Connie Mack Lashes Out At U. N.



Republican U. S. Senate candidate Connie Mack is taking on the United Nations.

Boy, that’s the major issue of our time.

Mack wants to “defund the U. N.” and suggested we “kick them out of New York.”

Mack told the Indian River Party Tea Party Rally last week, “I don’t think that we ought to turn over our freedom, or the direction of our country, or our values and principles to an organization of leaders of other countries who don’t believe in the same things we believe in.”

Like so many Tea Party,  GOP and Mack positions, this is the classic straw man.  No one has ever suggested we “turn over our freedom” to the U. N.

His raving about the U. N. remind me of the John Birch Society, which at one time peppered the Deep South (Where else?) with billboards exhorting drivers to “Get The U. S. Out of the U.N.”

Since the rise of the Tea Party, the GOP has again begun to flirt with this isolationist sentiment.

Does Mack envision the U. S. forcing its will on everybody with its armed might without at least listening to the opinions of the rest of the world?

Those days have passed.

The U.N. is sometimes filled with anti-U.S. sentiment because the world is filled with those sentiments.  Sad but true.

Mack obviously would like us to stick our heads in the sand, rather than listen and try to reach an accommodation.

And as for his call for the U.N. to be thrown out of New York, that doesn’t seem like a Republican position to me. .  After all, the U.N. is a major economic development tool, generating billions for our economy from visitors. New York has twice the foreign visitors then any other part of the country and a commerce department study last year credits the U. N. for much of that difference.

Mack would halt this economic engine and sent it to, where?  China?

6 Responses to “Connie Mack Lashes Out At U. N.”

  1. Marc Dickerman says:

    What next, water fluoridation?

  2. Floridan says:

    This is the best the GOP has to offer? He makes Nelson seem like Thomas Jefferson by comparison.

    (And I’m not a huge Bill Nelson fan).

  3. citizen says:

    “After all, the U.N. is a major economic development tool…..New York has twice the foreign visitors then any other part of the country…”

    it also brings many with diplomatic immunity to NYC/US. UN won’t be moving as huge renovation/upgrade of the UN bldg/complex is underway.

    Would China want all those ‘visitors’ coming in for the UN? Would UN members want to go to China? Highly unlikely on both.
    All UN members come to NY because of the opportunity for ‘other’ work and connections they can make while here, regardless of their ‘official’ capacity.
    I would support defunding the UN, or at least on par with the second biggest underwriter.

    Mack will be in Senate come Jan.

  4. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Did the T in Tea Party change to Tin Foil as in tin foil hat?

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    Has anyone noticed that the UN will be monitoring our presidential election? How about the constant efforts by the UN to tax the internet, international travel, carbon footprints and firearms?

    Guess what? The UN is a conglomeration of mostly socialist and turd world countries looking to redistribute the United States wealth.

  6. Watcher says:

    short-sight Sam ….the UN acts as chance to Americanize the rest of the world country by country…that’s how we brought down Communism and how we will corrupt enough Muslims to put the brakes on their crazies….so what they call us bad things