Cop Carries Wasserman-Schultz’s Bag: The Pix


Should sheriff’s deputies carry the bags at the airport for Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

Or should Republican National Committeewoman Sharon Day, licking her wounds from the election defeat,  just mind her own business?

Day snapped the picture below and posted it on her Facebook page, along with her pointed comments. Those are deputies walking next to Wasserman-Schultz and one is toting her carry on.

My thoughts:  Although Day’s comments are obviously partisan — would she make the same remarks if cops were carrying Mitt Romney’s bags? — she is on target. Wasserman-Schultz is the target of a lot of hate and crazies. How can cops guard somebody when they are holding a carry on?

What do you think?


  1. today I arrived back home on the same flight as Debbie Wasserman Schulz. At the arrival gate was two Broward County Sheriff’s in full uniform complete with guns on their hips to whoop it up as she got off the plane. As they walked with her

     carrying her bag I asked “is it appropriate for Broward County Sheriff officers to be carrying people’s luggage instead of protecting people at the airport”. The Officer on left said “if we want to”. I asked again “if it was appropriate and as a Broward County taxpayer I did not think it was appropriate and they were paid to protect us not carry people’s baggage”. The officer on the right looked at me and stated “don’t be a hater”. I responded “I’m not a hater…I am a taxpayer and I don’t find it appropriate. You are paid to keep us safe not carry luggage”. His response again was yes you are a hater.. don’t be a hater”. He then stated again and again “Don’t be a hater…don’t be a hater”. I don’t find it appropriate for our Broward County Sheriff Officers on airport duty to carry luggage for whom they want to and I don’t think it is appropriate for them to be disrespectful to the people that pay their salaries like me – a taxpayer. By the way…I’ m not a hater!

20 Responses to “Cop Carries Wasserman-Schultz’s Bag: The Pix”

  1. politics 101 says:

    It would take the whole Sheriff’s Department to carry her baggage!

  2. No Nonsense says:

    The Co-Chairman fixates on the absurd. No wonder the GOP in this county takes a beating at every corner. Makes me almost feel sorry for them.

  3. just saying says:

    sadly its the power of the elected office (at any level) and those that use it to full advantage.
    any naive enough to think those we elect are really there for us, the voters, are clueless.
    esp. those elected time and again like dws.
    we get what we vote for.

  4. Raised differently says:

    I’m not sure about the others on this blog, but my mother raised me to offer to carry a lady’s bag, hold open a door, etc. I guess elections have helped people forget common courtesy.

  5. margaret says:

    for personal reasons, I am not a fan of Ms. Wasserman Schultz any more, but in her defense – why is such a big to do on the carrying of a bag?

    The officer is a gentleman, that is part of being a well mannered and schooled individual.

    concentrate on more important issues, PLEASE!!! If a dangerous situation arises, all the officer would do would be to drop the bag and perform his duties.

    Lady, get a job! Be serious!

  6. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Raised differently.

    I agree with you.


    Using your logic, when BSO carried Rothstein’s millions to the getaway plane, does that make Scott a lady?

    PS If he wasn’t before, he sure is now.

  7. Independent says:

    Big deal. Carrying someones bag? Haven’t we learned anything about trying to get along? I am sure that every President has plenty of people, including security, carrying his bags. So what.

  8. Lori Parrish says:

    Debbie usually flies on her own and carries her own luggage. Considering the hate mail pieces we received at home during the campaign it may have been some type of security issue.

  9. tom lubart says:

    before gabby giffords was shot i rarely saw anyone who was not part of the cpongressional leadership (majority and minority parties) travel with or being met by a law enforcement officer. since the shooting it is not unusual for a congressperson or senator to be assigned a law enforcement officer to take them to or meet them at the airport. it’s usually the same person so they have a better sense of what is “normal” around the elected official. the elected official and their “team” get to know each other. carrying a bag is not part of the official duty, but neither is it a sin. if the deputies were sent to the airport to carry her bags there is a legitimate complaint here. But they were not, they are there to protect her. complaints about them show ignorance of security procedures, plain and simple.


    Without going into any details, Mr. Lubart is involved in airport security at a major airport.

  10. Saunders for Chair says:

    This is exactly what is wrong with Broward Republicans. Crying about who is carrying someone’s luggage. It is time for new Chairman at BREC and his name is Ryan Saunders. He is a student of the successes of past chairs like Strum, Kevin, Ed and Chip but has a vision to create a winning BREC for 2014. Time for a new, younger generation of leadership at BREC. VOTE SAUNDERS FOR CHAIR!!!!!!!

  11. Duke says:

    This woman actually confronted the deputy carrying the bag? The thing speaks for itself. Get rid of her. Quickly.

  12. Sam The Sham says:

    Considering the recent election results, absolutely nothing will come of this.

    As a gentleman, even I might have carried the loathesome DWS’s bags, but if the deputies were there as protection, it would limit their effectiveness.

  13. Duke says:

    PS.. don’t be a hater.

  14. christine says:

    @Sharon Day,
    Although I do not agree with most of DWS politics, I am confident that the behavior of the BSO was not out of line. There are too many potential security risks associated with a pol with such a high profile. Your comments and insistance are petty and small
    minded. They are professionals; let them do their job as best as they see fit.

  15. Floridan says:


  16. Mr. Sanity says:

    #2 No Nonsense
    -the Rs take a beating in Broward, no because of Ms. Day or luggage, rather Broward is made up mostly of Democrat constituants.
    Tim Stevens
    Please. You are not too bright and your contributions on here are really weak.
    DWS’s luggage
    Enough with the being a gentleman crap. If BSO did not carry her luggage, she would move much SLOWER and be a security issue for them much LONGER. It is in BSO’s interest to move right through the airport asap.
    Sharon Day
    Nice lady, but the was really a non-issue.

  17. Oh boy! says:

    I recently retired from a 26 year career in law enforcement. Ms. Day is the kind of person I loved to meet in my job. Imagine, if you will, you are doing your job, escorting a VIP through the airport, and some idiot like Ms. Day comes along. She actually has the nerve to quesiton two unifomed deputies about what they are doing, and insinuate that they are doing something wrong? Talk about nerve (or some sick sense of entitlement). I am sure if the deputies were escorting her and kissing her ass she would have been fine with it.
    The best part of my job always came when some self annointed hot shot like Ms. Day took the time to inform me that she was a taxpayer, and paid my salary, and therefore could boss me around or at least question how I performed my job.
    I voted for Romney because I hate Obama, but if the republicans don’t get in touch with reality they will never win another national election!

  18. Sam The Sham says:

    Mr. Sanity, all good points. Thanks for posting.

  19. KJ Mathis says:

    Sharon Day is lucky the deputies didn’t interpret her verbal assault as a threat. It would have served Her Pettiness right if she’d found herself in cuffs!

  20. Citizen says:

    I think the cop is very arrogant for calling her a hater. He could have just simply explained it and not reverted to being a jerk.