Contini Backed By Courthouse Heavyweights




Judicial candidate John Contini announced today that some very familiar courthouse figures were endorsing him.

The contrast between him and his opponent, Judge Steve Feren, is dramatic.  The former mayor of Sunrise,  Feren’s endorsement list is filled with politicians, lobbyists and other political figures.

Those endorsing Contini include über prosector Brian Cavanagh.  He’s been locking up bad guys for years and most recently slammed the jail house door on Anthony “Little Tony” Ferrari, the murderer of Miami Subs founder Konstantinos “Gus” Boulis.

Also on the list are numerous well-known defense attorneys, including veteran Fred Haddad.  He engineered a deal in April which allowed former County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin to plead guilty to a lesser charge of falsifying public documents and get probation in her corruption case.

According to a fund raising announcement on social media today, those endorsing Contini include:

Bill Davell;
Ralph McGrath;
Mike Tenzer;
Mike Gelety;
Glenn Roderman;
Neal Dupree;
Gerry Williams;
Alan Bernstein;
Brad Collins;
Joe Dawson;
Brian Cavanagh
Bill Beamer;
Joe Glick
Ken Padowitz
Jeff Levy
Mark Skipper
Les Stracher
Louis Piranti
Steve Rossi
Jimmy Facciolo
Ramona Tolley
Fred Haddad
Mike Entin
Bart Heffernan
Richard Merlino
Scott Levine
Paul Molle
Gabriela Novo


Feren’s list of endorsement include:


Catalina Avalos, Adele Berger, Ron Book, Bob Butterworth, David Bogenschutz, Rae Chorowski, Joy Cooper, Maggie Davidson, Dominick DeStefano, Greg Durden, Sam Goren, Ken Keechl, Marty Kiar, Ilene Lieberman, Stuart Michelson, Nadezda Stefanovic Mikkelson, Lori Moseley, Frank Ortis, Rosalind Osgood, Lori Parrish, Marta Prado, Gary Resnick, Stacy Ritter, David Rosenoff, Eric & Mila Schwartzreich, Joey Scuotto, Jack Seiler, Chris Smith,Eleanor Sobel, Wayne Spath, Terry Stiles, Dean Trantalis, Michael Weinstein and Ann Zucker


34 Responses to “Contini Backed By Courthouse Heavyweights”

  1. can we count? says:

    You make Contini’s list look so BIG w h e n y o u s p r e a d it all out, but the fact is he has 28 and Judge Feren has 36 real heavyweights backing his butt. Sorry, I like Contini but Feren has more juice and probably more money.


    Feren has some real heavyweights, but most are known for their work in politics and the political world. I am not saying somebody should vote for Contini because of that. I am just pointing out the difference in the endorsement lists.

  2. Observer says:

    This is not to endorse Feren in any way, but you do not consider the following to be bigger shots in the courthouse than those on Contini’s list: David Bogenschutz, Jack Seiler, Bob Butterworth, Eric Schwartzreich? Really? Loos like Contini has some former RRA-attorney support.


    Although I am told that Jack Seiler is a good litigator, he is primarily known as a politician. He is the mayor of Fort Lauderdale and was a legislator.

    Bob Butterworth is a political heavyweight.

    David Bogenschutz is one of the county’s best lawyers and Eric Schwartzreich is a fine lawyer, too. But most of the support Feren are people not known for their work in the courthouse.

    I’m not saying that anyone should vote for John Contini. I’m just pointing this out this interest factoid about the endorsements.

  3. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Contini’s endorsers = The Hall Of Shame

    Thanks, Buddy, for naming Contini’s henchmen!

  4. Shhhhh says:

    If Feren were to be asked to produce endorsement cards of those supporters BEFORE there names were used on this. Rumor has it a least a few people on there supported Steve but were never asked to sign an endorsement card or if they were willing to be put on this host committee.

  5. Really says:

    Choroski, Keechl, Seiler, Boganshutz, Goren, Resnick, Swartzreich,Trantalis … These are respected lawyers, some of whom are politically connected. I’m not the biggest Feren fan, but I am impressed with his supporters.

  6. Debbi Keno says:

    From someone who has been a court stenographer for almost 30 years, I’m voting for Contini.

