Connie Mack Insults Republicans



Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy IV, a.k.a.Connie Mack, is insulting Republicans.

His arrogant refusal to debate in the Republican primary for U. S. Senate is good politics.  After all, Mack is 33 percentage points ahead.

What about the voters? Refusing to debate deprives them of information they could use when making a choice.

I thought debates had become an established part of statewide politics.  Instead, Mack’s tactic is a throwback to the past.

That’s understandable since his campaign depends heavily upon the past – the popularity and name ID of his father, also Connie Mack, who was U. S. Senator from 1989-2001.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like Mack. He’s very personable.  I  talked to him regularly when he represented Fort Lauderdale in the House from 2000-2003.

I just believe his avoidance of debates in the primary is a cynical move which deprives Republicans a chance to see and hear the other candidates — former Sen. George LeMieux, former U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon and retired Army Col. Mike McCalister.

Nancy McGowan, president of the Conservative Republican Forum of Jacksonville, is quoted in The Miami Herald that Mack’s refusal to debate  is “ an incredibly bad message to send to the voters in a primary. It just says, ‘What you think doesn’t matter.’ ”

I agree.

3 Responses to “Connie Mack Insults Republicans”

  1. I Like Mack says:

    Debates who cares about them.
    I am a life long Republican and did my research on all the candidates and Mack is the best choice. If you vote, then do your own research on the candidates before you go to the polls.

  2. Not for nothin' says:

    @ I like Mack:

    If you did research on all the republican candidates and determined that Mack is the best choice you are either A)A poor researcher or B)You are voting for Nelson. IMHO

  3. Sam the Sham says:

    And now George LeMieux calls it quits. Sounds like Connie Mack made the right choice in not debating him. There is still time for more debates, but why give Nelson free ammo if he makes a bad sound bite?