers.

  29. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    You people need a civilian chief to clean up your departments. Skels Go violate a few civil rights.

  30. Truth says:

    Granteed, what a joke. I’ve never participated in any type of posting. But after seeing some of the previous posts obviously done by him or one of his five supporters in HPD I has to add to the list. Never, I mean never have I witnessed a scamming, lying, phony scumbag thief like him. Don’t let that prior car salesman sell his leadership bull to you like he would sell the undercoating or extended warranty to his customers. We witnessed his lies firsthand for 25 plus years in Hollywood while he played his jockeying for position by screwing others over. if his mouth is moving, it’s lying. Granteed, dirtier than a vacuum cleaner bag. Sheriff, good luck scumbag !

  31. Patrick Hanrahan says:

    Just to clarify that the Broward PBA endorsement of Scott Israel is for the Democratic Primary only. After the primary, another endorsement will take place foor the general election.


    I would advise every employee of BSO to periodically view their IA file and file in the Highrise. You will be surprised of all the false paperwork that is put in these files. I caught BSO with their pants down because when I got all the write ups I wasn’t even on duty!
    I would also like anyone who has been on the Citizens Review Board to weigh in and let us know what you are told before you are told to go after an employee of BSO. THERE ARE NO LEADERS AT BSO. JUST FOLLOWERS!!! TRUTH is not even in their vocabulary!!

  33. Carisee says:

    I see that Scott Israel has his cronies tearing up the comment section with phony posts about Granteed

    This type of behavior is clearly indicitive of what type of sheriff Israel would make.

    Scary Thought!!

  34. Sheriff AL Is NOT YOUR PAL says:

    It is a SHAME that BSO employees were pressured last month by sheriff Al to attend a fundraiser off Bayview Drive in FTL. Lieutenants were told they needed to give $250 and Capts., commanders and above needed to give $500 to sheriff Al’s re-election campaign. I guess there is NO ROTHSTEIN $$$ this time so AL is going to fund his campaign on the backs of his EMPLOYEES. So if u want to keep your position or move up in the department you better get out your check book! Maybe you too can get assigned to S.I.D unit and get a minimum $30k of overtime $$$ or at least that is what AL tells the PBA reps if they deliver an endorsement for him in gen-election. SHAME ON U SHERIFF AL, U ARE NOT OUR PAL.
    Now all u rats attack my comments and spin it and say its all lies, but u know its the TRUTH.
    Also be known, AL made friends with LOU G. In Hollywood when AL was interm- chief and LOU was a LT. So let it be known LOU is a RINGER candidate to help AL get re-elected. We all know the truth about AL and LOU’s little back room deal… Tell us LOU were u promised Lt. Col. or Col…. I dare anyone to tell me all that is not the truth !!! Scary how true it is….. Al is not your Pal.

  35. Arturo schultz says:

    I wouldn’t vote fir Granteed if he was the ONLY candidate. i saw him at a Church 2 times where he was welcomed tom pass out info. BOTH times he spent mostbof the service reading and sending messages on his phone.

  36. Lamberti is garbage says:

    The winner in the August primary will be the next sheriff. Count on it.

  37. Robert lahiff says:

    As a member of the Broward Sheriffs Office,a PBA a member , member of the Board of directors, and a member of the screening committee you should all know that this endorsement you speak of is for the primary and ONLY the primary and in no way should be considered a knock on Sheriff Lamberti because he was not given consideration for the primary.You should all know that the members of the Sheriffs Office do not and did not want to endorse any candidate for the Democratic primary.


    Here is what I believe. The PBA could have endorsed Lamberti now. They didn’t. Let’s look at the last election:

    *2007- The PBA recommends to Gov. Charlie Crist that Lamberti be appointed sheriff. Shortly afterward, Lamberti is appointed.
    *July 24, 2008– Lamberti and PBA’s new contract for 1,400 deputies is announced. It contains a 3 percent immediate increase in salary, with a 2 percent bumps up in July and October, 2009.
    *July 30, 2008 — PBA announced its endorsement of Lamberti for sheriff in the 2008 Election. He has no Republican primary.
    *Aug. 28, 2008– Democratic primary. Scott Israel wins.

    As I said, if the PBA was enamored with Lamberti it would have followed its earlier pattern and endorsed him now. Instead the union endorsed Israel, a candidate the same group rejected four years ago.


  38. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Bob Lahiff you are a sell out. Everyone in BSO knows it. Getting your sergeants stripes back is really costing you, isn’t it?

  39. Barbra Stern says:

    Buddy: the support from the National Women’s Political Caucus Gwen Cherry Chapter was issued for the primary. Scott Israel was the only candidate who responded. However, Mr. Granteed informed me last night at the Jefferson Jackson dinner he didn’t receive the National Women’s Political Caucus questionnaire and that he would have responded if he had received it. While I do not know whether the questionnaire was received and ignored or whether he truly did not receive it, it should be known that the recommendation to support was not made by comparing the responses of the two candidates. Scott Israel did provide favorable information as to his views on women. Had he not, we would not have recommended to support him.

  40. Citizen says:

    Women who vote will not vote based on a Nat’l Womens Caucus endorsement. Women who vote just like the men make up their own minds. Sierra Club endorsed Kendrik Meek and he came in last for senator 1n 2010 primary. It is a rare endorsement that will sway sufficient voters. But those caucusus’s, clubs, group, etc. want someone who will forward their agenda.

  41. A Stern is a stern says:

    Babs Stern

    Babs, were you not recently appointed by your friend Rick Scott to the Elections Commission. Doesnt that position preclude you from being involved with partisan activities?

    Babs was so kind to make clear that Louie didnt lose out to Israel but that Scott won by default. So nice of her, such a good Dem. Well former R and BREC memeber now Dem-Rick Scott appointeee, confusing isnt it.

    Oh isnt your mommy a lobbyist for Coventry who got reupped by Lamberti for the health insurance contract. So nice…

    Wasnt your mommy the person who ran the Israel campaign and caused campaign expenses to be run up by that Scott Israel was sued over?

    Then again it was your mommy who ran the Israel campaign to the ground. I seem to remember Scott Rothstien loved to give away watches. Interesting that your mommmy got a nice new rose gold rolex after Israel won the primary. Then after the primary Momma Stern started all kinds of trouble pitting members of the campaign team against each other causing mistrust and chaos.

    Wasnt it Momma Stern who said keep dumping the campaign money into cable when Lamberti was creaming Scott on network?

    Wasnt it momma Stern who said never bring to light Rothstien’s connections to Lamberti so as not to cause the ire of Roger Stone?

    Didnt Momma Stern have some friends working at RRA at that time? It was her ECO that Stwey gave his money too…

    Makes you wonder if Momma Stern tanked the Israel race for that rose gold rolex and more?

    Thanks for filling us in Babs, your need to make it clear Isreal got the endorsement by default seems so genuine.

    Not like a Stern to pretend to be with one candidate in the race while being in choots with the opponent when it looked like the opponent would win. Judy how is Evelio Medina doing? Thoughts Angelo?


    Lahiff…we all know you at BSO. You have been an ass kisser since day one!!! Go get a box of chap stick!!!!


    Sheriff Al is Not Your Pal is spot on!!! Granteed and Lamberti go hand in hand!!!

  44. Susanna Bott says:

    Good morning! Buddy “`what?! are you saying?!” Oh, my … you are such a smart man in your usual form … the endorsement of the PB for Israel is based solely on something between Israel and Granteed (as you know)and … at best, “temporary” and specifically only with regard to the race between the two of them. (Period) ~ come the November General Election, the PB endorses Sheriff Al Lamberti !!! Report it all, my friend. You know I luv ya Buddy. 😀 Have a happy day! Susanna Bott, CEO & Founder, follow me on FaceBook @

  45. Lahiff the Doughboy says:

    Bobby, you and the BSO Reps lost your attempt to block the endorsement for Scott Israel. It was great to see the action the other night. It was so obvious that Martin and Enrique were trying so hard to push us municipal Reps in the wrong direction. Go home and lick your wounds. The PBA is not, I repeat NOT going to endorse Lamberti no matter how much you threaten to leave the PBA. I say quit if you don’t like the democracy of the PBA.

  46. PBA Member and Deputy says:

    I certainly do not support Scott Israel. Truth be told, I like Granteed. That being said, I think Lahiff did the right thing by posting the truth on this forum. Of course once he did the Israel supporters start bad mouthing him.

    Since the 2008 sheriff’s election, this has been the M.O. of the Israel campaign. Smear, Intimidate, and Deny!

  47. chris griffin says:

    This guy israel should be in jail let alone and in position to become top cop has anyone seen the complaints against him what does that say about us as a society that we would even entertain the remote possibility of him becoming top cop. I know the candidates are all horrible choices but this guy shouldn’t even be a remote consideration unless you prefer being shot in the back beat up in handcuffs and him using the police dept as his personal gang or goon squad.