  7. Jack Shifrel says:

    To portray this race as a courthouse attorney (John Contini) against a politiciian (Judge Steven Feren) is absolutely inaccurate. John Contini is every bit as much a politician as Judge Feren is. Mr. Contini has strongly supported & spoken out on behalf of the far right conservative position on just about every major issue. He will no doubt claim he can’t talk about those issues while he’s a candidate, but he & his supporters should not think for a minute that those of us with views more in line with most Broward voters know where he stands.

  8. Observer says:

    Likewise I think it is inaccurate to portray Jack Seiler as more of a politician than a litigator. While he is a former mayor of Wilton Manors and state rep, and current mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, I would suggest he is able to support his family based on his work as an attorney not as a politician. Similar to Dean Trantalis. Unlike Alcee Hastings. See John Edwards, sometimes the politician and the trial lawyer can’t be separated.

  9. ziggy says:

    it would be very interesting to see how many of feren supporters signed on before john entered the race.. where would they be if they knew he was in, john has paid his dues and I wish him good luck….

  10. Señor Censor says:

    As one who has dated numerous court stenographers, paralegals and court clerks not one has ever openly endorsed a candidate for judge.

  11. Judge Aleman 2.0 ? says:


    I am a progressive supervoter and the political views of Judicial candidates matter to me. I do not trust you as a political operator but I know you to be a good Democrat. I remember Judge Aleman and would not want to see a repeat of that train wreck. Are you absolutely certain that Contini is a Right Winger? I do not need speculation. My vote and my family’s vote depends on an evidence based answer

  12. modeengunch says:

    I agree with Ziggy. Wondering at what point Terry Stiles weighed in. Seems uncharacteristic under present facts.

  13. Not Voting for Either One says:

    Jack: Please tell us which “far right” positions Messr. Contini has supported/spoken out on in the past and please give us a time frame regarding when those positions were taken?
    Also, tell us whether you came to know of Contini’s positions through direct knowledge or through hearsay.
    Waiting with bated breath…

  14. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @11 – The Contini evidence you are asking for is already on BrowardBeat! Click here:

  15. Ha Ha Ha says:

    From Contini’s Facebook (

    “Is it really too much to ask, requiring welfare recipients to simply pass a drug test in order to get their benefits? Isn’t this a good thing, to guard against waste, and doesn’t it even benefit those in need of welfare…” (11/01/2012)

    “The beauty of being both a criminal defense attorney and a born again believer is that the arena is clearly a mission field, a real ministry.” (9/18/2012)

    “Well, here it is, more big brother, forced health care for everyone –and who’ll pay for it all? YOU!” (6/28/2012, Contini commenting on US Supreme Court’s approval of Obamacare)

    “It’s true, the “stand your ground” law in Florida doesn’t need to be repealed at all — and if folks think that Florida is now too much of a cowboy State and too dangerous now to live in…” (6/12/2012)

    “He would say just about anything at this 11th hour on the eve of the Presidential election, if it meant he might garner a huge new voting block — conveniently distracting the public from all of his economic failures while simultaneously throwing a nice big bone to the liberal elite media…” (5/10/2012, Contini commenting on Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage)

    “This is pandering and absolute bullsh#*, sentencing this politician to 14 years for what little he did (that they all do every frickin day!)…” (12/7/2011, Contini commenting on former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevitch’s prison sentence for corruption related to the solicitation of bribes for political appointments including a vacant U.S. Senate seat)

    “Evidentiary Proof of the Gospel Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” (12/30/2010, Contini arguing that the Bible is provably correct, that lawbreaking happens because of Biblical sin inside of people, and that “The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord.”)

  16. Jack Shifrel says:

    I’ll tell you what, Not Voting for Either One & Judge Aleman 2.0, when you have the integrity & guts to use your real names instead of hiding behind phony handles, I might care about your comments. I don’t hide behind the cowardly curtain of anonymity. I say what I believe & what I know to be true using my real name. If I’m wrong, I own up to it. I’m not wrong about Mr. Contini. He has expressed his positions on a woman’s right to choose, same sex marriage & taking money from public schools & giving it to private schools. None of that makes him a bad person, in fact. he seems to be a very personable guy. But politically he is who he is, whether you like it or not. And by the way, I’m not working for or speaking on behalf of Judge Feren or his campaign.

  17. Contini Right Winger says:

    Read Continis law firm website as he talks about the judgmental Pharisees that condemned Jesus.

