Connie Mack Pathetic In Senate Debate



To see how far the Republican Party has sunk you need only to have heard Connie Mack IV at Wednesday’s U. S. Senate debate.

It is a shame that The Grand Old Party of Lincoln is represented by such a lightweight.

Mack reminded of the windup dolls I buy my granddaughter. All they can say are a few prerecorded phrases.

A doll only fools a two-year-old. Mack fooled a major party into nominating him.

He spent an hour on stage in Davie without uttering a specific of what he will do once in office.

And he has a good chance of being our next senator!

Mack’s pathetic performance doesn’t surprise me.  I watched him when he represented northeast Broward in the Florida House.

He had the reputation in Tallahassee of being an empty suit. He lived up to that reputation Wednesday.

Mack’s candidacy proves that today’s Florida Republican Party doesn’t want a serious discussion of the issues.  It doesn’t want substance.

It wants someone who will worm their way into office by repeating empty catch phrases or catchy attack lines.

Mack assails Nelson with the GOP’s favorite boogyman:  “liberal”.  He repeats it everywhere in the state. That doesn’t make it true.

The truth: Nelson is one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress.

This is nothing new.

I remember another candidate who won office by constantly reciting one false phrase aimed at his moderate opponent Buddy MacKay in the 1988 U. S. Senate race – “Hey Buddy, you’re a liberal.”

That candidate was Connie Mack III, the current candidate’s father.

The orange doesn’t fall far from the tree in Florida.


23 Responses to “Connie Mack Pathetic In Senate Debate”

  1. Independent says:

    What I could tell was that both sides were saying the other side was lying. All I could keep thinking was the person who wins the debate will be the one that Fact Check comes out and declares who lied and who told the truth.

    They couldn’t both be right, and the ads couldn’t be any easier to write.

    Just put up statements made, and stamp “WRONG” over it with the citation. Due it over and over again.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    The “Half Mack” commercial from the George LeMieux campaign was both absolutely hilarious and spot-on. Mack IV really is the Charlie Sheen of Florida politics!

  3. Floridan says:

    I agree. I met Mack several times when he was in the Florida Legislature and each time I thought, “how did this lightweight ever get elected?”

  4. Saving Florida's Future says:

    Connie Mack IV repeated the same erroneous memes his campaign staff has been tweeting all election season. Apparently he cannot wrap his head around anything more than a 140 character statement.
    Politifact has deemed many of his statements wrong in the past so their job was easy last night.
    Senator Bill Nelson did vote for the Budget Control Act along with Mack’s wife Mary Bono Mack, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan. Maybe Mack was skipping class again that day, after all he has missed 31% of his votes.

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    According to a poll done by NBC 6, Connie Mack barely edged out Bill Nelson in the debate by a mear 27%. That is 61.22 to 33.97.

    Nelson seemed like a doddering old fool and Mack kicked his ASStronaut.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    i don’t know why Connie Mack did offer free “Cher” tickets to entice the viewers? Yes his wife is Sonny Bono ex-wife. Little trivia for you. I didn’t go although I would have liked to have gone. Just as well probably would have taken me 3 days to find NSU-dry runs I always say(more ways than one). I also know our Mayor jack Seiler wa s in attendance. I told Mayor Seiler to tell Senator Nelson to keep that seat warm for him. I stick up for alot of you when sometimes i would rather not, but I always get your concerns addressed in way or another. I did hear Buddy it wasn’t a very productive debate-alot of your a liar, no your liar, kinda of thing. If I was Connie Mack instead of bringing up the cows grazing on Mr.Nelson’ land, I would have brought up this out of control spending in Washington. You know people the deficit has doulbled in the last four years instaed of being cut in half. We have to be careful…..

  7. Notocorruption says:

    My absentee ballot was received yesterday. I am a life-long registered Republican. One of the first elections I cast a vote for was Bill Nelson. Connie, you are a dope.

  8. Double Standard says:

    Mack is “pathetic” for not giving specifics in a debate?

    Then what do you call Debbie Wasserman Schultz for refusing to even debate her opponent (Karen Harrington) or appear on Michael Putney’s show with Ms. Harrington? That’s “pathetic”! I guess it’s understandable since it would require Mr. Wasserman-Schultz to actually appear in her own district instead of trying to get Obama re-elected.

  9. best choice says:

    I think it’s important to keep in mind the heavy weight of electing a US Senator. The term is six years and if they are inept, self serving and motivated by personal gain vs serving their constituents then they are the wrong choice. US Senators are nearly impossible to get out of office with all the resources Govt Office provides. If the candidate is a lightweight, a putz…and a fool, such as Cornelius McGillicutty the fourth, or whatever his real name is, then I would strongly recommend supporting our current Senator if not just for his strong character but because he will be retiring soon and we will get new blood anyway. Signed, Lifelong Republican.

  10. taxpayer says:

    I disagree but will probably skip that line item
    nelson didn’t look all that sharp last night and he tows the dem party line but if re-elected he won’t do much damage w/romney in the WH
    Thankfully we have Marco!

  11. just saying says:

    I watched Mary Bono Mack on c-span CA rep debates last week. She did well – poised, eloquent and up on issues. She was elected after Sonny died.
    Mack is no worse than Crist had he been elected, and Wash DC is full of people that should not have been elected. As to comment on the heavy weight of a 6 year term, Nelson doesn’t look like he has 6 more years of rough and tumble fight in him.

  12. 53% says:

    OBAMA & CO “…will worm their way into office by repeating empty catch phrases or catchy attack lines.”

  13. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Connie Mack cheated on his campaign mailers.

    I filed a Congressional Ethics Complaint…

    Fuck Mack.

  14. Floridan says:

    “Mack is no worse than Crist had he been elected, and Wash DC is full of people that should not have been elected.”

    With enthusiasm such as this, how can he lose?

  15. christine says:

    Well , Maybe Mack will think you are good in bed….somebody has to….

  16. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “Christine’ good one.My luck instead of getting the free Cher tickets I would get a night out w/ Chasity, excuse me Chaz….

  17. christine says:

    @City Activist

    Let’s just hope Chaz BONO knows what He’s doing in bed…

  18. player says:

    its not rocket science

  19. christine says:

    for some it is…

  20. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “Christine & the “player” I love it. For someone to have their whole surgical procudures done right before are eyes was mind boggling. I mean Chaz wanted to be famous in the worst way. Couldn’t be famous as Chasity, will show you all all, I’ll be even more famous as Chaz. Hope Chaz is happy. Although all these procudures to make Chaz ,chaz probably cost well over a half million bucks. Not to worry Cher picked up the tap. Need money Connie ask Cher, although from what I hear she doesn’t care for politics to much. Say you want a sex change….

  21. christine says:

    @City Activist
    You are right. Chaz wants to be famous in the worst way- but it is not Chaz Bono…it’s the OTHER one.
    Chastity realized her Mom was a hypersexualized symbol, and would always be compared to her. She/He took the non compete agreement to the next level.

  22. Christine says:

    Taken not took

  23. Fatima Paulson says: