Contract Blows In Campaign Cash?


A multi-million dollar contact for hurricane debris pickup should blow campaign cash into Broward’s hottest county commission race.

ronald bergeron

Ron Bergeron

Bergeron Emergency Services won a multi-million dollar, three-year deal from the Broward commissioners Tuesday to pick up debris after a hurricane.  The firm is run by wealthy real estate investor and road builder Ron Bergeron and his son, Ron “JR Bergeron, Jr.

AshBritt of Pompano Beach was the loser.

To debris firms, those tree trunks and limbs lying in the street after a storm aren’t wood. They’re gold!

Hurricane clean up is worth tens of millions of dollars in a county as spread out as Broward. 

How many millions? 

No one can even guess. That’s because no one knows how much debris will be blown into the streets by a storm.

In 2005, AshBritt had the contract and received about $25 million to clean up after Hurricane Wilma.  Wilma was a relatively minor Catagory One or marginal Two.

Now the deal is expected to rain cash into the south Broward commission battle between former state Senator Steve Geller and Commissioner Sue Gunzburger.

Word is that AshBritt’s owner Randy Perkins and lobbyist Ron Book are mad at Gunzburger, who voted for  Bergeron.  Very mad.

A county commissioner told me that Perkins and Book have vowed to raise up to $100,000 for Geller to defeat Gunzburger next year.

But Book said: “Whoever told you that is lying.  Randy and I never had that conversation. I have clients who are giving money to Sue.  This story you heard is not true.”

Geller was shocked when I told him.

steve geller

Steve Geller

“I don’t remember ever meeting Randy Perkins, Geller said. “I didn’t know anything about this until now.

Proving Mrs. Geller didn’t raise stupid sons, Geller quickly added:

“If they do business in a moral, ethical and legal manner, I’ll be glad to accept $100,000 or any amount from them.

One connection:  Geller is a partner at Greenspoon Marder, a law firm that has done work for AshBritt.

Gunzburger shouldn’t worry.


 sue gunzburger

Sue Gunzburger

Bergeron owns dozens of companies and thousands of acres of land.  That’s right.  Thousands with a T.  In South Florida.

No doubt Bergeron is very thankful for the support.  A thankful Bergeron should be good for plenty of campaign cash. 

If I was Sue, I would be on the phone to Bergeron right now. 

Quit reading, Sue.  Dial the number.  954-680-6100.

8 Responses to “Contract Blows In Campaign Cash?”

  1. The Old Ghost says:

    Geller will win. Book should get on the band wagon now.

  2. Bus Benches says:

    Geller is exactly what the commission needs. He has fresh ideas and proven traack record in working for his constituents in South Broward. Gunzburger has done nothing but steer millions in contracts to her friends!

  3. Sorry says:

    Steve Geller is more of the same. He is part of the Tallahassee establishment and a friend of the special interests, like developers who have ruined our communities.
    No matter how much money he gets from the lobbyist for The Commons, ron Book, Geller won’t win. Sue Gunzburger will. She is a public servant who deserves to win.

  4. Mutually Beneficial says:

    If there is anyone in politics who knows about doing things mutually beneficial for friends (like Russ Klenet and Joel Steigner), it’s Steve Geller. Let’s see if Geller is first indicted in the viatical ponzi scheme scandal before we even know if he’ll make it to the ballot qualifying period. If he’s not in handcuffs come June 2010, then ….. maybe …. South Broward will have a race worth watching.

    As for Gunzberger, I’m surprised by her vote for him (not that he was or wasn’t the best proposal, I have no idea). I just thought Bergeron and his girlfriend hated Sue. And that Book was supporting Sue. If true, Buddy, please explain why Sue voted for a political enemy (Bergeron) over a political friend (Book)?

    FROM BUDDY: Why do you believe that Bergeron and his girlfriend–I suppose you mean lawyer Ali Waldman– is a political enemy of Sue Gunzburger? Waldman and Gunzburger worked together to elect Sue Katz to the Pembroke Pines commission and Katz was one of Gunzburger’s best friends.

  5. Magister says:

    Isn’t it past time to get rid of the “good ole boy” attitude and do what’s right and good for Florida and its citizens? Just the Idea of Geller sends shivers down my spine. If we keep electing bought and paid for Politicians then all we can expect from them is the same ole stuff. Cronyism and they keep getting richer and more powerful while the rest of us suffer.
    Wise up voting public.

  6. Straight Talk says:

    What you seem to be saying, Buddy, is that Gunzburger will get money from Bergeron because she voted for him. Geller will get cash because another firm is mad at Gunzburger for voting against them and helpng them lose. Isn’t that the same old politics and isn’t that what’s wrong with Broward County?

  7. Tiny says:

    What is Bergeron’s relationship with Gunzburger? Is it more than business?

  8. She plays well says:

    Boy that Sue can really play the game well. She knows how to parlay votes into lots of money for herself. Just look how she was able to supplement her commissioner’s income by steering county contracts to her late husband’s firm. I wonder how much money BTW stole [made] over the years from Broward.