    Who are the Pharisees?

    Ask Mel Gibson and his dad…..

    Code word for “the Jews”….so great, elect contini, because thinking of the Jews as christ killers is just what Broward needs in the bench,

    Having religious beliefs is like having a penis.m. It’s all well and good to have one, but there’s no need to start waving it around in everyone’s face.

    And Continis beliefs are outside the mainstream of his faith and are too extreme for a broward County.

  18. Oh the Labels says:

    Jack S.
    So anyone who is not pro choice, pro gay marriage are far right loons?
    You are so damn liberal that anyone who doesn’t agree needs a label of “far right.”
    I guess that you are against Catholic judges too.
    I saw the above posts against Contini. If true, his positions aren’t far left/liberal, but they aren’t far right postions (eg., stand your ground is the LAW in Florida; the country is roughly split on abortion issues, ban on gay marriage is in the Florida Constituiton {p.s. Clintons, Obama, Reid and Biden were ALL anti gay marriage until the last election}).
    Contini may have different stands on major issues, but it is predictable and a bit humorous that your liberal persuation has you seeing those who are different in need of a perjorative label.
    It’s not surprising, but it is a sign of our partisan times.

  19. Judge Aleman 2.0 ? says:


    What an idiotic answer. If I was Feren I would be glad you’re not working on my campaign

    @ha ha ha

    Thank you for giving me the answer that Shifrel was supposed to. I think Feren has some bad issues but at least as an African American I don’t have to worry about appearing in front of him.

  20. Retired Cop from NYPD says:

    If all you have from John Contini’s Facebook page are a number of personal and religious type quotes, then you’re in trouble. After all, each of us are entitled to the Constitutional protections of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion.

    As for Judge Feren, I’m disappointed that you made your “I can’t fix your ticket,” but if you’re in the middle of a divorce, come see me statement before the 10-13 Club. Let’s see how this works out for you at endorsement time. You’re going to see that such a corrupt statement didn’t go over well with a bunch of retired cops from New York.
    As for “Your Honor” I curious about the following:

    1.) – I’m curious, how come you got your money back when no one else did? Are you special or was it because you were Mayor of Sunrise and voted for the Tao?

    2.) – Tell us about the Tao in Sunrise, Judge Feren?

    3.) – Word has it that you are “cooperating” with the federal investigation. What exactly does that mean, Judge Feren?

    4.) – Tell us why you were kicked out of Juvenile Court, Judge Feren. Was it because some of the kids wanted to exercise their right to trial when they felt they were not guilty?

    5.) – Tell us why Justice is looking at you? What have you done wrong, Judge Feren?

    6.) – More kids seeking to disqualify you for failing to do your job, Judge Feren?

    7.),-In-Poker?slreturn=20140501074409 – If you spent as much time serving us on the bench as you do playing Poker, then you should be re-elected.

    8.) – It’s a wonder that you last so long in the Juvenile Division. Great job, Judge Feren.

    9.) – Experience comes in many forms, Judge Feren. While you are lifelong politician, Contini is not.

    10.) – What is this all about, Judge Feren?

    11.) – You spend more time in the jury room than you do in your own courtroom, Judge Feren. Why is that?

    Interesting that you don’t have your own Facebook page, Judge Feren. Are you afraid of what you others might say? Inquiring minds want to know Judge Feren. Please tell us.

  21. dear libby or lewis says:

    Yes no doubt a retired nyc cop from 10_13 club woke up this morning searched the internet to do this anti feren post.

  22. Jack Shifrel says:

    “Judge Aleman 2.0, I was only supposed to give you answers in your mind. You are a coward taking shots at me while you are hiding behind a phony name. Have the guts & integrity to use your real name & maybe I’ll have a conversation with you. Until then, anything you say is meaningless. And for the record, I am proud to be a Liberal. Liberal is a label that applies to the position I take on nearly every important issue. It’s funny how so many Right Wing Conservatives don’t want to be labeled as Right Wing Conservatives. Could it be that they are ashamed of themselves, or do they simply know how far out of the mainstream they are. Referring to someone with Right Wing Conservative views as Right Wing Conservative isn’t using a perjorative, it’s just making an observation. I clearly said Mr. Contini’s positions don’t necessarily make him a bad person, just not someone I’d want to see as a judge. I didn’t insult him or anyone else. If you think calling someone a Right Wing Conservative is insulting them, what does that make you? I simply see it as telling it as it is.

  23. Bob Adams says:

    I’m not a big fan of the incumbent; but let’s remember that John Contini defended disgraced Supervisor of Elections when her impeachment trial was held. Any attorney that thought she should have remained in that position certainly has incredibly poor judgment and is not qualified to sit in judgment of others!

  24. frank says:

    Jack, stop trying to backpedal. You clearly used the term in a pejorative manor.

  25. Truthiness says:

    Stop with trying to whip up all these fears about Contini. Yes, he is an evangelical christian. No, he is not in any way remotely anti-Semitic (as someone above suggested). Did you know Contini’s fiancée is Jewish (and an Israeli)? Anti-gay? Whatever Contini’s religious beliefs, he has always voiced support for total LGBT equality under the law.

  26. Judge Aleman 2.0 says:

    Shifrel, what are you blabbering about? You were only supposed to give me answers in my own mind. WTF? What does that even mean?? Lol. You need help dude. I asked a question and then you lump me in with Not Voting for Either and attack me. That’s idiotic in anyone’s book. Ha ha ha answered my question so I could make an informed decision on Election Day. If it was up to you I would still be weighing a decision.

    Oh BTW , I’m glad to be an anonymous coward. I have a family. Imagine you knowing who I am and flipping out like you did above and coming to the government center and slashing my tires. No thank you!!

  27. Judge Aleman 2.0 says:

    @Bob Adams
    Contini lost my vote with the anti-gay bigotry stuff but even crazy Oliphant has a right to defense counsel. Unless Contini was expressing support for her outside of his duties as counsel? Then in that case he’s a Bigot and has bad judgment.

  28. Sam The Sham says:

    If Shifty Shifrel is against Contini, that is all the endorsement I need to vote for him.

  29. women says:

    Not many women endorsing Mr. Contini.

  30. Feren Is A Lazy Bum says:

    somebody needs to ask Bob Butterworth, Joy Cooper or Eleanor Sobel if they approve of a judge (Feren) repeatedly delaying family court hearings because he is too lazy to show up and do his work.

  31. Benjamin H. Bennett says:

    As a 68 year resident of Broward County, a military veteran, former Law Enforcement and politically informed; I have been on both sides of the Judicial System in Broward County and I really don’t give a rip about what anyone thinks about me. All those that choose to hide behind creative guest names, most anonymous, and attack any candidate, is spineless. Let’s look at the record and the conduct of a sitting Judge, and compare that to his or her’s challenger. There is a difference in having character, and being a character. Attacking a candidate for his faith, or lack of faith, points to a character flaw with the attacker and brings us to a definition of ” character “: The New International Webster’s Standard Dictionary defines character as a distinctive quality, moral or ethical strength. Now with CONTINI vs FEREN…which one fits the bill?

  32. Lee says:

    It is significant that “10-13″Organization, a sizable group of 750-1000 retired police officers and firefighters switched their allegiance through an endorsement from Steve Feren to John Contini for Circuit Judge! Seems that Feren went begging for a re-up and “10-13” had done their homework on Feron’s performance and Contin’s experience and potential. Many 10-13 members came down her from NYC and took stints as bailiffs in South Florida courtrooms. They observed firsthand the candidates in this judicial race.

  33. Retired NYPD says:

    I see that the retired officers of the NYPD fled from their prior endorsement of Judge Steve Feren and have fully endorsed John Contini.

    I wonder why? After all, Feren grew up in New York and was one of them. Must be the fact that he ignored them for six years and never once thanked them for their previous help and endorsement.

  34. Ed Eckert says:

    My son was just one of Feren’s many victums. Feren’s ineptitude, arrogance, and disregard for the law took second place only to his lack of caring. He never took notes and did not know what was going on in trial most of the time. In fact, I witnessed him balancing his checkbook during testimony. Instead, he misspeaks about his commitment to children. What I witnessed first hand was his commitment to increasing the lawyers’ billable hours and delay and indecision. Thank God for the 4th District Court of Appeals to right his wrongs. I do not understand how he looks himself in the mirror knowing he hurts children without regard for the health, welfare and safety of our precious resource. I wish him well however he is just a terrible judge. Mickey Mouse would do a better job.